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    Odoo Website Store Locator

    Odoo Website Store Locator : This module allows you to share your physical store location on your website. Website owner can now share his store location so that buyers can also visit them if required. Now also many people prefers seeing the products in real before buying them online, so for them it will be beneficial to look for your store in the city and follow the location to your store.


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    Odoo Website Store Locator - As digitalization has enhanced online shopping, it has helped many online store owners to enhance their businesses. But, local merchandising is also important to become available to nearby customers. So, the module lets you to locate your physical store on Google Maps and let customers touch and feel the products in real .

    Odoo Store Locator

     Why do we need a Store Locator?

    • Enhancing the local trading of that results in increased sales.
    • Locate all your stores on Google Map easily.
    • Customers can instantly get their products and services without waiting for them.
    • Saves shipping cost of the products, thus, makes customers happy and helps to retain them.
    • Customers can touch and feel the product before buying it online.
    • It helps in increasing your website’s authenticity in front of customers.
    • Attracts new users who are not involved in online shopping, therefore, you make more profits then regular.
    • You can highlight your stores through markers.

    Benefits of Store Locator?

    • Customers can easily locate the store to view products in real.
    • Helps you attract new users that can turn into potential customers.
    • It makes you earn profits from those customers too who are not involved in online shopping.
    • It saves the shipping cost, that attracts customers and results in increased sales and profits.
    • Customers can directly communicate with you in case of any query.

     Odoo Website Store Locator Features

    Allows To Highlight Location On The Odoo website

    • The module allows you to add the location on your Odoo Marketplace.
    • You can locate your store address on Google Maps from the backend.

     Allows Customers To Locate your store Location in Odoo

    • Customers can locate your location that is available in their neighborhood.
    • They can easily locate all the store locations on Google Maps using a marker.

    Set The Configuration For The Default Map

    • You can set the configuration for Google Maps from the backend.
    • You can set the map settings either on Auto mode or in Manually mode.

     Let your Address Visible In Their Odoo Marketplace Profiles

    • It also shows your address in Google Maps on your website-s frontend.

    Manage the configuration from the Odoo backend

    • Set the Google map settings from the backend.
    • Set the Google map either in auto or in manual mode.
    Google map

     View the locations of store at the frontend

    Google map
    • As shown, customers can see the store location at the frontend.
    • Customers can even locate the location at the Google map itself.

    Odoo Website Store Locator -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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