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    Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking

    Convenient vehicle tracking with Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking!

    • It integrates Traccar with Odoo.

    • It permits auditing the movement of vehicles.

    • You can check the travel history for a particular vehicle for a custom period.

    • It allows tracking the vehicle movement anytime.

    • Create and manage new vehicles from the Odoo backend.

    • Manage vehicle maintenance details from the fleet panel.


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    Easily Track vehicle movement with Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking!

    Traccar is a modern GPS tracking system that is innovative, secure, and open-source. Further, Traccar delivers benefits such as server stability, high-end GPS tracking, a comprehensive interface, real-time tracking, instant notification, and a variety of reports type.

    Odoo fleet Traccar Tracking permits you to manage vehicle tracking in Odoo. The Odoo app facilitates tracking the vehicle movements of all your drivers via the Traccar mobile app. Moreover, the module permits you to manage tracking data and report it via Odoo.

    Enhancing the functionalities of the Odoo fleet!

    Further, you can manage leasing contracts, repair, and maintenance, view the route, and trip details, add vehicles, manage models, and categories, enable/disable Traccar, and much more with the module.

    Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking

    Prerequisites for Using Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking

    1) Admin must download the Traccar web client according to their operating system; the app download link is

    2) Driver needs to install Traccar Client App for iOS and Android.

    3) You require Google Map API, which you can create with the help of this link:

    4) After creating the API key, you need to enable the below-mentioned APIs:

    • Geocoding API
    • Maps JavaScript API
    • Maps Static API

    Please go through the link mentioned here for the directions on API Usage and billing:

     Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking Features

    Integrate Traccar Mobile App To Odoo

    • Now, you integrate your Traccar iOS and Android app with Odoo.
    • Make successful connections via Traccar credentials on the Odoo end.

     Associate Vehicles With Traccar Device Id

    • You can create as many vehicles as you want in Odoo.
    • Associate newly created or old ones to the Traccar device id.

    Track All Associated Vehicles From Odoo

    • You can track the live location of the vehicles individually.
    • Or you can also track the location of multiple vehicles together on a map.

     View The Trip History Of Any Vehicle

    • You can check the tracking history of any vehicle every 5 minutes.
    • Also, check the trip history of a particular vehicle based on time duration.

    Integrate Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking with Google Maps

    • The module is fully integrated with Google Maps.
    • Hence, the map view used is Google Maps.

     Check The Driver’s Detailed Information

    • You check the battery percentage of the driver’s cellphone.
    • Also, check the accuracy of the current location.
    • You can also check the vehicle speed.

    Configure Live Tracking As You Want

    • Live Tracking via scheduler every 2 mins is available by default.
    • Or change the scheduler time as you require.

     Configure Tracking Feature For Drivers’ Mobile Device

    • You can easily configure the tracking feature in any iOS or Android app.
    • Enable/disable the tracking feature for any particular device.

    Easily Import Vehicle Trip History

    • You can manually Import vehicle trip history for a particular duration.

     Check The Total Trips Of A Vehicle

    • You can check the count of the total trips of any vehicle.

    Create & Validate a Vehicle in Odoo

    • You can easily create a vehicle in Odoo and associate it with the Traccar client account.
    • You need to add the device id and unique id of the Traccar client account and the driver associated with the vehicle.
    • The module offers you the ease to create as many vehicles as you want and associate them with the Traccar client account of the driver.
    • Enable or disable the Traccar tracking with just a slide.
    • Track each driver's trips and routes from Odoo.
    • The Fleet Traccar Tracking module shows all details of the trips and vehicles on the vehicle page.
    • Also, you can view the device summary, which shows every detail of the trips.
    Create & Validate a Vehicle in Odoo

     Check the Availability Status of all the Registered Vehicles

    Check the Availability Status of all the Registered Vehicles
    • You can effortlessly check the availability status of all your vehicles from a single page.
    • The green dot shows the online status of the vehicle; however, the red dot shows the offline status of the vehicle.
    • It shows the details of a vehicle in a card view which also shows the name of the associated driver.
    • The Odoo app allows you to manage the status of the vehicle.
    • You can check when a vehicle last went for repair and maintenance.
    • Create vehicle categories and manage vehicles under them.
    • Fetch trip details for a particular period.

    Check the Vehicle Ttrip History

    • You can effortlessly Check the vehicle trip history with a map view.
    • The map used in the module is a Google map, which is done with the help of Google Map API credentials.
    • The module allows you to track the distance a vehicle covers from its source to the destination location.
    • You can fetch the route details for a particular duration.
    • It also shows details like trip distance, speed, device name, etc.
    • You can check the trip start and end date from the backend.
    • The Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking module permits fetching the driver’s location in real time.
    Check the Vehicle Ttrip History

     Track the Location of Every Vehicle from One Place

    Track the Location of Every Vehicle from One Place
    • You can easily track the location of all the available vehicles in a single Google map view.
    • You can also check the name of the drivers in the map view.
    • The location of all drivers is pinpointed all over the map.
    • You can view every vehicle detail, like real-time location.
    • The Odoo app allows you to create and manage leasing contact for vehicles in Odoo.
    • You can create monthly, daily, or yearly leasing plans in Odoo.
    • It permits you to create and manage vehicle models.

    Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedApril 10, 2023 (7 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

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    J'apprécie particulièrement le service après vente qui prends les requête et les traitent de manière correcte

    I particularly appreciate the after-sales service, which takes requests and handles them correctly.

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