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Magento Store Pickup

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Magento Store Pickup : Magento store pickup is the single best module for picking the ordered product from any store in your city with tons of supported feature including google map and geolocation API.

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Magento Store Pickup - Magento Store Pickup is the single best module for picking the ordered product from any store in your city with tons of supported feature including google map and geolocation API

Magento Store Pickup Features

  • All magento version working.
  • Brilliant UI and smooth user experience.
  • Geolocation API supported.
  • Admin can add any no of store.
  • Customer can choose which store he / she want to select during checkout.
  • Store owner and customer key mapping management for security purpose .

Add/Manage Stores

After the installation of this module, admin can “Store Pickup” option in the back-end. The first option is “Add/Manage Stores”. Here admin can add new store, add new products for that particular store. While adding new store, admin can enter location details, proper address of the store, store url, logo, description, contact number.

Admin can even assign new products for the store. Admin can view the store list with logo, title, status and location details. Admin can enable or disable any store and can even delete any particular store too.

  • Admin can add/edit/delete store.
  • Admin will enter location details, address of the store, logo while creating any store.
  • Admin can assign products to the store.

Module Configuration

In the configuration, admin will enter distance and admin's email id. For the shipping method, admin will do the setting for Store Pickup. Here admin will enable “Store pickup”, set price, select specific countries.

  • Admin will enter the distance upto which Store Pickup will be applicable.
  • Admin will enter the price.
  • Admin will select countries for Store Pickup facility.

Managing Orders

When any order is placed and Store Pickup is selected as a Shipping Method then those orders will come under “Manage Order” in “Store Pickup” in the back-end. After having the payment from the customer, admin can mail Secret key to the customer. This Secret key will be produced at the time of pickup by the customer.

  • Admin can generate the secret key.
  • Admin will manage orders.

Magento Store Pickup- Customer End

After adding the product into the shopping cart, customer can see an option “Check product Availability in stores”. By this user can view store on Google Map with product availability. In the checkout page, shipping method will be Store Pickup. Now customer will do the payment and order id will be generated.

At the footer there will be an option called “Store Pickup”. User will enter email id and password and then enter the order id. Now customer will enter the secret key and update the order id form. Customer can also check the status after the order has been received from the store.

  • Customer will select “Store Pickup” in the shipping option.
  • Customer will get a secret key from the admin.

Magento Store Pickup Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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