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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    Opencart Chat

    The OpenCart Chat system enables direct communication between the admin and the registered customers without APIs or subscriptions. The data gets stored on your server.

    • Allow customers to chat with the store admin.

    • The admin can provide the custom name for the chat window.

    • The admin can set the chat box background image & size.

    • Supports awesome emoticons in chat.

    • The admin can chat with multiple customers at a time.

    • The admin can customize the chat window theme as required.


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    Opencart Chat -This module lets the customers and the admin have conversations over the chat. The registered customers will be able to chat with the admin. The header color will always change whenever there is an unread message.

    There are emojis also available in the chat. And the customer can quickly expand the chat box as per their requirements. We can add Facebook Messenger to your OpenCart store and allow customers to chat by adding the module OpenCart Social Chat to the store.

    Opencart Chat

    Highlighted Features

      Emojis Available

    There are emojis also in the chat option so that you can express it with emoticons too.

      Managing the Theme

    The admin can easily manage the themes for the chat window.

      Background Image

    The admin can change the background images also for enhancing its beauty.

      Sound Notification

    There is sound support to notify OpenCart store users of new incoming messages on the chat.

      Free from APIs

    It is not based on any API or on any subscription plan.

      Easily Customizable

    You can easily customize it as per the need and according to the theme.

    Why do we need an OpenCart Chat module?

    Using the module OpenCart Chat, the admin can allow their customers to chat with them, providing good customer service as they get an instant response to their queries. As the customers are always frustrated with the late responses over emails, they can have a better solution with this chat option to connect with you at the exact moment.

    Opencart Chat Window Options

    Opencart chat plugin display chat window in a very beautiful design like any standard web chat site like gmail or facebook with blinking message like in gmail, Opencart chat window contains many options including -

    • Smiley / emoticons available to make chat more fun.
    • Sound alert options is there by which user / admin will be notified .
    • Buyer / Customer can expand or minimise their chat window .
    • Lazy load for messages , buyer or admin can see the messages or history by scrolling .
    Opencart Chat Window

    Opencart Multiple Chat Window Support

    Opencart Live Chat Module support multi-chat window option as well, by which store owner or support person can communicate with multiple buyer/customer at the same time

    • The admin can chat with multiple customers one at a time.
    • All the customers who are online while chatting can be seen.
    • The admin can easily switch from one chat to another.
      Opencart Multiple Chat Window

      Opencart Chat Module- Admin Settings

      Opencart chat modules offers range of options to customise your chat module including

      • Custom Name for chat
      • Chat-box colour(online)
      • Chat-box colour(incoming)
      • Chat box background size
      • Chat box admin user font colour
      • Option for chat box background
      • Chat-box background image
      • Chat box background colour
      chat module

      Opencart Chat Extension Features

      • All browsers working.
      • Everything is based on ajax.
      • Awesome emoticons.
      • It is available on the whole admin side not on any specific page.
      • Lots of customization options are available to make it as per the theme.
      • A chat box can have an image as its background that enhances its beauty.

      Support for Opencart Chat

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


      Product Version3.0.0.7
      Released9 years ago
      Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (6 months ago)
      Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
      Rating 5.0
      based on 1 reviews

      Recent Reviews

      Write a review

      Great module

      Posted On - September 8, 2014

      This is a great module for Opencart and was easy to install.
      Great work well done

      Frequently Asked Questions

       Is the OpenCart Chat System based on any APIs or any subscription plan?
      No, it is not based on any APIs or any subscription plan. This module works on JavaScript. All the data and chat will be stored on your server.
       Is it possible for guest customers to chat with the admin?
      No, you must be registered on the store as a customer to chat with the admin.
       Is there any notification for the incoming message in the OpenCart Chat System?
      Yes. The admin and buyers get notified in the browser window title for any new message.
       Can the customer add attachments in the chat window to share with the admin?
      No, the customer can not attach any file in the chat.
       Are emoticons available for the customers also?
      Yes, the emoticons are available on the customer side also.
       Where the chat box will be visible to the customers on the website?
      The admin can set the chat box visibility from the admin backend by going to the layout section and can set it accordingly as required, the chat box will be visible to the customers on the set section.

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      • - Bugs
      • * Cross site scripting vulnerability issue fixed in version 2.0.x.x to 2.2.x.x
      • * Resolved chat issue on product page in version 3.0.x.x
      • * Resolved the design layout issues for version 3.x.x.x and version 2.3.x.x
      • * Resolved git issue for version 3.x.x.x
      • * Resolved all git issues for version 3.x.x.x and version 2.3.x.x
      • * Resolved git issues
      • * Resolved git issues
      • * JS issue fixed
      • * JS issue fixed
      • + Updated for opencart version 3.x.x.x
      • Initial Launch