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    PrestaShop Product Wishlist

    Prestashop Product Wishlist : Prestashop Product Wishlist module allows shoppers to add products in a customized list. It helps customers to save the products in a list that they want to buy in near future. They can even update the list by adding or deleting the products from wishlist at regular intervals.

    PrestaShop Product Wishlist module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x

    This module is MultiShop Compatible.

    PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist PrestaShop Product Wishlist
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    Prestashop Product Wishlist - Prestashop Product Wishlist feature allows customers to add their favourite products in their wishlist. User's can save any particular item in their wishlist which they may buy later from the store.

    A customer can create multiple wishlists and can even add various products to them. Customer's can also add multiple products to wishlist or delete them from wishlist. The products can also be moved from one wishlist to another helping them to prioritize order of purchase for different products added in multiple wishlists.

    Note: The module is multi-store compatible.

    Prestashop Marketplace Order Refund

    Prestashop Product Wishlist Features -

    • Admin can enable/disable the addition of products to wishlist by customer.
    • Admin can choose the position of wishlist icon on products list.
    • Admin can enable/disable the creation of default wishlist for customers.
    • Admin can send email to customers about their products which they added in wishlist.
    • Customer can create their own wishlist.
    • Customer can move products from one wishlist to another wishlist.
    • Customer can even add products to wishlist from their cart & cart will be accordingly updated.
    • Customer can increase/decrease the quantity of product added in wishlist.

    Why Wishlist is important feature in eCommerce Stores?

    As the owner of your eCommerce store, you should try to add all the possible eCommerce features for your shoppers. For customers, a wishlist creates an opportunity to save item “for later” if they can’t commit to a purchase at that moment and discover them rapidly at whatever point they come back to your store.
    It’s likewise similar to giving customers a chance to window-shop on the store to later stimulate their desire to buy with the displayed products.


    Out of stock? No problem!

    Many times there comes a situation when a customer wants to buy any product but find that the product is currently out of stock. He gets disappointed. And I am sure, that nobody wants to make their customers disappointed. So, this wishlist option allows shoppers to wish-list the out of stock product so they can easily track the item's status.
    There is also one more benefit that the customer need not browse the complete website for that product again because the product is already added in their wishlist.


    Wondering how having a wish list helps your business? Here are five reasons.

    • Save your shoppers time and effort.
    • Build Loyalty and Retention.
    • Increased Sales.
    • High Quality customer service.
    • Lead generation and customer identification.

    Customer Interface

    • Customer can see the wishlist icon on the products.
    • Customer can wishlist a product from the Product list page and from the product page.
    • Customer can add product to any wishlist he has created.

    Allow Multiple Wishlists

    Separate wishlists helps customers in managing and organizing the desired products to fasten the purchase process.

    • Customer can create as many wish-lists as he want.
    • Customer can view how many quantities of product are available in a particular wishlist.
    • Customer can view the number of times he has seen a particular wishlist.
    • Customer can view the Wishlist created date.
    • Customer can move/transfer products from one wish-list to another.

    Notification email

    This module helps admin know that which all products are added to wishlist by different customers. Admin can even send an email to the customers reminding them of the items they have already added in the wishlist and desire to buy.


    View Every Customers’ Wishlist Separately

    Allows admin to view the wishlist all the customers separately.All that needs to be done by the admin is:

    • Select the customer from the list of customers.
    • Select the wishlist (in case the customer has created more than wish-list).
    • View the products that customers has added in the selected wish-list.
    • Send email to the customer about the particular products that he added in the wishlist, separately.

    Prestashop Product Wishlist Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Rating 5.0
    based on 4 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    I recommend Webkul for their responsiveness and professionalism

    Posted On - June 21, 2022

    I recommend Webkul for their responsiveness and professionalism. They are always listening and very competent.


    Posted On - October 9, 2020

    Very good support. Fast reply

    Muy contento con el trato y el modulo funciona bien

    Posted On - June 17, 2020

    uve algunos problemas con mi diseño, ya que no se adapto bien por mi plantilla, pero me puse en contacto con ellos y en muy poco tiempo me lo solucionaron y en mi caso particular habían bastante cosas que retocar. así que estoy contento y satisfecho con el resultado.


    Posted On - May 29, 2020


    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does a product permanently add to a customer’s wish list?
    Yes, the product will add permanently to the customer’s wishlist until the customer deletes the product from his wishlist or the admin disables the product from the store.
     Can a customer make multiple wishlists?
    Yes, customers can make multiple wishlists as much as they wish.
     Can a customer add an out-of-stock product to his wishlist?
    Yes, a customer can add out-of-stock products to their wishlist to track the availability of the product.
     Can an admin change the position of the wishlist icon on the product list?
    Yes, the admin can change the position of the wishlist icon on the product list.
     Can an admin send the notification to their customers when they add a product to their wishlist?
    Yes, admins can send the notification to their customers about the products which they added to the wishlist.
     Can an admin check the wishlist products of his customers?
    Yes, the admin can check the wishlist product of his customers to check the demand of a product and also send the email notification for that particular product to all the customers.

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