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    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer

    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer allows the customers to request sellers' products in bulk. Buyers can communicate with the sellers via a messaging system and negotiate for better prices.

    • Receive bulk purchase quotations from B2B customers.

    • Sellers can accept or reject the customers offer requests.

    • Customers can view the status of their created offer requests right from their accounts.

    • MultiShop compatible.

    Note: PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x


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    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer - When your store is converted into a marketplace, then there arise a need for buyer to communicate to different sellers if  buyer wants to purchase the product in bulk. The module fits into this requirement and provides a platform where the buyer can create a offer request for purchasing any item in bulk.


      • This module is an add-on to a marketplace module. To use this module, you must install PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.
      • PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer module is MultiShop Compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.4.0/3.4.0 and above.
    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer

    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer Features -

    • Buyer can send the request to buy the products in bulk.
    • Seller can easily view the customers offer requests from the front-end.
    • Seller can easily sent the quote to the buyer.
    • The buyer will have the opportunity to negotiate with the seller.
    • If the seller and the buyer has agreed upon, then the seller can easily create a voucher for the buyer.
    • The buyer can use the voucher and can avail the benefits.
    • Select whether wholesaler request will be auto approved or not.
    • Option to select whether admin can approve offer request or not.
    • Option to select whether customer can apply offer at once only.
    • The admin can view the conversation between the buyer and the seller at any point.
    • Module translations available in these languages – Arabic(ar), German(de), Spanish(es), Italian(It), Japanese(ja), Dutch(nl), Russian(ru), French(fr), Portuguese(pt).

    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer Use Case -

    • Since the Marketplace Make an Offer module is an add on for the Marketplace module. So, the Marketplace module must be installed.
    • After the installation, two new menu will get added under the marketplace account.
    • The buyer will have the "Make an Offer" button on the product detail page.
    • From here, the buyer can place the offer request. Buyer needs to specify the price, quantity and the description.
    • The request is sent to the seller and the seller respond with the quote.
    • If the buyer wants, can negotiate. Then the seller can send the revised quotation.
    • The admin has all the rights to view the conversation at any point of time
    • When the buyer and seller agrees upon the quotation, then the seller can create a voucher for the respective buyer.

    This way admin can let the buyers place a offer request.

    How Marketplace Make an Offer is helpful for you?

    • Buyer can easily send offer request to the seller along with the quantity and price.
    • Helps to increase bulk sales, which leads to high turnover.
    • Helpful for whole sellers as they are more into bulk sales.
    • Provides an inbuilt conversation system for seller and buyer chat, so they can easily converse with each other.
    • Helps to increase bulk orders at your site.
    • Seller can generate vouchers for bulk sale when seller and customer both agree at the same cost
    • Customers can avail discounts as they can negotiate with the sellers.
    • Admin has full access to the conversation that takes place between seller and buyer.
    • Helps to increase sales conversions rate.

    In-built conversation system -

    • This module comes with an amazing functionality where seller and buyer can converse with each other promptly and efficiently.
    • Buyer can view the conversation made by seller in “My Offer Request” tab.
    • Admin can also view conversation done between buyer and seller.
    • Through this functionality, the buyer can create offer requests effectively and efficiently and can further negotiate with the seller.
    • There is a proper record of the conversations that have taken place between seller and customer.

    Voucher creation -

    • When the seller “Accept” the offer request, a pop-up form will appear in order to create a voucher.
    • Seller can now create a voucher for the amount on which the deal has been fixed with the buyer.
    • Once the voucher has been created, it will be available to the buyers in their “Vouchers” sections in their account that can be easily used by the customer.

    PrestaShop Marketplace Make an Offer Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version5.1.1
    Released9 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 9, 2023 (8 months ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.6.x.x​  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
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