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    Odoo Website Auction

    Odoo Website Auction: Now host your own online auction on your Odoo website with Odoo Website Auction module. It allows the admin to sell website products through online auctions. The bidding can be set as normal bidding or incremental bidding. The customers can also choose to auto-bid on their behalf which increments their bid according to the current placed bid for the auction. The admin can also choose to display the winner and send different notifications to bidders via mail. The website product page shows the various details like the duration of the auction and current bid. Moreover, the customers can check their bidding history, current active bids and won auctions in their account.


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    Odoo Website Auction: Today, the technology can let you reach the farthest customers through an online auction which was not possible with conventional auctions. Online auctions also interest not only customers but collectors and enthusiasts alike.

    Now, you can host an online auction on your Odoo website. The products can be assigned an auction status on the website with a base price. The admin can set display the notification for an upcoming auction of a product on the respective product page using a countdown timer.

    Odoo Website Auction

    The bid increment rules can be set in the backend.

    Moreover, a 'Buy Now' price tag for a product can also be set and displayed for interested customers who do not wish to place a bid.

    The interested bidders can subscribe for notifications such as commencement and end of an auction, a new bid placed, and the winner of an auction.

    The customers can place a simple bid or chose to place an auto bid. A customer can view the details like current highest bid, total bids placed, etc on the product page. The customers can also view the details of various auctions he/she participated in from his account.

    The admin can view the current bids placed for a running auction and the bid subscriber details in the backend.

    Odoo Website Auction Features

    • The module allows you to host an online auction on the Odoo website.
    • The admin can configure the rules for the online auction in the backend.
    • Bid increment rules can be set for the customers for placing a simple and auto-bid.
    • The admin can set various prices like reserve price, initial price and buy now price for the product to be auctioned.
    • Countdown timer displaying the time for an auction to start, the time left for an auction and the extended time can be set on the Odoo website product page by the admin.
    • The admin can also allow notifications to be sent to the customers for events like auction start, end, the new bid placed, winner name, etc.
    • The bidders just need to subscribe to an auction to get the notifications.
    • The customers can place a simple or auto-bid for an auction.
    • The next auto-bid suggested for a customer on its device screen is not visible to other customers.
    • The details like current bid, total bids placed for the respective auction, etc can be viewed by the customer.
    • The details of all the bids placed for a product and the auction subscribers can be viewed in the Odoo backend by the admin.
    • A customer can view all the information about his/her bid history about all the auctions, current active bids successfully won auctions and unsuccessful auctions through his account.

    Elements of Odoo website Auction Module

    • Types of bids in Odoo website auction

    Customers can choose to either place a simple bid or use the auto-bid option.

    The simple bid option allows the customer to place any desired allowable bid. The process is totally manual and the customer has the control to choose his or her bid.

    The auto-bid option is a partially automatic option that automatically calculates the next higher bid based on the bid- increment rules set in the backend.


    • Notifications alert for Odoo admin and Users for Online Auction

    Various types of notification alert can be set in the Odoo backend to keep the admin and user notified about an auction.

    The notifications about the start and before the end of an auction can be configured to be sent to the Odoo admin if he/she wishes to extend it.

    The customers can subscribe to receive notifications when the auction starts, ends and auction duration is extended.

    The notifications about a new bid placed are also sent to the subscribers. In addition, the notifications about the auction result can be sent to both the winner and losers.


    • Detailed information of auctions

    The customers can log in to their Odoo website account to view their auctions history.

    The section includes the Bid history, Successfully won the auction and current active bids.

    Alternatively, the Odoo admin can view the bidding history based on the auctions in the Odoo backend.

    The auction menu also displays the subscribers for that particular auction.

    Benefits of Hosting An Online Auction

    • Deal With Antiques, Collectibles, And Rarities

    The antiquities sale on your website can be easily turned into an interesting bidding war with the Website Auction Module. The customers can go head to head to get the antique product or collectible or and other rarities.

    • Erase Geographical Boundaries

    Online Auction eliminates the geographical limitations and boundaries allowing interested bidders to bid from anywhere. Thus, allowing your website to reach a wider audience.

    • Time and resource management

    The imitation of offline bidding is the time and resources spent in managing the entire event which is again limited by the geography. The need is eliminated precisely by online auction.

    Dedicated Support For Odoo Website Auction Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Website Auction Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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