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Odoo POS Salesperson's Requests & Grievances

ODOO 11 Compatible

Odoo POS Salesperson's Requests & Grievances

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Odoo POS Salesperson's Requests & Grievances : Leaving the checkout counter to manually handling/report the issues can leading to customers reneging or balking the queue. Odoo Salesperson's Requests and Grievances module allows the Odoo POS Salesperson/User to create requests for issues or queries directly during running POS session. The Odoo POS user can create a request for Sales order, Purchase Order or Draft Invoice from the Odoo POS. Moreover, any Custom Request for concerns, issues or queries can also be created and saved at the Odoo backend for the manager to review and resolve appropriately. The reason needs to be filled while resolving a custom request.


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Odoo POS Salesperson Requests And GrievancesThe effectiveness of the Odoo POS system lies in the ease of access and flexibility of use. The direct impact of the POS system is attributed in the queue management. However, placing customers’ orders and handling requests or issues manually at the same time can disrupt the flow of the services.

So, What Odoo Salesperson and Grievances module do is- Integrate the functionality to place the POS orders and generate personal requests for queries and concern from the same screen during the running POS session. The Odoo POS user/salesperson can place the request to generate a sales order, purchase order and invoice for the customers directly from the running Odoo POS session.

Alternatively, it also allows the Odoo POS user to create custom requests about any grievances, issues or queries and save them to the Odoo backend for a quick resolution, thereby reducing manual efforts and making the entire process highly flexible. The requests can be picked up by the manager or resolution team to take appropriate actions for a quick verdict.

Odoo POS Salesperson's Requests And Grievances Features

  • It allows the Odoo POS user or salesperson to create requests for issues or queries from Odoo POS running session.
  • The requests are of two categories- pre-set requests and custom requests.
  • Preset requests category allows the POS user to create sales order quotation, quotation for purchase order and invoice from the Odoo POS.
  • Custom requests category allows the POS salesman to generate requests regarding issues, queries or grievances.
  • All the generated requests are saved in the Odoo backend for the Odoo manager or resolution to take action.
  • Reason for resolving needs to specified while resolving a custom request in the Odoo backend.

Use Case scenarios for Odoo POS Salesperson's Requests And Grievances Module

  • Managing technical issues with the Odoo POS

Any technical issues can occur while working with the Odoo POS. The effort and time consumed to report the issue manually can be saved by generating the request so it reaches the appropriate person instantly.

  • Placing Instant requests for purchasing products

The POS salesperson or user can place a request to place a purchase order to procure any exhausted items or any items not present in the POS but requested by the customers. The generated request creates an RFQ for the purchase order in the Odoo backend which can be confirmed or cancelled as per the requirement by the Odoo admin or manager.

  • Generating Sales Order and invoices from Odoo POS running Session

A sales order can be instantly created and saved in the Odoo backend by the Odoo POS user for the manager to review and confirm the sales quotation. Similarly, an invoice generation request can also be created and saved to the Odoo backend directly from the POS session.

  • Taking and redirecting queries and grievances for effective Queue management

Various scenarios arise while attending customers in your store. Interruption can cause customers to lose patience and maybe reneging from the queue. Odoo POS salesperson requests and grievances allow the POS user to generate the request for the query or issue and assign an appropriate person or team to quick resolution while maintaining the queue discipline.

Dedicated Support For Odoo POS Salesperson's Requests And Grievances Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo POS Salesperson and Grievances module.

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