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    Odoo POS Box By Webkul

    Odoo POS Box By Webkul: It may be small but surely packs a mean punch. The POS Box for Odoo from Webkul is what can be the new heart of your POS system. This small hardware device allows you to get rid of the bulky computer CPU and adroitly connect a number of POS system devices with minimal effort. Once configured with Odoo, the POS box can be used to quickly and systematically process the orders placed through POS in your store.

    The pictures presented here are for representation purpose only. Actual product may differ from the shown picture. However, tech specifications remain the same.

    Odoo POS Box By Webkul Odoo POS Box By Webkul Odoo POS Box By Webkul Odoo POS Box By Webkul Odoo POS Box By Webkul
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    Odoo POS Box From Webkul: A POS system has become a mandate for any store. The Pos system automates most part of the billing process in your store so you can keep the queue moving at a quick pace.

    The POS Box fits centrally within your POS system. This small and compact processing unit can easily control all the devices connected to it and powers them in the correct sequence to seamlessly complete the ordering process for your customers.

    The user can connect the display monitor, scanner, printer, etc with the POS Box to make them work in conjunction with each other.

    Please Note: Odoo POS Box is not a downloadable product. Once you have placed the order from the Store, please send us a mail at [email protected] with the details of the order to start the delivery of your POS Box.

    NOTE: After the Purchase, you will get a free one-time setup of the POS BOX. Also, no support will be provided for the following damages:

    • Physical Damage
    • Electrical Damage
    • Liquid Damage

      Odoo POS Box Features

      • The POS Box requires very little floor space as compared to any other processing unit for the POS making it highly compact.
      • The POS Box allows the user to connect multiple peripheral devices at once to quickly process the orders.
      • The devices such as barcode scanner, monitor, cash register, etc can be easily connected with the POS box.
      • The works with ethernet connection for fast speeds.
      • Once connected the devices can be used in conjunction to partially automate the order fulfillment process for the users.

      POS BOX Specifications

      • 1 Micro SD card port
      • 4 USB ports
      • 1 ethernet cable port for faster ethernet connection
      • 1 Full-Size HDMI Port
      • Power input

      Accessories Enclosed With POS BOX

      The following accessories are enclosed with the purchase of every Odoo POS BOX from the Webkul Store:

      • 1 micro SD Card with configured POS BOX Image
      • 1 USB charger
      • A power Adaptor

      POS Box Technical Overview


      • Odoo POS Box comes with a total of 4 USB ports to allow simultaneous connection of multiple devices.

      Supported Connections

      • The POS Box can be easily connected to the internet through a wired connection.

      Content Processing

      • The POS Box is capable of processing content for both HTTP and https.
      • However, for security measures, it is recommended to use https connection protocol for data processing.
      • For more information on dealing with mixed content i.e. pulling data for HTTP while on https webpage, please visit the following blog >> FIX: Mixed Content Errors while serving ODOO POSBOX over HTTPS

      Benefits of Using The POS BOX


      • The POS BOx offers a small, compact and portable solution to your floor space needs. All you need is to configure the POS BOx and connect the appropriate peripheral devices.

      Effective Resource management

      • The installation of POS Box with your POS system saves resources and time for your store. There is no need to install a big processing unit which apparently takes bigger floor space than POS Box. POS Box unit fits anywhere on or beneath the cashier's counter.

      Increased Efficiency

      • A number of devices such as barcode scanner, printer, display monitor, etc can easily be connected to POS Box and configured to work in conjunction with each other automating half of the process. It facilitates the user in processing the customers’ orders swiftly and keeping the queue line in motion.

      Connect Peripheral Devices

      A display monitor

      • The POS Box supports all display monitors or its any of its equivalent. The display monitor makes an integral part of the POS System as it helps the cashier to view the products, add them to the cart, process the order to print the receipt.
      • Devices such as laptop, tablets, etc can be easily connected with the POS Box.

      Barcode scanner

      • All USB connection supported barcode scanners or its equivalent can be configured with the POS Box through the ports provided with the POS box.


      • All the USB printers which support ESC/P printer control language are compatible with this POS Box- like EPSON TM-T20 printer

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      Product Version
      Released5 years ago
      Last UpdatedJuly 8, 2024 (7 days ago)
      Supported VersionsOdoo  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
      Rating 5.0
      based on 1 reviews

      Recent Reviews

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      Very happy with product and assitance which they're provided.

      Posted On - September 16, 2019

      We purchased "POS Box" for one our client, right from the quotation to product delivery - the webkul support team provided excellent assistance. Very happy with product and assitance which they're provided.

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