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Odoo Theme Xtremo

ODOO 12 Compatible

Odoo Theme Xtremo

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Odoo Theme Xtremo: A theme designed for effortless navigation and faster checkout. The newly introduced website theme which will completely transform your Odoo website. Improve not just the look but the functionality to improve with theme Xtremo. The multitude of features inculcated in the theme surely adds to the panache on your website. Improvements like better customization options, responsiveness, improved product page and cart, are made to provide a better customer experience and increase the flexibility in navigating the website.



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Odoo Theme Xtremo


Odoo Theme Xtremo is dependent on the following modules. You need to install these modules first for the theme to work properly in Odoo.

Odoo Theme Xtremo Features

  • 6 color options to choose from for your website.
  • 8 different font choices.
  • Fully Mobile responsive.
  • Configurable Home Page Banners.
  • Admin can choose to selectively display the banner according to the website language selected by the customer.
  • New Mega Menu introduced to ease navigation.
  • 2 Mega Menu displays to choose from on the website.
  • Add various product carousels like featured products, top selling products, top rated products, etc,
  • The product carousels can be configured by manually adding the products or automatically using different conditions like ratings. Improved add to cart, add to wishlist and add to compare icons.
  • Two different shop page layouts- GridView and ListView.
  • Customer Rating and Review system integrated with the theme.
  • The product page displays average customer rating and reviews.
  • The customer can type the review and give the ratings to the products.


Home Page

1.) Banners

The auto sliding banners are put right on the top to make them an eye-catcher.

All the exciting events happening on your website can be modeled in beautiful banners.

The customers just need to click on the banner to go the particular page.

2.) Mega-Menu

The Mega-Menu has been introduced to allow easier navigation of the Odoo website.

The view can be selected from the two options:- Drop-Down or Fly-Out.

Mega-Menu is designed to display all the categories and subcategories to the customers.

3.) Product Carousels

Another segment of the Homepage displays the products carousels to the customers.

The carousels can be created and configured in the backend to include manually added products or automatically chose them as per the mentioned conditions.

Featured Products can be hand-picked products which change as per the current event such as Sales, Seasons, running discounts, etc.

Products carousels titles such as Top selling Products, Top Rated Products, Top Categories etc can be easily created and displayed on the home page.

New Mega Menu

  • One of the major features of the Odoo Theme Xtremo is the introduction of Mega Menu.
  • The admin can create various menus in the backend.
  • Mega Menu comprises of various main categories and their subcategories for faster navigation.
  • The layouts can be selected from the available two- Drop down or Flyout.
  • With Hover-To-View appearance, It does not take any space on the website whiteboard so customers can just view it when needed.
Mega Menu

Improved Appearance

  • Odoo Xtremo Theme will render a completely new appearance to your website.
  • With multiple options to choose from and flexibility to blend each with another gives numerous permutations to customize the Odoo website.
  • 6 color options to render the theme as you want.
  • 8 different fonts to mix it up.
Improved Appearance

Better Laid out Product Layout

  • The product layout has been improved to include more features and to be neat at the same time.
  • Select from 2 product layout options- ListView or GridView.
  • The product description is displayed along with the product for a quick glance.
  • The customer can add the product to the cart by clicking on add to cart icon, without even opening it.
  • The products can also be added to wishlist by clicking on wishlist icon.
  • A new ‘Compare product’ feature allows the customer to compare various products to choose the best.
  • The list VIew also displays the average customer rating for a product.
  • The product filter is now added to the shop page to allows quick sorting for the customers.
Product Page

Customer Reviews

  • Customer Ratings and Reviews system is added to the theme to help the customers.
  • The customers can view the product reviews directly on the shop page ListView.
  • Detailed customer reviews can be read on the product page.
  • Option to write a review and rate the product on the product page to allow customer interaction.
Customer Reviews

Dedicated Support For Odoo Theme Xtremo

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Theme Xtremo.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


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Posted On - April 22, 2019 (Egypt)
Creative as usual
The team is very professional and patient
We are very happy to deal with them
This is a wonderful theme that makes odoo a professional e-commerce platform



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