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    Odoo Smart Search using Elasticsearch

    Odoo Smart Search using Elasticsearch : Odoo Smart Search using Elasticsearch is a fast working and highly efficient app which provides a simple interface that helps to perform the search of the products along with description and image using Elastic Search on the Odoo Ecommerce. This module also improves the user experience with the automatic suggestions.


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    Odoo Smart Search using Elasticsearch:  Elasticsearch is one of the biggest full-text search and analytics engine used even by web juggernauts to provide real-time search results on their site. It has the ability to search the indexes and provide results to your query more accurately and much faster than PostgreSQL database on the basis of the index. Now, "Odoo Smart Search using Elasticsearch" actually makes your Odoo website smart and efficient to scan through your website nook and corners to return results in a fraction of time.

    You can map your Postgres database server with Elasticsearch server and have your own search wizard. You can enable auto-completion, suggestions, recent searches and trending searches in the search bar pop-up. Set the filed to import from Odoo server to Elasticsearch server. Also, retrieve product mapping history for debugging purpose.

    Odoo Smart Search using Elasticsearch

    Odoo Smart Search Using Elasticsearch Features

    • Lightning fast results to the search query entered on the website irrespective of the number of products on your website.
    • The admin can also map most trending searches with the search results from the Odoo backend which will then be displayed in the search hover-over box at the time of typing the search query.
    • Auto-completion feature as the query is being entered. The search engine matches the syllables to the words in the index to provide auto-completed suggestions to the customers.
    • Similarly, recent searches can be enabled by the admin so they are displayed in the hover over search box.
    • Typing suggestions for the customers in real time for their query being entered.
    • Facilitates the Cron scheduler to be set to automatically update the index from time to time for new products added on the website.
    • The admin can choose and enter the fields he wishes to be indexed by the Elasticsearch engine and can also set their values.
    • It also allows adding the filter to the results shown on the website for any entered query. For example, say hide the products that are ‘Out of Stock’ from the results.
    • The hover Box can also be customized by the admin from the back-end to include/ exclude the details like product stock, description etc.
    • The mapping history of all the products is available on the Odoo backend for any purpose like debugging.

    How Does Elasticsearch Help In Finding The Results At Lightning Fast Speed?

    • Elasticsearch is a search engine that is based on Lucene. So, in essence, they designed a full-text search and highly scalable search and analytics tool.
    • It is designed on inverted indexing which identifies words in a document and indexes them. So, now when a search phrase is entered, it matches the words against the documents to find the relevant documents.
    • This is opposite to conventional indexing used in PostgreSQL where the server scans each document to find the words in the search query.
    • This approach is what makes Elasticsearch much faster and highly efficient in carrying out the searches even in the farthest nook and corners on your website.
    Lightning Fast Speed

    Customize What And How Elasticsearch Indexes And Return The Results

    • The admin can set different parameters for the elastic server to improve the user' experience and ease of navigation on the website for the customer.
    • You can add the fields you wish to be indexed by the Elasticsearch like product's name,
    • Similarly, you can enable and disable the fields that show up in the search results. Say, you can choose not to show the products which are out of stock in the search results.
    • You can also choose the number of suggestions that show up for the visitor.
    • You can also choose to show the details of the products in the suggestion like a short product description and product thumbnail.
    • You can reset the entire index of the Elastic server, This will delete all the mapped data from the Elasticsearch server. 

    Assist Customers In Typing And Searching

    • The module facilitates the auto-complete feature which assists in providing suggestions to the customers about the products present on the website by auto-completing the search query in the search box.
    • Additionally, the search engine identifies syllables from the stored indexes as you type in the search box to provide a list of possible suggestions to assist in your query.
    • You can assign the number of characters the customer needs to type before the system shows suggestions.

     Trending Search In The Search Box

    • You can pull the most recent searches from the Elasticsearch database and map them on the Odoo server so they are displayed in the search hover box on the website as the most trending searches.
    • The system also stores and displays recent searches by other customers.
    • The trending searches and recent searches are visible to the customers in the hover box as they type their query.
    Trending Search

     Set The Cron Scheduler To Sync And Update The Index Between Elasticsearch And Odoo

    • You can easily set the Cron to run automatically run at a scheduled time to update the index for new products being added to the inventory.
    Cron Scheduler

     Customize The Search Hover Box

    • You can customize the size and appearance of the hover box on the website to show more/ fewer details about the suggested products.
    • You can change the color of the hover box,
    • Allow descriptions of suggested products to be visible in the hover Box. Also, you can set the length of the product description to be visible to the customer.
    • You can also set the number of suggestions to appear in the search box.

    Dedicated Support For Odoo Smart Search Using Elasticsearch Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Smart Search Using Elasticsearch Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 8, 2024 (3 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Very satisfied with the app and the support of Webkul

    Posted On - August 8, 2019

    Since the odoo standard search for many articles is very slow, we have been looking for a solution. Webkul has delivered this solution with Elastic Search. The app works perfectly and takes the load off the server. The search results are displayed immediately and even with a quantity of 120000 products.

    Webkul has made a great support, even with the config of the elastic server.

    Thanks to everyone and for everything

    Frank Mau

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