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    Prestashop Guest Login

    Prestashop Guest Login: Offer your guest users to create an account on the shop. This module helps you to provide an option of creating an account to the guest users at the order confirmation page. In turn, this allows you to increase your customer base & ultimately sales of your shop.


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    Prestashop Guest Login - Customers are an integral part of any business or say they are the building blocks of it. These customers not only provide you sales but also do promotional marketing of your products/services. Let me tell you how.

    As the following situation is true with most of us, it'll be a lot easier to understand the core meaning of the previous sentence. Consider a buyer looking for several products to buy & crawling through multiple sites offering them. As a buyer, we also search for possibilities where we can get a better deal/service. After spending some time over several eCommerce sites, the buyer manages to find all the products but not on a single site. Instead, he/she finds a better deal for all the desired products on multiple websites.

    Now, in this case, a customer generally tends to go through the guest checkout process to save time & buy the products without losing any deals that are being offered on the products. So, here what you can do as a merchant is, let the user go through the guest checkout process so that he/she doesn't abandon the cart due to the necessity of customer registration. And at last, you can also offer them to get registered on the shop with the help of Prestashop Guest Login to enjoy similar deals on their future purchases. This way, you don't even loose sales & in the process add a new customer for your shop.

    Highlighted Features

     Offer Account Creation

    Provide an option to create an account at order confirmation page to the guest users.

     Increase Customer Base

    Increase your customer base by getting more & more guest users registered on the store.

     Select Button Position

    Choose to show the guest login button at the centre, left or right of the page.

     Send Registration Link

    Send a mail with the password reset link to your guest users for their registration on the shop.

    Prestashop Guest Login Features -

    • Offer your guest users to create a customer account.
    • Choose to enable or disable the module.
    • Provide a button for the process of creating a customer account at the order confirmation page.
    • Select a colour for the guest login button.
    • Select the position of the guest login button to show on the order confirmation page.
    • Customize the text to show to the customer after the email is sent to set the password.

    What does the module offer?

    The module offers a very simple & straightforward solution for getting maximum registrations from the guest users. A dedicated button provided to let the guest users proceed to create an account. This way, it doesn't even hinder the purchasing process of guest & allows merchants to offer registration option to that user. But, do remember that offering registration only would not suffice the work. You’ll also need to highlight the benefits that you specifically offer to your customers. To highlight certain customer's benefits of your shop, you can also use this module. This will encourage your guest users to go for customer registration.

    To make it clear, here is the process of guest user registration on the store.

    • A guest user proceeds to buy the product with the guest checkout option.
    • After making the payment, he/she lands on the order confirmation page.
    • On this page, there is a button to proceed for the customer registration.
    • Clicking the button, the user receives a mail with a link to set the password for the account.
    • Following the link, the user lands on the page where he/she can set the password of the account.
    • After saving the password, the user will be successfully logged into the account.
    • And, a customer account will also be created for that guest user.

    Email notifications

    The module also sends email notification to the guest users on various events. Firstly, the email is sent to the guest user when he/she decides to proceed to register as customer on the shop. Additionally, an another confirmation mail is also sent to the customer when he/she successfully sets the password for the account.


    Prestashop Guest Login Support -

    For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here:

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    Posted On - January 15, 2021


      Frequently Asked Questions

     Where can a guest user get the option to register for an account?
    A guest user can proceed to register himself/herself on the shop from the order confirmation page.
     How can a guest user set the password if he/she decides for customer registration?
    The guest user receives a mail with a link which redirects him/her to the page where he/she can set the password for the account.
     How can a customer login on the shop after saving the password for an account?
    He/she can log in to the shop with the same credentials.(i.e. email/password)

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