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    Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying

    How does the feature of multiple sub-user accounts under one parent user account sound to you? If it has awakened some curiosity & you are starting to look for ways to integrate this very useful feature into your shop, then you should seriously consider using Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying module. It will help you to allow your customers/registered users of the website to add multiple sub-user accounts under them. The feature is particularly helpful when a large number of people overlook the work of fulfilling orders for some organization/group.


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    Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying -The eCommerce has certainly provided some relief to customers all around the world. It is one of the sectors that continuously places the need & comfort of its users at the highest level possible. This particular priority of the domain is only the root cause of all advancements/developments taking place in this domain. And, with a similar goal, we also try from time to time to bring such modules that considerably enhance the shopping experience of your customers or else make some work easier at your end. This time, the result of our effort is Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying module.

    One of the main aims of developing such a module was to provide relief to the customers of eCommerce stores in fulfilling the requirement of the organization/group. Many time, it happens that one of the people from an organization/group is designated to assess the requirement of the group & ensure its fulfilment. It is even beneficial when people in the organization/group are less in numbers. But, it becomes quite difficult when the headcount is large.

    Highlighted Features

     Add Sub-Users

    Allow customers to add multiple sub-user accounts under them.

     Assign Cart

    Let sub-users assign the cart to parent users to facilitate the purchasing process.

     Email Notification

    Notify parent users whenever sub-user assigns a cart via mail.

     Make Ordering Process Efficient

    Make ordering process efficient for organizations, large families etc.

    Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying Features -

    • Let your customer register as a parent user or sub-user on the shop.
    • Helps to manage the ordering process if multiple users place orders for one organization/group.
    • Allow parent user to add, edit or delete the sub-user.
    • Notify parent user via mail when sub-user assigns a cart.
    • Choose to make account approval & verification mandatory for a sub-user account.
    • Choose whether you want to delete the customer account of the sub-user on deleting the sub-user or not.
    • Allow or restrict the sub-user to create an order.

    How does this module benefit your customers?

    Many times, it is seen that multiple staffs are given the responsibility of maintaining the stocks of the products in large enterprises/organization. This practice is basically adopted to lower the burden from one person & distribute it between multiple persons. The responsibility given to multiple people to fulfil one goal is always achieved. Whereas, if only one person does that job, then it has greater chances of not being fulfilled properly. It's not because the person is not able to do his/her job, it's cause he/she is overloaded with the responsibility that alone can not be fulfilled.

    Hence, keeping in mind all the above circumstances/reasons, you can now easily offer your customers to create multiple sub-user accounts under their one parent account. So, that whenever a particular thing is needed, anyone of the added sub-user can easily create or place an order on behalf of the organization he/she works.


    Add Multiple Sub-Users

    In order to facilitate the ordering process via sub-users, a parent user is allowed to add as many sub-users as he/she wants. This functionality can help in multiple ways.

    • A sub-user can create orders on behalf of parent user & assign the cart to let parent user place the order as per his/her convenience.
    • Existence of multiple sub-user accounts will help in creating the order even if some of the sub-users are not available.
    • Each sub-user can see the status of assigned cart whether the order was placed for that cart or not & accordingly remind the parent user.
    • Sub-users will also be able to order themselves instead of assigning the cart if the store admin allows it.

    Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying Support -

    For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here:

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