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    Prestashop Auto-fill Address Form | Google Addresses

    Prestashop Auto-fill Address Form: Enhance the experience of your customers by providing them with the auto-fill functionality to fill the address details. However, this functionality is not only limited to the customer's end but available at the merchants i.e. Admin's end too. The features like address suggestions, auto-detection of the location & Google Maps to automatically fill the address details makes the work much easier for both admin & the customer. It will also help the customer & the merchant by removing the manual work of filling the address fields one by one.


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    Prestashop Auto-fill Address Form - Do you wish to provide a seamless shopping experience to your customer? If yes, then you are on the right page. Nowadays, due to the very volatile customer's behaviour, every merchant wants to integrate features that not only enhance customer's shopping experience but also leaves an impression on the customer to come back on the website again.

    So, keeping in mind the above scenario, we are here with this module which not only enhances the shopping experience but also saves time with its unique features.

    Important Note -

    1. Prestashop One Page Checkout module is MultiShop compatible.

    2. You can create a new Google Cloud project from

    3. And you can enable billing from

    Highlighted Features

     Auto-fill the address from

    Fill the address details automatically with the unique features of this module.

     Auto-detect the location

    Fills the address data by automatically detecting the location of the user.

     Show Address Suggestions

    Displays relevant address suggestions fetched from the Places library of JavaScript API based on the entered search text.

     Google Maps

    A user can pinpoint the location on the Map to fill the address details of that location in the form.

    Prestashop Auto-fill Address Form Features -

    • Set the default zoom level to display Google Maps.
    • Enable or disable address suggestions on the back-end as well as front-end.
    • Choose to activate or deactivate the auto-detection of location(address).
    • Show or hide the Google Maps for address selection.
    • Enable or disable the automatic filling of city name based on the location.
    • Choose to fill the state of the customer automatically on the basis of location.
    • Activate or deactivate the automatic filling of the country based on the location.
    • Enable or disable the automatic filling of zip code based on the location.
    • Automatically fill the address forms wherever available with the above functionalities.
    • Use address suggestions to fill out the address forms.
    • Make use of the auto-detect feature to fill out the current location in the form.
    • Pinpoint the location on Google Maps to fill out the address details.
    • Prestashop Auto-fill Address Form module is MultiShop Compatible.

    Advantages of the module

    In this eCommerce domain, where everything is primarily dependent on users/customers. As a merchant, you would be trying & implementing new features in order to see your customers response. Because you never know, what might attract your customer & get you sales. Therefore it’s better to fight with all the weapons that you have than to go empty-handed.

    Apart from this, it will also help to:

    • Provide seamless shopping experience to the customers
    • Save the time of customer as well as merchants
    • Automate the process of filling the address form
    • Make the checkout process faster than usual

    Auto-detect the location

    Another significant functionality of this module is its ability to detect the location automatically. To integrate this functionality of the module, we are using the Geolocation API to track the customer’s location(that too, with customer’s permission). Geolocation API upon request returns a location of the customer based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the user device can detect.

    This functionality comes in handy when a customer needs to add his/her current location to the address form. And, in this case, he/she neither needs to search the address nor pinpoint it on Google maps. The address will be filled simply by detecting the location(with the permission of the user) automatically.


    Address Suggestions & Google Maps

    In making the auto-fill functionality even better for the customer, we have also integrated the functionality of address suggestions with the help of API. Let me tell you how this works. The address suggestions functionality shows the relevant results of addresses based on the entered search text. The suggested address makes it very easy for the user to fill the address form by selecting an address out of all the available results.

    Apart from this, you also get the functionality to pinpoint the location on Google Maps. To fill the address form using google maps, you need to

    • Search the area on the map
    • After that, click on the desired location
    • Saved Google address of that place will be displayed
    • Click on the “use this address” button
    • Now, the address of the selected position on the map will be filled in the address form

    Prestashop Auto-fill Address Form Support -

    For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here:

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      Frequently Asked Questions

     Can a customer be able to manually input the address if the module is enabled?
    Yes, customer can choose to use any option to autofill address or input address manually.
     How Address suggestions are generated?
    The suggestions are shown on the basis of the characters entered by the user & the most relevant results are displayed.
     Can detect location feature work on non-mobile devices (eg: laptops, desktops)?
    Yes, it can work on non-mobile devices as well. Detect location option requests your browser geolocation API to provide location coordinates. These coordinates are generated depending on the browser and can use multiple parameters such as GPS, Wifi, IP address, etc.
     What are all functionalities that this module offers to auto-fill the address?
    Basically there are 3 functionalities in total that this module offers to automatically fill the address. Those are:
    • Auto-detect the location – This feature detects the current location of the user by making the best possible use of the device’s functionality(like GPS).
    • Address Suggestions – The JavaScript API retrieves the data from the Places library to show the best possible results based on the search.
    • Google Maps – Use Google Maps to pinpoint the location on maps. The address of that location will be filled automatically in the form.
     Are the module functionalities limited to customer’s end only?
    No, it's not, the features of the module are available at every address forms except for Manufacturers & suppliers details at admin end. Otherwise, it is available for every address from that is available at the admin & customer’s end.

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