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    Prestashop Image Search

    Prestashop Image Search Boost engagement and conversions by offering advanced ways for customers to search the products in your Prestashop store. Make product search easier and faster by allowing customers to search with images.

    • Let customers search for products simply by uploading an image.

    • Through machine learning, the module recognizes the image uploaded by the customer and displays related keywords.

    • On clicking the keywords, related search results get displayed.

    • Improves customers' online shopping experience.

    Note: Prestashop Image Search module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x

    This module is MultiShop compatible.

    Prestashop Image Search Prestashop Image Search Prestashop Image Search Prestashop Image Search Prestashop Image Search
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    Prestashop Image Search - There is an old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words". Human beings are visual by nature. The human brain processes image thousands of times faster than text.

    Visuals are extremely important when it comes to identify the products and make a purchase decision. It makes the searching process easier for customers who are unable to search products using text.

    Considering the fact the search with visuals is quicker, many e-Commerce retailers are incorporating this feature into their websites to improve the customer experience.

    With Prestashop Image Search, customers can quickly and interactively find the products they are looking for just by uploading an image.

    Prestashop Marketplace Order Refund


    • For image search, we have used the ml5API.
    • ” Please before buying once check the tags (keywords) generated in the image search by your site product image on our demo, as we are searching the most commonly available images with the data of 15 million images only. Results are based on those Images only, not on the basis of your product images, So Test demo with your images to make sure it is working for you or not”.
    • The tags (Keywords) generated from images are passed to the PrestaShop product search and products are searched on the basis of product name, reference, tags, detail, description, etc. If any criteria match, the results will display.

    Highlighted Features

     Search Via Image

    Provide customers with the ability to search the products using their images.

     Machine Learning Feature

    Machine learning detects the image uploaded by a customer and displays the related search results.

    Module Workflow

    Transform you E-Commerce store into an Intelligent store, using our Prestashop Image Search Module.

    • After the installation of the module, a camera icon gets added to the search bar.
    • The customers can upload the desired image to search for the related products by clicking on this icon.
    • When a customer uploads an image, it gets detected through machine learning and the keywords related to the image gets displayed below the image.
    • When a customer clicks on the keyword, the results(products) related to that keyword gets displayed.

    Product Search Simplified

    Simplifying product search on your store is one of the best things you can do to enhance the customer experience. Today, customers expect convenient ways to search for products online. Browsing through hundreds of products in an online store can be a challenging task for the customer. Prestashop Image Search enables the customers to upload an image to find visually similar products.

    Prestashop Image Search Features -

    • Enables customers to search the product by uploading an image.
    • Customers can click on the keyword generated by the image upload to find visually similar items.
    • Translate the keywords that are generated on the store by image upload as per the selected language.
    • Option to enable or disable the automatic search of images with all tags on image upload.
    • Enable the search through Serp API using Google Lens.
    • Saves time and better the search experience for the customers.

    Prestashop Image Search Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version4.2.0
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 10, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
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