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    PrestaShop Add Sub-User Account for Buying

    Allows customers to add multiple sub-users under one parent customer account for an efficient purchasing process.

    • Customers & admin both can add as many sub-users as they want.

    • Offer customers to register either as parent users or sub-user at the time of registration.

    • Also, offer parent users to create sub-users by themselves.

    • It helps B2B businesses in making their purchases effectively.

    • Sub-users can create & assign the cart to their parent user.

    • Choose to allow sub-user to place their order by themselves.

    • Parent users can view all the assigned carts & proceed for checkout at their own convenience.

    • Send mail notification to parent user on cart assignment.

    • Choose to delete the customer account of the sub-user on deleting the sub-user.

    • Multishop Compatible.

    Note: PrestaShop Add Sub-User Account for Buying module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.


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    PrestaShop Add Sub-User Account for Buying - The module offers store owners & customers to add sub-users under a parent customer account.

    All the sub-users of the store get the functionality to add products to the cart & assign it to the parent user for placing the order. Although, a store owner can choose to allow the sub-user to place the order too.

    After a sub-user assigns the cart(when he/she isn't allowed to order), a parent user can accordingly place the order in the shop.

    While registering as a sub-user, a customer gets an option to choose the parent user too under which he/she wants to be registered. This option of selecting a parent-user is also available to the admin when they create a sub-user.

    However, when any parent user creates a sub-user, there is no option to select a parent user. It is because the sub-user created by any parent user will be added under his /her account only.

    PrestaShop Add Sub-User Account for Buying Module

    Highlighted Features

     Add Sub-Users

    Allow customers to add multiple sub-user accounts under them.

     Assign Cart

    Let sub-users assign the cart to parent users to facilitate the purchasing process.

     Email Notification

    Notify parent users whenever sub-user assigns a cart via mail.

     Make Ordering Process Efficient

    Make ordering process efficient for organizations, large families etc.

    PrestaShop Add Sub-User Account for Buying Features -

    • Let customers register as parent user or sub-user in your store.
    • Allow parent user to add, edit or delete the sub-user.
    • Send email to parent user when a sub-user assign him cart.
    • Choose to make account approval & verification mandatory for a sub-user account.
    • Choose whether you want to delete the customer account of the sub-user on deleting the sub-user or not.
    • A parent user can view the cart details from account.
    • Also, a parent user can delete the cart.
    • Allow or restrict the sub-user to create an order.
    • Prestashop Add Sub-User Account for Buying module is MultiShop Compatible.
    • Allow parent user to assign cart to sub-user.
    • Email notification to parent user when cart is assigned to sub-user.
    • Allow sub-user to assign cart to the parent user.
    • Allow sub-user to modify or delete the assigned cart.
    • Email notification to sub-user when cart is assigned by main user.

    Advantages of using this module

    For B2B Businesses

    • It can help large enterprises in creating their orders effectively.
    • Multiple departments of large enterprises can act as sub-users under a company's account(parent user) to help create an order of required items.
    • The B2B customers can really benefit from using such a functionality.
    • It will help in streamlining the ordering process.

    For Individual Users

    • Individual users can add their family members, friends as a sub-user in their parent customer account.
    • It can be useful for the people who generally place the orders on eCommerce on the behalf of others.
    • It will help to save time as parent user will not need to communicate with each sub-user for the requirement of items.
    • This also provide some authority to parent user to assess what's needed & what's not and accordingly place the order

    Add Multiple Sub-Users

    In order to facilitate the ordering process via sub-users, a parent user is allowed to add as many sub-users as he/she wants. This functionality can help in multiple ways.

    • A sub-user can create orders on behalf of the parent user & assign the cart to let the parent user place the order at his/her convenience.
    • The existence of multiple sub-user accounts will help in creating the order even if some of the sub-users are not available.
    • Each sub-user can see the status of the assigned cart whether the order was placed for that cart or not & accordingly remind the parent user.
    • Sub-users will also be able to order themselves instead of assigning the cart if the store admin allows it.

    PrestaShop Add Sub-User Account for Buying Support -

    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version4.1.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedMay 18, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 2 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    Le support est excellent et très réactif.

    Posted On - June 3, 2022

    Le support est excellent et très réactif.

    Easy to install and use

    Posted On - January 12, 2022

    Great module! Works a expected. Easy to install and to use. Developer is very kind and responds very fast.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is this module multishop compatible?
    Yes this module is multishop compatible.
     If a sub user place any order will that also display in all the accounts?
    Yes, the order will display in the account of all the sub-users and parent user.
     If any sub-user place an order who will get the order confirmation email?
    If admin allow the sub-users to place the order from the configuration then the sub-user will get the email notification.
     Can I activate or deactivate any user from a acount?
    The admin can activate or deactivate any customer account from the back office and the parent user can delete the sub-user account from sub-users tab.
     Can a Sub user place the order?
    In the module configuration admin can enable or disable the “allow sub users to create its order” to manage the sub users order.

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