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    Prestashop AWS Speed and Security Optimization

    Prestashop AWS Speed and Security Optimization : Prestashop AWS speed and security optimization services provides speed and security tool setup on your AWS servers. This product will boost up the website performance and also make the website secure. Under this, we will integrate different tools on your AWS server to make the website lightning fast.

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    Prestashop AWS Speed and Security Optimization: Prestashop AWS speed and security optimization services provides speed and security tool setup on your AWS servers. This product will boost up the website performance and also make the website secure. Under this, we will integrate different tools on your AWS server to make the website lightning fast.


    1. This installation and optimisation plan is exclusive for linux based Operating systems only.

    2. It's a one time set-up installation.

    3. It is server side only optimisation plan.

      Prestashop AWS Speed and Security Optimization Features -

    Following integrations are included in the Prestashop AWS speed and security optimization:

      • SFTP

    The SFTP allows you to transfer files over SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) using SSH version 2. After authentication, a connection is established between your local system and remote server so you can transfer your data files & directories. It also enables you to resume file transfer if any interruption occurs.

      • LAMP

    LAMP stack is a popular open source web platform commonly used to run dynamic web sites and servers. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP/Python/Perl and very popular platform of for development and deployment of high performance web application.

      • SSH

    SSH stands for secure shell and it is used for providing encryption for network services like remote login or remote file transfers. It can also be used for wide range of other services like secure remote command execution, keys and password authentication, access control and port forwarding etc.

      • SMTP Mail Integration

    In SMTP Mail Integration package we help you to integrate your present email services or new mail services with the specified Ecommerce store/Odoo. In our Mail Integration package we provide two kinds of solution which are as follows-: a) NON SMTP INTEGRATION, and b) SMTP INTEGRATION

      • CDN Integration

    Content Delivery Network is a system of Distributed servers that deliver content to an end user as per the geographical location of the user. CDN helps to speedup the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and global reach.

      • PhpMyAdmin With Secure Port

    PhpMyAdmin is one of the most popular applications for MySQL databases management. It is a free tool written in PHP. Through this software you can create, alter, drop, delete, import and export MySQL database tables.

      • AWS Automatic Backup

    You can back up the data on your EBS volumes by simply creating a snapshot of it. EBS Active snapshots contain all of the information needed to restore your data (from the time the snapshot was taken) to a new EBS volume.

      • Website Modification Report

    We provide a special add-on script in your Linux Server which helps you to detect the hacking attacks on your application end. Most of the firewalls either work on Port or on IP address and protect the Network traffic accordingly but Our script detects all the modification throughout the code of your application and notify the concerned person at right time.

      • DNS Mapping

    In DNS Mapping, we will provide you the feature to map your website with your existing domain.

      • SSL Integration

    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a transport layer protocol which is used to establish a secure connection between server and client.When you visit an SSL integrated website the connection between your browser and the website is secure. The transmitted data are all in encrypted form.

      • Performance Optimisation From Admin

    Tuning website's performance by tweaking cache settings, managing static assets, webserver optimisation and integrating allowed other cache software via administrator panel.

      • Load Balancing* (Only if needed)

    Load Balancing helps you with proper distribution of traffic on multiple servers so that at the time of high traffic, your services won’t get affected. We use AWS load balancer which forwards the traffic across multiple targets (say EC2 instances) depending upon their availability.

      • AWS Elastic File System* (Only if needed)

    Elastic File System is simple, scalable and elastic file storage system for our EC2 instances. It is analogous to NAS (network attached storage), which is a file-level data storage connected to a network.

      • Memcached Integration or Redis Integration

    Integrate Memcached or Redis with your prestashop store to configure in-memory caching, which would enhance website's performance with improved TTFB and lower total loading time. In addition to this, using redis will allow website to store user's sessions in NoSQL redis database which is much faster in comparison to storing user's sessions in server hard disk.

      • Resource Monitoring Notification

    In this feature we provide you the real time notifications regarding your server resources, We will setup a threshold limit on each and every resource as per the standard and automate the monitoring part which helps you to detect the issue and provide you the real time experience to troubleshoot or overcome the main cause of the issue.

      • Server Activity Monitoring

    Monitoring user activities on a remote server could be a cumbersome task. We provide full activity monitoring on your server like login alerts, user activities over ssh connection, user activities over sftp connection, listing of ip addresses from where logins have been attempted, listing of failed login records and files modified on the server through the mail.

      • Support Period

    We provide Support Period of 30 days.

    SLA will be 12 Hours.

    NOTE: Features having asterisk (*) will be added only if needed, otherwise they will add up unnecessary cost.

     Website speed is a ranking factor

    You put a lot of effort to make sure that your website performs well.

    Even if everything to your website is good it has an incredible structure, the best user interface and has targeted and relevant content. But that’doen’t matter as it is not the first experience your visitor has with your site.

    Everything begins with page loading. If the speed of your website is fast, you have the probability of higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

    And it’s not just Google – research from every corner of the web, shows that speed has a huge impact on outcomes.

    • 47% of people expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds.
    • 20% of users abandon their cart if the transaction process is too slow.

    If you own a Prestashop based eCommerce website hosted on AWS then we have got you covered.

    So if by any chance you are facing issue with the speed of your website, then we have just a solution for you.

    We bring you a Prestashop AWS Speed and Security Optimization service in which we perform certain techniques to boost your website performance.


     Next comes the Security

    We know customers care deeply about privacy and data security.

    For that we follow the AWS achitecture since its the most securest of all.

    But there might a suitation when your website security needs more than that. If you are concern about your website security and thinking of how you can make your website more secure. Again, this product will help you in optimising the security of your business website.

    Give it a Trial!


     Prestashop AWS Speed and Security Optimization Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality PrestaShop Module.


    Product Version
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 10, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.6.x.x​  1.7.x.x​  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    PS AWS Speed & Security

    Posted On - January 22, 2018

    Great job done by Webkul guys. Really professional work. I cannot complain at all, in contrary I can just recommend Webkul specialists. There is one thing though I have to mention. The free tire AWS is not suitable for marketplace of our size. We noticed that the structure of our site, template, categories etc. is too big for free tire and it does not work for us. We were told by AWS specialists that we need different package which (for the beginning) would cost aprox. 150 USD / month. I do not regret to move our site to AWS though because we just understood that for the size of our marketplace (we plan having 150 sellers 1st year and up to 500 2nd year in our first market - Costa Rica) we really need much bigger infrastructure.
    Thank you for your help while solving all the issues and for great job.
    Nicolaos, (E-mercado Centroamericano)

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    In our default configuration we will provide tremendous configuration for your eCommerce Website which is fast to load and response.

    Default Configuration Details of Server

    • 1 GB RAM
    • 1 Core Processor
    • 30 GB Hard Disk
    • DB with 1 GB RAM and 1 Core Processor

    * Server Configuration may vary as per application requirements.

    Want to know more how exactly we are going to power up your eCommerce Website with Cloud to fasten up your store. Please visit the Cloudkul Services.

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