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    Odoo Google Shopping Feed

    Odoo Google Shopping Feed: Ease you Google Shopping Ads campaign with Odoo Google Product module. The module appends your Odoo with a number of features so you can integrate Odoo with Google Merchant Account. Also, provides a convenient way to verify your Odoo store domain with Google. You can now send and store your Odoo product data to your Google merchant account and easily create the product feeds for Google Ads campaign. Furthermore, to increase precise data synchronization, the standard Google product categories can be mapped with Odoo product categories.

    Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed Odoo Google Shopping Feed
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    Odoo Google Shopping Feed: With the appropriate strategy, Google can become your synonym for growth on your store. Google shopping ads allow you to reach a much wider audience than other advert strategies.

    Google Shopping is the largest growth opportunity for most online retailers in 2019

    Product Promotion on Google instantly opens up your store to a torrent of potential visitors and clients around the world. Whether you are serving a populace locally or selling in international waters, Google shopping can increase your store’s visibility by tenfolds.

    You first need to store your product data feeds to Google Merchant Center from where they are picked up as Feeds and display to the users based on their search intent and browsing behavior on the internet.

    So, Odoo Google product Module allows you to quickly sync your Odoo with Google Merchant account and upload your Odoo product data to Google Merchant Center (GMC).

    The product data can be synced on an individual product basis or on domain-wise.

    The module also allows the user to map Google Product fields with that of Odoo product fields. Such as Product ID, product description, etc.

     Odoo Google Shopping Feed Features

     Integrate GMC with Odoo

    • Configure Google Shopping with Odoo.
    • Sync your Google merchant account with Odoo.

     One-step Domain Verification with Google

    • Do away with complex process of verifying your domain.
    • Separate field which allows you to verify domain in simple steps

     Manage product prices with Odoo pricelist

    • The price on Google Shopping ads can be managed Using Odoo pricelists

     Upload product Data to GMC

    • The Odoo product data can be saved to Google merchant center.
    • Product data can be sent individual product-wise or domain wise to the Google Merchant center.

     Map Product Categories

    • You can map the product categories available in Odoo with those of defined Google Product categories.

     Map Product Fields

    • Map the Odoo product fields with the those of Google Product Fields
    • You can also create custom fields for your Odoo products if same is not available on Google’s end

     What is Google Merchant Account?

    Google merchant account is your product control center for Google shopping Ads campaign. It is where you save product data from your store. You can manage your product data for your google ads.

    Once you have set up your advertisement strategy using Google Adwords and other platforms, this data is then rendered as feeds and automatically picked by Google.

    It is appropriately displayed as ads feed to the customers in accordance with their intent, behavior on the internet and search queries.

     Prerequisites to configure Odoo Google Product module with Google Merchant Console

    To configure the module successfully, you would need the following:

    1.) A Google Developer Console account. This account is needed to obtain client Id and client secret for the configuration.


    2.) A Google Merchant Account to get a merchant ID. Google merchant account is also needed to sync your and upload your product details from Odoo.

    • CLICK HERE to create a new account.
    • Then paste the merchant ID in Odoo under account menu.
    • Follow the steps below to verify your website.

     Generating Client ID and Client Secret on Google Developer console.

    i.) Once you have set up your Google Dev console account, click on credentials >> OAuth Client ID >> Web application.

    ii.) Now, choose any name for the configuration.

    iii.) Enter your website URL under field -’Authorized JavaScript origins’

    iii.) next, copy the callback URL from account menu in Odoo and paste it under the field - ‘Authorized redirect URIs’

    iv.) The client ID and client secret are automatically generated.

    v.) Once you have obtained the Client ID and Client secret key form the Google dev console, go to your Odoo backend.

    vi.) Paste the client ID and Secret key in the account menu under Google product.

     Verifying your Website with Google Merchant Account

    i.) If you have logged into your Merchant account for the first time you would need to verify your shop domain with Google.

    ii.) Go to Business information >> Website.

    iii.) Enter your website URL and then choose ‘I have access to my server’ option to verify your website. (You can also use any one of the other two options available.)

    iv) Then, click on ‘Upload an HTML file on my website’.

    v.) Now, download the HTML file which is shown in the page under the steps. For example : google8156543780c743.html

    vi.) Then, in Odoo, go to account >> Token 1. Here, under merchant details. Paste the entire name of the file next to the field - ‘URL to verify’.

    vii.) Now, open the file and paste the text inside it under the field- ‘Data in URL

    viii.) Go back to your Google merchant account and click on the URL in step 3 on that page. Something like this:- Confirm the upload by visiting

    ix.) Your URL should be verified and you can start to send and sync product information to Google Shopping.

    Manage the configuration from the Odoo backend

    • As you can see, you can manage the configuration from the Odoo backend.
    • Enter the token and sequence number along with other details as shown.

     Follow the process of Google Merchant Center

    • As shown, follow the process of Google Merchant Center.
    • Enter your business information and other details as shown.

     Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Google Shopping Feed Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Google Shopping Feed Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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