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    Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer

    Accept Payments Seamlessly All Over the World Using Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer!!

    • Allows users to make payment of the purchase on Odoo website using 2Checkout Payment Acquirer.

    • Accept payments online anytime.

    • Increase traffic on your website.

    • Reduce cart abandonment.

    • Helps you to retain the website customers.

    • It helps you to give better customer experience on Odoo website.

    • Serves the customer with a hassle-free payment method while purchasing the products online on Odoo website.

    Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer
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    Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer - In this digital era, people are getting less reliant towards cash. If not cash then they can pay for their products and services using digital payment methods.

    There are various digital payment methods in the market, 2checkout payment acquirer is one of them. The payment acquirer has a global reach and the customers can pay for their services at any time and anywhere.

    Integrating Odoo Website with 2Checkout Payment Acquirer helps you expand your business globally and also increases the conversion rate of your website.

    More payment options means more customers. It also helps you to give better customer experience, as the customer gets the payment option of his choice at the time of process checkout, it motivates them to visit your website again when they have to make a purchase.

    Sometimes, the customers face difficulty like the amount is debited from the account but the transaction is not successful while making the payment of their purchase, and it causes irritability but if a good, secure and hassle-free payment method is available for the customers then the customers have a good shopping experience with seamless shopping.

    Odoo Website 2checkout Payment method allows the customers to make a fast, secure and hassle-free payment. It accepts payments through 2Checkout Wallet, Credit/Debit Card, or Net Banking on your Odoo website.

     Why you should have 2Checkout On your Odoo website as a payment method?

    • Easy to Configure.
    • Quick, secure and hassle-free payment option.
    • Promote a cashless economy.
    • Global reach.
    • Make transaction anywhere, anytime.
    • Promote customers’ convenience.
    • Reduce Cash on Delivery.
    • Reduce checkout payment issues.
    • Allow customers to make Instant payment for their orders.
    • Reduce cart abandonments.
    • Store transaction records in Odoo.

     Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Features

    Facilitates Odoo 2Checkout Payment Acquirer Integration

    • Integrate 2Checkout Payment Acquirer with Odoo using the module.
    • You would need 2Checkout merchant credentials to integrate the module.

     Make 2Checkout As A Payment Option On Odoo Website

    • Once configured, the customers can choose 2Checkout on the Odoo website.
    • 2Checkout becomes available at the check-Out as a Payment method for Online Payments.

    Easy to Configure

    • Integrate 2Checkout with Odoo in a couple of minutes.
    • Configure other settings such as custom messages for payment confirmation, failed payment, etc.

     Accept Online Payment From Customers

    • Using 2Checkout, the customers can pay via 2Checkout Wallet for their orders on the Odoo website.
    • They can also pay using debit/credit card or net banking on 2Checkout webpage.

    Secure Payments Processing

    • Once integrated, 2Checkout offers secure payments for online orders on the Odoo website.
    • The customers are redirected to the 2Checkout webpage to complete the transaction.

     Track Transaction History

    • The Odoo admin can see the transaction details of the orders in the Odoo backend.
    • The order form shows the details of the mode of payment used by the customer to make the payment for his/her order.
    • The list of the transaction is also maintained in the admin’s 2Checkout merchant portal.

    Promotes Quick Installation and Setup Of 2Checkout On Odoo Website

    • All you need is the credentials for 2Checkout Merchant Accounts.
    • Once done, you can integrate Odoo with 2Checkout Payment Acquirer and accept secure online payments.

     Secure and Safe Checkouts with Odoo 2Checkout Payment Integration

    • The module redirects the customers to 2Checkout Webpage to ensure secure payments.
    • The payment is completed on the Webpage itself.
    • The customers are directed back to the Odoo website checkout page and notified the status of the payment.

    Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer -

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Website 2Checkout Payment Acquirer.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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