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      PrestaShop, 1.6.x.x​, 1.7.x.x​

      Prestashop Bundle Product

      Prestashop Bundle Product: The module adds the feature of creating bundle product on the store. Improve your sales by offering bundle product at a rate lesser than the regular price of products added in bundle. Now, easily create custom bundle product where customers can customize the products they wish to buy in the bundle. 


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      Prestashop Bundle Product - Prestashop bundle product allows store owners to create bundle product by combining two or more than two products. Provide a bundle product at discounted rate to increase sales. It also allows store owners to create normal bundle product & custom bundle product. Custom bundle product allows customers to customize their bundle whereas that functionality is absent in normal bundle product.

      Prestashop Bundle Product Features -

      • Add minimum of two products to create a bundle.
      • Choose to create a custom or a normal bundle product.
      • Set the quantity of the sub-products of bundle.
      • Enable or disable advanced feature of the bundle product.
      • Select list view or grid view for the sub-products of bundle.
      • Choose to update the quantity of the sub-products of bundle.
      • Choose to decrease the quantity of sub-products of bundle.
      • Create various sections under a bundle product.
      • Enable or disable sections of the bundle product.
      • Set selection of products from sections as necessary or optional.
      • Choose to add multiple products in a bundle in one go.
      • Allow customers to choose the quantity of the sub-products of bundle.
      • Set quantity-wise discount for the sub-products of a section.
      • Allow global discount on the bundle product.
      • Set section-wise discount on the bundle product.
      • Set the specific price of the bundle product.
      • Choose to apply tax on the bundle product.
      • Choose to apply tax on sub-products of bundle individually.
      • Send order confirmation email to the customer with details of sub-products of bundle.
      • Create a normal bundle product by adding one product in each section.
      • View details of sub-products of bundle on invoice & delivery slip too.
      • Promote selling of bundle product by displaying the info of bundle product on the product page.
      • Details of sub-products of bundle is also available on order confirmation, order details & admin order details page.

      Additional Information

      1. To add a product in the bundle, There are some Very Important Mandates :

      • The Product To be added in the Bundle should be a Standard Product.
      • The Product To be added in the Bundle should not have Quantity as Zero.
      • The Product To be added in the Bundle should be Active.

      2. Only Standard Products can be added in the Bundle. Pack Products OR Virtual Products Cannot be added in the BUNDLE.

      Types of Bundle Product

      With this major update, the module now offers store owners to create two types of bundle product. The purpose of providing such functionality is only to overcome the difficulty faced by almost every customer while buying a bundle product.

      Generally, bundle product is available with the products set by store admins. In such case, customers have to buy all the products available in the bundle even though if they don’t need to buy those products. Hence, we are offering store admins to create two types of bundle product.

      • Custom Bundle Product: In this type of bundle product, customer has an option to choose products which he/she may want to buy. In another word, customer’s can customize their bundle by selecting products from available sections of bundle product.
      • Normal Bundle Product: This bundle product contains two or more than two products either with their combinations or without their combinations. Here, customer needs to buy all the products added in bundle. He can not choose to buy some of the products from bundle.

      Quanity-wise Discount

      Now, you can also offer certain discounts to customers on the basis of the quantity they purchase. The strategy might help in increasing sales of products. As, discounts are something that attracts every individual & it often helps in increasing sales.

      The discount is applied on the basis of quantity. Let’s say if admin has set discount for 1 to 5 quantity as 20% & discount for more than 5 quantity as 30%. In this case, if a customer tries to buy less than 5 quantity of the product then they will get a discount of 20%. if they try to buy quantity greater than 5 then they will get discount of 30%.


      Prestashop Bundle Product Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 4.9
      based on 16 reviews

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      soutien à la clientèle incroyable

      Posted On - January 21, 2021

      J'ai eu quelques soucis de compatibilité avec un autre module que j'avais déjà installé... toutes fois le customer service de Bunddle m'a bien aidé et a pris en compte ma demande très rapidement, me permettant d'offrir un nouveau service personnalisé à mes clients. Merci à eux !

      Good Job

      Posted On - December 29, 2020

      Great module. Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for the support team - they did for us customisation.

      Great module

      Posted On - December 21, 2020

      Thanks! great module and the support team is a great help if ever you have an issue.

      Excellent module

      Posted On - December 1, 2020

      Excellent module et le support technique est très compétent, très réactif et très sympathique. Je recommande !

      Best support

      Posted On - October 29, 2020

      Best support in Presta Developers I could ever seen, they fixed everything really very fast to work this module well to our custom prestashop theme

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