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    Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product

    Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product: Allow sellers to create bundle products and increase their average order value on the store. Let your customers buy related products from a single page. Encourage customers to buy products in bundles by offering them a discount.

    • Create bundle products by adding various sections.

    • Add multiple related products to create sections.

    • Set global or section wise discount on bundle product.

    • Offer quantity-wise discounts to customers.

    • MultiShop Compatible.

    Note: Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x


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    Product bundling refers to a strategy of offering several products for sale as one combined product. It can effectively increase sales overtime.

    Our Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product module helps sellers to offer several products for sale as a combined product on their store. Seller can use multiple discount application techniques on the bundle product to increase the sale of products giving a kick-start to their business.

    Note : This module is an add-on of marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install  Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Additional Information

    1. To add a product in the bundle, There are some Very Important Mandates :

    • The Product To be added in the Bundle should be a Standard/Virtual Product.
    • The Product To be added in the Bundle should not have Quantity as Zero.
    • The Product To be added in the Bundle should be Active.

    2. Only standard and virtual Products can be added in the Bundle. Pack Products Products Cannot be added in the BUNDLE.

    Highlighted Features

     Bundle View Types

    Display the sub-products of a bundle in a slider or grid view.

     Minimum and Maximum Quantities

    Set the minimum and maximum quantities that customers can buy of sub-products in a bundle.

     Split bundle product on order

    Display all the sub-products ordered from a bundle separately in the order details page.

     Manual and Bulk Selection

    Add products in a bundle one by one manually or multiple products at once.

     Customize bundle sections

    Customize the appearance of sections by setting the section header background and text color.

    Creating Bundle Products

    Post-installation, a new product type bundle product gets available in the add/update product page for the sellers. Sellers can select the product type and create various sections by adding related products. Add products to the section one by one manually or select a category or sub-category to add its product to the bundle.

    Sellers can make the selection of products from the section required and allow the customers to choose the quantity of sub-products. Manage all the sections of a bundle product from a single tab. Enable, disable, edit or delete them.

    Quantity Wise Discount

    Offering discounts is one of the best ways to attract customers and increase conversions. Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product extension allows the customers to set discounts for the sub-products of the bundle based on the quantity ranges. Buy 1 to 5 quantities, get 10% discount. Also, the sellers can set out of range discount that means the customers will get additional discount if they buy more than the set range.

    Bundle Discount Types

    The extension lets sellers set the discounts on the bundle in the following ways:

    • Global Discount: Set the discount that will be applicable on all the sub-products in the sections of a bundle.
    • Section Wise Discount: Configure specific discount rate for each section of a bundle.
    • Bundle Specific Price: Set the fixed price of a bundle that customers have to pay irrespective of the products selected in a bundle.

    Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product Features -

    • Allow sellers to create a bundle product.
    • Sellers can create various sections under a bundle product.
    • Let customers select multiple products from the same section.
    • Sellers can add same products in different sections of bundle.
    • Make the selection of products from the section required or not.
    • Update the quantity of the sub-products of bundle.
    • Sellers can set minimum and maximum quantity a customer can buy from the section.
    • Sellers can allow customers to choose quantity of sub-products of the bundle.
    • Set quantity-wise discount for the sub-products of a section.
    • Set global discount on the bundle product.
    • Configure section-wise discount on the bundle product.
    • Also, the sellers can set specific price of the bundle product.
    • Enable or disable advanced feature of the bundle product.
    • Enable or disable the application of customer group discount on bundle price.
    • Hide/Show bundle products section for a fixed bundle.
    • Allow “fly to section” effect when sub-products of a bundle are chosen.
    • Swipe feature to view sub-products on mobile devices.
    • Select slider view or grid view for the sub-products of bundle.
    • Choose to show bundle sub-products on cart popup and checkout page.
    • Decrease the quantity of bundle sub-products with decrease in bundle product quantity.
    • Sellers can enable, disable, edit, or delete the bundle sections.
    • The admin can add bundle products on behalf of the sellers.
    • Customers can view sub-products ordered from bundle on the order details page.
    • Manage section header background and text color.
    • Set slider icon header background and text color.

    Prestashop Marketplace Bundle Product Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version6.0.1
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 10, 2024 (5 days ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
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      Frequently Asked Questions

     Is it multi-shop compatible?
    Yes, the module is compatible with the PS Multi store functionality.
     Can we choose different combinations of a product inside a Bundle ?
    Yes, customers can choose different combinations of a product which is inside the bundle.
     Only sellers can create bundle products ?
    Both Admin and Seller can create bundle products. Admin can create a bundle product on behalf of a seller from back office.
     The bundle can have only fixed products defined by admin or customers can choose their own products ?
    Admin/Sellers can create a bundle with fixed products only. Customers can purchase the bundle with products which have been added in the bundle. They cannot choose their own products.
     Can the bundle be offered at a discounted price ?
    Yes, both admin and seller can list the bundle product with discounted price.
     Can the bundle have products from multiple sellers ?
    No, sellers can only add their own products in the bundle. Bundle cannot have products from multiple sellers.

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