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    Odoo Website Auction

    Odoo Website Auction helps you to manage and organize auctions online on Odoo.

    • Users can create and Host Auctions.

    • Interested customers can subscribe to the auctions for updates.

    • Users can get automated emails for updates on auctions.

    • A user can manage the auction period for a product.

    • Users can see the subscribers, Auction list, and subscribers list.

    • Customers can directly buy the product without Bidding.

    • Provide Auto Bidding and Simple Bidding options for customers.

    • Customers can view the auction details as well.

    Odoo Website Auction Odoo Website Auction Odoo Website Auction Odoo Website Auction Odoo Website Auction Odoo Website Auction
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    Organise Auctions on the Website with Odoo Website Auction!

    Odoo Website Auction helps to host and manage the Auction on the website. It requires a lot of brainstorming for the implementation of a business. Bidding for the products may help a Business to gain unpredictable profit on the product.

    Compiling all the problems, It is the best module for Hosting and managing Auctions online on Odoo. It offers various features which optimize the user experience and ease everything, reducing time and automating things.

    You can also check Odoo AI Engine(Chat GPT) which may help you to create SEO-friendly Descriptions for the product in a few clicks.

     Why do we need Odoo Website Auction?

    The module provides various features and helps Businesses to host auctions easily. Auction may be automated with different types of bidding styles and also take care of Providing updates to users and Different customers/subscribers interested in the product’s Auction.

    It also allows a business to monitor the various data linked to the auctions and helps to monitor the activity of the products by the customers. Its features help the Business to manage auctions and updates in a few clicks, Reducing time and automating things Easily.

    You can also add Odoo Website Stripe Payment Acquirer to upgrade the payment methods for your Business Website.

    Odoo Website Auction

     Highlighted Features:

     Host Auction in a few clicks

    • Users can create and host the auctions in a few steps for the Odoo Website.

     Interested customers can receive Updates

    • Customers can subscribe to Auctions to get updates.

     Monitor subscribers

    • Users can watch a List of customers subscribed to the auctions

     Monitor Hosted Auctions

    • Users can see a List of auctions hosted and running on the Odoo Website.

     Monitor Auction Bidders

    • Users can manage and see the list of Bidders in the Auction.

     Manage the period for Auctions

    • Users can manage and update the time for the auctions as needed.

     Direct Purchase products without Bidding

    • Customers can directly purchase the product without the Bidding.

     Options to bid on products

    • Customers can use Auto Bidding and Simple Bidding features for auctions on products on the Odoo Website.

     Auction Details for Customers

    • The module allows users to put auction details on the product’s auctions.

     Easy to Host and Manage Auctions

    Host and manage Auctions on the Odoo Website in a few simple clicks.

    • Users can create and manage the auctions.
    • They can easily manage the period for an auction.
    • They can create and use bidding rules to set ranges and limits for automation in the bidding process.
    • They can view and manage other details for the product auction as subscribers, product info, etc.
    Easy to Host and Manage Auctions

     Monitor Activity on the Auctions

    Users can track the Data of Activity on auctions from the features offered by the Odoo Website Auction.

    • The Odoo Website auctions make a record of activity on the auctions by customers.
    • Users can view the number of subscribers interested in the Auction.
    • They can view the List of Auctions that are either planned or about to be hosted.
    • They Manage and monitor the list of bidders on the running auctions on the Odoo Website.
    Monitor Activity on the Auctions

     Automation to work swiftly

    The Odoo Website Auction allows users the flexibility to manage and monitor auctions once configured as required.

    • Users can create Bidding rules that are used at the time of creating an auction.
    • Users may receive automated email alerts for ongoing activity for the auctions.
    • Customers may set auto-bidding options to automate their bidding surf on a product.
    • The module offers to manage and automate the auction timer from the Odoo Backend.
    Automation to work swiftly


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 9, 2024 (5 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Excellent Work by Webkul Professionals

    Posted On - September 1, 2022

    Webkul team is a great team of professional Members for development and support highly recommended ++++++.

     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the user extend the auctions for a period?
    Yes. The users can extend the time for the auctions as needed.
     Can A customer can get updates on the interested auctions?
    Yes. The customers can get updates while bidding or When subscribed to the interested Auctions.
     Does the module allow to update the product description while running an auction?
    No. The description cannot be changed while running the Auctions online.
     Does the Odoo Website Auction allow the Users to view or update the auction-related data?
    Yes. Users can view and modify the auction data if needed.
     Does the module allow Auto Bid on the product?
    Yes. Customers can set auto-bid with a range of amounts that will increase and send an alert once the auctions hit the limit.

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