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    Magento 2 Walmart Connector

    Magento 2 Walmart Connector: Is your e-commerce store losing visibility? Do you need better marketing skills? Here's the Magento 2 Walmart Integration to answer all your queries. It is a tool meant for the store owner to sell products on both Walmart and Magento. Thus creating an Omni-Channel sales of the product to acquire maximum customers.

    Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector Magento 2 Walmart Connector
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    Magento 2 Walmart Connector: This module aims to allow the retention of the customers in the store. The integration can help in building a connection between the Magento store and Walmart store. With the help of multiple Walmart account, the integration can be made much more efficient. The products imported from Walmart include Price. However, it allows the exporting of the product from Magento to be used as Item Feeds in Walmart. Thus, allowing the store owner to enjoy the indirect royalty of the Walmart store on their Magento store as well.

    Highlighted Features

     Map Orders

    The admin can import the orders from Walmart without any hassle.

     Multiple Account Connection

    The extension allows the store owner to connect the Magento store with more than one Walmart Account.

     Synchronization of Products

    The products on the store and Walmart can be imported and exported for the incrementation of sales.

     Bulk Export Processing

    The admin can select multiple products to export item feed to Walmart.

    Why Connect and Integrate Magento 2 Online Store with Walmart Marketplace?

    This extension provides the store owner to sell the product on both Walmart and Magento Store. It empowers the business with more customers with the tag of Walmart. This bi-direction integration connects sends Feeds to Walmart and bring Products and orders to the Magneto store.

    This module saves the time and energy of the store to list the product on both the end. However, on the other hand, it gets the customer to shop for the admin product in two ways that are from Magento 2 website and Walmart.

    Quick Walmart Account Connect

    The store owner can connect multiple Walmart Accounts along with the Magento Store. It allows for omnichannel sales of products. The customer can also take advantage of a variety of products. For this, the store owner needs to enter-

    • Magento store name to which the account will connect.
    • Client Id will be the Walmart Account identification.
    • Client Secret Key will be the encrypted key to establish a connection between Walmart's account and Magento Store.
    Quick Walmart Account Connect

    Easy Category Mapping

    To ensure the correct import of products and export of feeds the category mapping is essential. This mapping allows much more clarity on both Magento and Walmart's end. However, Category mapping can be followed by Attribute mapping. Thus it allows to-

    • Select parent and sub-categories at both Magento and Walmart end.
    • Select the default Magento attribute set.
    • The admin can map the attributes form the Walmart Attribute Map which will be the part of the products in the category.
    Easy Category Mapping

    Walmart Product Import

    The Walmart feeds will be imported to the Magento store to allow incrementation of visibility of the product. The customers can purchase the product from any place be it Magento or Walmart.

    • Store owners now can sell the Products showcased on Walmart.
    • The running product profiler will allow the creation of the products on the Magento store.
    • The Category mapping done earlier can help in the proper processing of this step.
    Walmart Product Import

    Increase e-Commerce Business Horizons

    The Magento store owner can even send the products to Walmart to increase the popularity of the product. Therein, these products are treated as feeds. For this, the admin can follow-

    • Bulk Product Export process to Feeds.
    • Quick and Faster Process with easy product selection.
    • Herein the Walmart Brand can help them to boost the sales of the product.
    • Increased Visibility of Products.
    Increase e-Commerce Business Horizons

    Order Management

    The order mapping can allow the store to view Walmart Order on Magento 2. Thus, allow the store owner to examine the best sales area of the product. It is a timer saver tool for the store owner to find the list of orders.

    • The admin can define the time range from where the orders must be mapped.
    • It maps the order details like Walmart Purchase Order Id, Store Order Id, Order Status on Walmart, and Created Date.
    • This mapping also requires a Profiler to run to allow the accomplishment of mapping and make it visible on the map order section.
    Order Management


    • The admin can export all the feeds at once to the Walmart store.
    • The admin can even import all the products, and orders.
    • The module allows an easy category Mapping among the Magento and Walmart Store. 
    • Here on the Magento store, the admin can associate more than one Walmart Accounts.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Magento 2 Extensions.


    Product Version2.2.0
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 8, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What pieces of information are imported from Walmart to Magento 2 while product import?
    The products imported from Walmart To Magento 2 will include Product Cost.
     Post-installation of the module will admin see any special changes in the module? If yes then where?
    Yes, there are few Walmart fields of Walmart Tax code, Item Identifier type, and Item Identifier number visible in the product edit section.
     Can the admin connect the Magento store with more one Walmart Account?
    Yes, the admin can associate the Magento store with more than one Walmart account.
     How a product of Magento mapped with a Walmart product?
    The mapping takes place with the help of Product SKU in Magento.
     Will the module support Bulk Export of the Feeds?
    Yes, the module allows the admin to Export Item Feed to Walmart in bulk. Hence, the admin needs to select the Store Products and hit the action to Export Item Feed to Walmart.

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    Version 2.2.0
    • + Admin can import/export products from Walmart.
    • + Synchronized Walmart product work like same as Magento product.
    • + Only Admin can add or update Walmart products.
    • + Admin can also map categories of Walmart product with store category.
    • + Admin can import order from Walmart.