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    Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan

    Ecommerce Security Audit Plan checks for weaknesses like cross-site scripting, easy-to-guess passwords, problems with how the app is built, and other setup mistakes.

    • Looks at HTTP headers that are not set up properly.

    • Security experts will check your online store to make sure it's safe.

    • Finds weaknesses that are common for the type of platform you're using.

    • Checks how the website manages sessions and cookies.

    • Checks the network connections and rules it follows.

    Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan
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    The E-commerce Security Audit Basic Plan is like a checkup to make sure your online store is safe. It looks for problems like weak passwords, errors in how the website is built, and other setup mistakes. With this plan, experts will look at your online store to ensure it follows safety rules and find any problems or mistakes. The main goal of this plan is to discover any setup mistakes or weak spots in your online store. You can also ask us about our full Webkul Digital Marketing Solution if you need help with promoting your store.

    Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan

    Highlighted Features of Ecommerce Security Audit Basic Plan

     Sessions and Cookies Handling

    Handle user sessions and cookies in a web development setting.

     Checks cryptographic algorithms

    Provides strong abilities to check and confirm codes that keep important data safe.

     Misconfigured HTTP headers

    Make web applications more secure by reducing weaknesses and improving overall protection against online threats.

     Network ports and protocols

    Finds possible weaknesses, checks how much risk they pose, and suggests improvements to make the system more secure.

    Why do we need an E-commerce Security Audit Basic Plan?

    Having a basic E-commerce Security Audit Plan is really important to make sure your online business is safe, trustworthy, and works well.

    When people buy things from your website, they trust you to keep their personal stuff safe.

    This audit helps find and fix problems that could be used by bad guys to take customer info, like credit card numbers and passwords.

    Think of the E-commerce Security Audit Basic Plan like a tool to make your online shop stronger and safer. It checks for issues that hackers could use to harm your store.

    When we fix these problems, the store becomes a safer and more reliable place for customers and the business.

    Online stores deal with a lot of money. This audit helps find and fix problems that could be used by hackers to steal important financial info, like account numbers.

    If you run an online store, getting a basic security audit is a smart choice. It helps keep your customers' info safe, along with your money and the good name of your business.

    Discover vulnerabilities and logical flaws

    By discovering and remediating vulnerabilities and logical flaws, organizations can protect themselves from attacks and ensure the security of their systems and data.

    • Input from users should be properly validated to prevent malicious code from being injected into the system.
    • Strong authentication and authorization.
    • Web applications should be regularly tested for vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injection.
    • Penetration testing should be conducted regularly to identify vulnerabilities and logical flaws.
    • Any vulnerability that may have been discovered or any public exploit made available after the sharing of the report does not come under this audit.
    Discover vulnerabilities and logical flaws

    Spotting Misconfigurations and Loopholes

    Both misconfigurations and loopholes can allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to systems and data, disrupt operations, or even take control of systems.

    • Checks for misconfigured HTTP headers that could expose sensitive information or allow attackers to exploit vulnerabilities.
    • Identify vulnerabilities in Magento 2 and other third-party extensions that have not been patched.
    Spotting Misconfigurations and Loopholes

    SSL ciphers and protocols

    Check for weak SSL ciphers and protocols, which could allow attackers to intercept and decrypt traffic.

    • Using strong SSL ciphers and protocols, merchants can reduce the risk of their customers' data being intercepted.
    • Identify weak SSL ciphers and protocols that are being used in conjunction with other vulnerabilities.
    • Reduced the risk of data breaches and enhanced the performance of the website.
    SSL ciphers and protocols

    Password brute force

    Security experts will attempt to create accounts with passwords that do not meet the store's complexity requirements. This helps to identify any vulnerabilities in the password policy that could allow attackers to create accounts with weak passwords.

    • Improves the store's security and protects customer accounts from unauthorized access.
    • Security experts will attempt to lock out accounts by attempting to log in with incorrect passwords too many times.
    • Prevented by using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.
    Password brute force

    Server fingerprinting

    Help store owners find and fix weak spots that attackers might use.

    • Less chance of bad guys attacking your store.
    • Find problems where attackers can figure out details about the servers and fix them before they get exploited. This way, attackers can't easily figure out which servers are used.
    Server fingerprinting

    Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 12, 2024 (7 days ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  PrestaShop  WordPress  WooCommerce  OpenCart  Odoo  14.x  Shopify  CS-Cart  QloApps  Bagisto  Shopware  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does this plan include OWASP top 10?
    This service covers only a few of them.
     Do I need to provide server credentials for the audit?
    Not mandatory. This plan requires a website URL only. However, read-only ssh credentials will help security experts in the analysis.
     My website is in production mode, could this security audit service cause an adverse impact on my website and business?
    For audit, staging website is mainly preferred, else the customer can provide a time window of least traffic hours when the production website has minimum to zero traffic to avoid the impact of audit on the business. In this way, a security audit will not affect your business.
     Does it involve all security patches in the audit?
    No patches will be done, only suggestions will be provided in the report.
     Once I have fixed the issues, does revalidation of issues include extra cost?
    No, there will not be any revalidation cost for the issues listed in the security audit report. Revalidation should not be considered as reaudit as only those issues will be validated that are already pointed out in the previous report.
     Does this service cover PCI DSS or any other compliance compatibility?
    No, this is a general security audit service.

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