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    Prestashop Product Pictogram

    Prestashop Product Pictogram: Highlight features of your product with the help of pictograms. The module helps you to add a pictogram for each feature added on your store's backend. It will help you to show a pictogram for each unique feature of the product so that it quickly grabs the attention of a customer whenever they land on your product page. Pictograms are a great way to represent the data & also helpful in breaking the sizeable synonymous text into smaller image blocks to convey the intended information more precisely.

    Note: Prestashop Product Pictogram module is compatible with PrestaShop framework version 8.x.x.

    Module is MultiShop Compatible

    Prestashop Product Pictogram Prestashop Product Pictogram Prestashop Product Pictogram Prestashop Product Pictogram Prestashop Product Pictogram Prestashop Product Pictogram Prestashop Product Pictogram
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    Prestashop Product Pictogram:  There is a very popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. It means a picture can convey the intended information so clearly that a thousand words might not. And, yes it's very true & applicable to our day to day lives as well.

    Consider yourself walking on a street where you happen to see a large advertisement of a brand having multiple illustrations in it. You only had a look over it, but you & I can very well agree that we get the info very clearly. Had it been the texts all over the Ad, we might not have taken an effort to read it. Hence, it is clearly proven by taking the real-life example too that a picture catches the attention & has a more prolonged effect on the mind of customers.

    While keeping in mind of all the above, we are here with Prestashop Product Pictogram Module. It will help you to highlight the unique features of your product through pictures on the product page. These pictures can convey the info to the customers upon landing the product page only. A customer need not to crawl through various sections to learn more about the product. It also makes the work easy for the customers as the pictograms will help the customers to decide quickly on the basis of features highlighted via pictograms.


    Prestashop Product Pictogram module is MultiShop Compatible.

    Prestashop Product Pictogram

    Highlighted Features

     Show Pictograms

    Display pictures for the features of the product instead of text.

     Enlarge image on hover

    Show enlarged pictogram on hovering the cursor over it.

     Customize appearance

    Customize the appearance with border colour, border width & radius of the circle in which pictogram is shown.

     Grab attention

    Pictorial representation of features easily grabs the attention of customers.

    Prestashop Product Pictogram Features -

    • Show pictogram for various features of the product.
    • Add pictogram icon for all the feature values.
    • Choose to enable or disable the module.
    • Enable the image fill option to fit the image fully inside the circle.
    • Provide image enlarge option on hovering the cursor over it.
    • Select the border colour of the pictogram circle.
    • Set the border radius & width of the pictogram circle.

    Unique features of the module

    As you know, there is continuous development happening in the eCommerce world to provide the best experience to the customers. It will be very much right to say that the eCommerce has come a long way since its inception.

    For any business to survive & thrive in the longer run, it has to make adjustments as per the current market demands. Customers being the sole deciding factor in the eCommerce domain, it has become even necessary to be attuned to the new developments. As per the famous 2.5 seconds rule, for any online eCommerce site, it has only 2.5 seconds from the time a customer lands on the website. In these 2.5 seconds only, a merchant can make or break the case for its potential customer. Thus, it becomes even more essential to present the info, product in a way that encourages customers to make a purchase.

    While having all the points in mind, we are here with yet another module to increase the functionality of your product page. The module is none other than Prestashop Product Pictogram. It will help you with the following things:

    • It helps to enhance the functionality of your product page.
    • Helps you to highlight the crucial features of the product via Pictograms.
    • Pictograms grab the attention of the customers quickly than the text.
    • Allows you to represent the intended information precisely in much lesser space.
    • Pictograms convey the meaning quickly because of their resemblance to real-life objects.

    Removes the language barrier

    As per the definition, Pictograms are the pictorial representation of the objects/information etc. Which means that a pictogram does not require any text to convey the required information. Hence, when a pictogram only consists of the picture only then these pictures will be one that is universally identifiable. Moreover, they need not be changed according to demography or territory.

    As they are universally identifiable, the customers from various regions with different native languages can easily get the information only by having a look at the picture. So, it even removes the necessity to translate each & every product feature into multiple languages. Summing up the above in lucid points;

    • Helps people with different native languages to understand the feature of the product with pictograms.
    • Helps the customers of different origins in making the purchasing decision easily & quickly.

    Prestashop Product Pictogram Support -

    For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here:

    You may also check our other top-quality PrestaShop Module.


    Product Version4.0.2
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 19, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

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    Posted On - December 22, 2020


      Frequently Asked Questions

     Does this module shows image preview on upload?
    Yes, you can view the preview of the image under feature value settings after uploading it.
     How to upload image for the pictograms?
    While adding/editing any feature value, you will find a new option on that page to add an image for that specific value.
     Where can a customer see the product pictogram?
    A customer can view the pictogram for each feature of the product on the product page itself.
     Can I customize the view of pictogram?
    Yes, you can! There are multiple options under the configuration settings to customize the look of pictograms.

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