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    Prestashop Restrict Shop Access by Country, IP and User-Agent

    Prestashop Restrict Shop Access by Country, IP and User-Agent: Are you looking for a module that helps you to restrict access of your users considering certain parameters for restriction? If yes, then this module Prestashop Restrict Shop Access would be something that you might be searching for all along. This module helps you to use certain parameters like user's browser, country & IP address to filter the users list & restrict their access to shop accordingly.


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    Prestashop Restrict Shop Access by Country, IP and User-Agent - With the regular & ongoing developments in the eCommerce business, the domain is spreading its legs almost all around the world. This in turn is also increasing the risk of unidentified threats to the website. Hence, it becomes even more important to identify such threats & take suitable remedial measures to avert the threats & safeguard the website. So, to empower you with such a tool to restrict access of your shop to some identified threats, we bring you Prestashop Restrict Shop Access by User-Agent, Country, and IP module.

    On using this module, you will observe that restricting access to the shop has become much easier. Using certain parameters like browser, country & IP addresses easily filters out certain users from accessing the website/shop. Let's see an example to understand it clearly. Say, you were looking at the past data of users accessing the website & you identify that users of some country or browsers were found to be using shady techniques to steal the data or add malware to the website. Hence, in such a case, you can easily add them to your blocking list to restrict the access of the users of the selected country using the browser/IP address.

    Highlighted Features

     Restrict Access

    Either restrict access to a whole shop or certain products.

     Customize Notifying Message

    Customize the message to notify the customer that the product is unavailable/blocked.

     Block on Various Grounds

    Block access on various grounds like browser, country & IP.

     Show/Hide Product Details Page

    Choose to show or hide the product details page of the restricted product to customers.

    Prestashop Restrict Shop Access by Country, IP and User-Agent Features -

    • Apply restriction on access only for products or the whole shop.
    • Choose to show or hide the restricted products from the shop.
    • Block products on the basis of the customer's shipping address or IP address.
    • Choose to hide products from the entire shop if the products are blocked on the basis of the customer's shipping address or IP address.
    • Enable or disable the display of the product details page.
    • Configure the message to display on the product page when the product is not available for the specific address.
    • Select single or multiple countries to block the product.
    • Choose to restrict the access on the basis of user agents(browsers).
    • Add multiple user agents(browsers) according to their versions to block their users.
    • Also, choose to restrict access via certain user agents(browsers) for their specific version or all versions.
    • Add multiple IP addresses to block the product.
    • Show an alert message to the customer on the product page.
    • Customers will be able to know the availability of the product in their country.

    Restrict Access on Various Criterias

    There are various instances on which you might think of creating your site inaccesible for some users. Say, your website serves customers of all over the world. While auditing the website, you observe a trend of scamsters/spammers creating unnecessary traffic from some particular country/IP/user agents(i.e. browsers). This result will automatically force you to take action in this regard. And, you will probably look for tools to restrict the access of such users. In that case, this module will be something that can easily provide you with all the options that you might need.

    • By User Agents(i.e. Browsers): In case, if you are noticing unnecessary amount of traffic coming from some particular browsers. Then, you can easily restricts the access of your shop for such browsers. While restricting the access via particular browser, you can also choose the versions for which you are restricting the access.
    • By Country: On identifying the spammers coming from some certain country, you can now choose to block their users. However, this option can only be benficial to use if you don’t provide services to the users of that country. Because, if you just consider the spammers traffic to block a particular country user, then you will be blocking the genuine users too. Hence, to block the spammers, its advisable to block them via IP or at most browsers.
    • By IP: There is another option too to block the users from accesing the shop by IP. This module helps you to add multiple IP’s whom you want to blacklist or restrict access for them.

    Restrict Whole Shop/Product

    The new version of the module also offers you to restrict the whole shop if you want. However, the functionality of blocking the access to product existed always. But now, you can also restrict the access to whole shop i.e. a user won’t be able to view anything on the shop. In case, if he tries to click on any button/tab, a message will show each time to notify the user. Apart from this, you can also

    • Choose to customize the message to customer when restriction applies on whole shop.
    • Choose whether you want to show this message on the website itself or in the popup.
    • Select how you want to get the country of the user accessing the website i.e. whether it will be via IP address or delivery address.

    Prestashop Restrict Shop Access by Country, IP and User-Agent Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    Rating 4.5
    based on 4 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Product does what it promises

    Posted On - November 5, 2020

    Product does what it promises (after some configuration from seller, which he promptly carried out). Recommended if you sell in multiple countries, but certain large, bulky or country specific products can't be shipped abroad. Feature request: It sorely lacks the feature to translate the "not available in your country feature" which would probably take a short time to implement by the developer.

    I would recommend this product.

    Posted On - October 23, 2020

    Very good module.


    Posted On - April 17, 2020


    Module works like a charm

    Posted On - January 10, 2020

    We ordered this module so that we could offer the right products to our international customers. the module works like a charm. had some issues concerning Ip addresses, but after a quick contact with support it was solved within a few hours. Great module and absolutley great and fast support. i would recommend this developer!

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