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      PrestaShop, 1.6.x.x​, 1.7.x.x​

      Prestashop Multi UOM Product Sale | Sale by Weight | Sale by Length

      Prestashop Multi UOM product Sale : Prestashop multi UOM module helps you to add measuring units of weight, area, length & volume to the products. Quantity with measuring units on product page will help customers buy the exact quantity they need.


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      Prestashop Multi UOM product Sale : The module helps you to define measurement units of weight, length, area, volume & their corresponding equivalent values in lower units. Add these units with products to clearly outline the quantity of the product in their widely used measuring units. To maintain the stocks, define the quantity(with measuring unit) of the product equivalent to 1 default quantity of Prestashop.

      Prestashop Multi UOM product Sale Features -

      • Admin can add measurement units with the products.
      • Set the equivalent quantity of the product in the selected measurement unit with a default quantity of Prestashop. (Like 1 quantity = 100g/1000ml/10cm etc.)
      • Define measurement units of weight, length, area & volume in the module configuration.
      • Define higher units of measurement of weight, length, area & volume in their equivalent lower units of measurement.
      • Enable the unit of measurement for the product from the ‘Edit product’ page.
      • Select measurement units for each product from the ‘Edit product’ page.
      • Set the weight of product in kg, mg, gram, tonne etc.
      • Add measurable units of volume like litre, millilitre etc to the product.
      • Units of length like metre, centimetre, inch etc can also be assigned to the products.
      • Size of products like floor carpets, window glass, yoga mats etc can be defined in terms of their area.
      • Assign area of products in sq m, sq cm, sq mm etc.
      • Display selected unit of measurement for the product alongside quantity.
      • Provide discounts to customers on buying a certain quantity of product with ‘price offer’.
      • Choose to add ‘Impact Price’ of each combination of the product in ‘price offer’ of the product.
      • Module translation is available in following languages: French (fr), Arabic(ar), Spanish(es), German(de), Italian(It), Russian(ru), Japanese(ja), Dutch(nl), Bulgarian (bg), Portuguese (pt).

      Price Offer Feature -

      • This feature in the module has been specifically provided for the admins to manage discount on the product.
      • Set certain amount of product at a discounted price from its regular price.
      • It helps admin to provide discounts to the customers who generally buy products in bulk.
      • The price offer can lure customers in buying more quantity of the product in anticipation of getting discount.

      Measurement Unit of Weight

      We have provided to add multiple measuring unit of weight in the module. Also, define these units in gram equivalent. As measuring units of weight vary all across the world. Hence, Add units of weight which are widely used in your region & also define these units in gram equivalent to have a standard conversion of these units.

      • Select the type of measurement as ‘weight’ while adding product at back-end.
      • Select the units of weight defined by you to allow customers to buy the products in those measuring units.
      • Define the quantity of the selected measuring unit equivalent to 1 default quantity of Prestashop to manage stocks effectively.

      Measurement Unit of Length

      The module also helps you to define various units of length. Customizable fields make it easier to define the standard & local units as well. Define all your units of measurements used for measuring the length & their equivalent value in centimetre to have standard conversion across the regions.

      • Beneficial for selling products like clothes, log of woods etc.
      • Electrical wires, climbing ropes can also be sold by their length.

      Measurement Unit of Area

      Add multiple units which are usually used to signify area for 2-D figure. Define commonly used units of the area like sq m or sq km in their sq cm equivalent.

      • Select the type of measurement as ‘Area’ while adding the product at back-end.
      • Area of the product will also help the customer to assess the space that he/she might need to use the product.
      • Size of products like carpet, area, bedsheets curtains can be defined by their area.

      Measurement Unit of Volume

      Measurement units of volume can also be added with the help of the module. Add multiple units of volume and also define these quantities equivalent to ml.

      • To add units of volume with the products, select ‘volume’ while adding the product at back-end.
      • Quantities of products like oil, juice, lubricants can be specified in litre, mililitre etc.


      By default, the module will not be compatible with any 3rd party module.

      Prestashop Multi UOM product Sale Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 4.9
      based on 7 reviews

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      Module simple & efficace

      Posted On - January 15, 2021

      Module simple & efficace, et développeur hyper réactif !

      Great module - Great support !

      Posted On - November 18, 2020

      Great module - Great support !

      Very easy to learn and very effective module.

      Posted On - September 15, 2020

      Thanks to the developer. Very responsive and very competent support. I highly recommend the "webkul" mudules. Mehdi

      très réactifs

      Posted On - June 12, 2020

      Bon produits avec des rajustements fait avec le développeurs

      Super module

      Posted On - May 19, 2020

      Super module. Petit problème d'installation mais support très réactif.

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