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Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer

ODOO 12 Compatible

Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer

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Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer: Take a detour and curtail the printing hassle on your Odoo with the plugin. The module allows you to directly print the Odoo reports such as sale quotations, invoices, etc. using QZ Tray Client and eliminate the need to first download it as a PDF. The Odoo user can configure any Zebra printer in the Odoo and use the print action in the form to call the QZ Tray client to print the document. Any custom Report Template can also be set to print the document in the desired format.


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Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer: Numerous prints of various documents and reports are taken out every day in any business. Normally you first download the document/report in your system, issue the print command, choose the format and send it to the printer. Repeating the process with every document is tedious and inefficient.

The module Print Reports Via Zebra Printer cut-shorts the process and allows you to produce the hard copy of any printable report in Odoo with just a click.

Once you have installed QZ Tray client, you can configure a Zebra Printer to print the report in Odoo.

An Odoo user can configure and save the print template for reports in the Odoo to print reports in any desired format. A default printer can also be assigned for printing the reports. Once done, the QZ Tray client, when prompted, automatically uses the default printer and the saved template to print the reports.

If a default printer is not set, it shows the list of all the printers connected in the network.


Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer


Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer Features

  • This Odoo plugin allows the Odoo user to directly print the Odoo reports using QZ Tray Client.
  • The reports such as quotations, invoices, etc are not needed to be downloaded as a PDF before printing them out.
  • The Odoo user can directly access the printer with print action on the Report form to print it.
  • The module currently supports Zebra printers.
  • The Odoo user can also set a default Zebra printer for the QZ Tray to use automatically while printing a report.
  • If a default printer is not set, the QZ tray Client shows all the available printer connected in the network. The user can choose any desired printer.
  • The custom format of a report can also be configured in the Odoo via report template menu.
  • The Odoo user can set a custom template to be used for printing a report.


QZ Tray Client: 

  • You need to install the QZ Tray client as the module uses the QZ Tray client for sending direct print commands to the printer. Follow the below link to install the QZ Tray Client- 

Python Library: zplgrf:

  • You also need to install the Python library: zplgrf. Type the following command on your cmd prompt window: pip install zplgrf

Noteworthy Points For Using Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer Module

  • Once you have installed the QZ Tray Client on your system, make sure to start the software before printing any report. If the QZ tray Client is not running then Odoo shows the following error message when you try to print something - ‘Could not find QZ Tray Client’.
  • While adding a new printer, make sure the name on the form is exactly the same as the name of the printer because the printer's exact name is used by the QZ Tray client to make a connection and send print commands.

Calling QZ Tray For Printing

1.) Start the QZ Tray CLient on your system.

2.) Now, open the form in Odoo you wish to print out. Click on the Print action tab on the top of the page.

3.) It automatically calls the QZ Tray client to print the report on the basis of the configuration settings in the Odoo.

Creating Report Templates to Define Printing Format

  • The module provides the facility to configure the Report Templates in the Odoo backend.
  • The commands/codes set in the report templates define the format of the report printed by the zebra printer.
  • The QZ Tray Client automatically uses the set report template to print a report.
  • If no template is chosen, the QZ Tray Client uses the default Odoo print format to generate the hard copy.

Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer module.

For any query or issue please Create a ticket here


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