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    Prestashop Reward System

    Prestashop Reward System is a powerful tool that helps build customer loyalty, increase conversions, attract new customers, and retain the existing ones. Encourage repeat purchases and improve customers' satisfaction by implementing an effective reward program.

    • Acquire new customers by giving reward points for sign up.

    • Customers can earn reward point for order placements.

    • Bring back the inactive customers by rewarding them with points.

    • Reward customers for referring friends to the store.

    • Reward points to customers for orders placed by referrals.

    • Inform customers about reward points expiration date.

    • Give reward points to customers on their birthdays.

    • Allow users to keep track of reward points history.

    • Accurate statistics to analyze the performance of your reward program.

    Note: Prestashop Reward System module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.


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    Prestashop Reward System - Prestashop Rewards System module allows admin to reward the customers with points. The admin can allocate reward points to the customers based on their purchases (order wise/product wise/category wise/manufacturer wise) or activities like registering on the website or sharing orders on Facebook. Customers can also earn the reward points by referring the website to their friends through email.


    Prestashop Reward System module is MultiShop Compatible.

    Highlighted Features

     Order Reward Points

    Allocate reward points to customers based on their purchases.

     Configure Order Status

    Select order status for assigning the reward points to customers.

     Reward Points Expiry Popup

    Create a sense of urgency among customers to purchase by showing them reward points expiry notifications.

     Redeem Reward Points

    Customers can redeem their reward points during checkout.

     Reward for referring friends

    Customers can earn reward points for referral registration and orders.

     Order Share Reward

    Reward customers with points for sharing orders on Facebook.

     Email Notifications

    Send email notifications to customers for reward points balance, expiration, etc.

    Registration Reward

    Convert your onsite visitors into customers by giving them reward points for registering on the store. Grab the users' attention as soon as they land on your site by showing them a registration reward popup. Motivate customers to create their profiles by displaying the benefit of signing up on your website.


    Order Reward

    Turn first-time shoppers into loyal customers. Providing your customers with reward points every time they place an order will keep them coming back and make more purchases. The more orders they place on your store, the more reward points they can earn and use them for getting discounts on future purchases.


    Highlight Reward Points

    Show the number of reward points the customers will receive upon making the purchase in advertising messages. You can choose to display the advertising block on the product, category, and cart pages. Also, change the look and feel of the advertisement block by setting its image and theme color.


    Referral Reward

    Referral program is one of the best tools to grow and promote your online business. Assign reward points to the existing customers for referring friends and family to the store. This will encourage them to bring new customers to the site. Also, the customers will receive reward points for the orders placed by the referrals on the site. Customers can invite referrals to the store through various ways:

      • Share the referral code or email.
      • Share the referral link.
      • Mail sponsorship link to friends.
      • Share sponsorship link through social networks.

    Also, the customers can check the whether the friends have registered on the store or not.


    Birthday Reward

    Make your customers feel special by giving them reward points on their birthdays. Set the validity of reward points for a specific duration to create a sense of urgency. Display the birthday rewards points on registration and personal information pages. Assigning reward points on birthdays will help you increase customer satisfaction in your store.


    Track Reward Program

    Detailed statistics to analyze the performance of your reward program. Using statistics, you can view:

    • Number of customers who earned reward points.
    • Total reward points assigned to customers.
    • Total reward points redeemed by customers.
    • Reward points a particular customers has.
    • Total expired/canceled points.

    Track Reward Points History

    A separate tab in the customers' account from where they can keep track of the reward point history. They can:

    • View total reward points assigned to them.
    • View total reward point redeemed.
    • View pending/canceled reward points.
    • Manually redeem the reward points.
    • View events for which they have received reward points.

    Prestashop Reward System Features -

    • Admin can enable or disable the approval of reward points.
    • Admin can enable or disable the approval customer memberships.
    • Reward points to be assigned to a customer for order, product, category, and manufacturer can be set by admin.
    • Can enable or disable registration rewards.
    • Can set the validity of reward points.
    • Set minimum order total and minimum number of orders for a customer to be eligible to get sponsorship reward points.
    • A customer can earn the reward points by referring the website to his friends.
    • A customer gets reward points when an order is placed by friends referred by a customer.
    • Admin can enable/disable digital marketing reward.
    • A customer gets the reward points by liking website's facebook page as set by admin.
    • A customer gets reward points on sharing orders of facebook if enabled by admin.
    • Set the reward points to be assigned to the customers on their birthdays.
    • Admin can configure customer's mail notifications.
    • Admin can view Reward Point Statistics, Total Reward Status, Reward Type Wise Status, and Customer Wise Status graphically.
    • Admin can enable or disable partial use of the voucher.
    • Admin can set criteria for customers to enter reward memberships. Admin can view total number of sponsor and their combined sponsorship stats.
    • Admin can view total impressions to the website by sponsored users.
    • A customer can view a list of his friends who have registered on the website and through which channel at the front end.
    • A sponsor friend can view total referrals, assigned registration points, available registration points, order assigned points and order available points for a particular channel.

    Prestashop Reward System Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version5.2.3
    Released9 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 6, 2024 (14 days ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 6 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Good support and service

    Posted On - September 25, 2023

    I had a fantastic experience with the software and the customer service team. Great stuff

    Excellent service with proper assistance

    Posted On - April 18, 2023

    I must say that I am beyond satisfied with the level of service I received and the incredible performance of the module itself.

    From the moment I reached out to the support team, they were prompt, professional, and displayed an in-depth understanding of the module and its features. The representative I spoke with guided me through the entire installation process, ensuring that I felt confident and capable every step of the way. The instructions provided were clear, concise, and easy to follow, making the experience incredibly smooth and efficient.

    Overall, I cannot recommend the PrestaShop Reward module and its technical support team highly enough. Their expertise, commitment to excellence, and exceptional customer service have left me incredibly satisfied and confident in my choice. If you are considering implementing a reward module for your e-commerce site, look no further than this outstanding product and its support team.


    Posted On - October 31, 2020


    Module does what it advertises

    Posted On - May 8, 2020

    The module does what it advertises and the developers are very helpful with my inquiries.

    Ce module est très complet

    Posted On - April 28, 2020

    Ce module est très complet et permet de proposer un programme de fidélité attrayant.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

     Is the module Multi Shop Compatible?
    Yes, the module supports the Multi Shop feature of PrestaShop.
     What are the type of rewards possible with this module?
    There are four types of rewards:
    1) Catalog Reward: Catalog Rewards can be subdivided into four types i.e Order Reward, Product Reward, Category Reward and Manufacturer Reward.
    2) Registration Reward
    3) Sponsorship Reward: Sponsorship rewards can be further subdivided into three: friend’s registration reward, friend’s orders reward, and sponsored friend’s registration reward.
    4) Digital Marketing Reward
     Is it possible to set reward points to value ratio in the module?
    In the module configuration, there is a field given where the admin has to set the value of reward points in terms of money. For example, if admin has set 20 reward points equivalent to $ 1, then at the time of checkout if a customer wants to use his 100 reward points then it will be visible as $ 5 which he can use to get discount.
     When are the reward points asssigned to the customers?
    The admin has to select the order statuses of orders for which he wants to assign reward points to the customer.
     Is there any criteria to set the minimum order total required to give reward points?
    The configuration is available for the admin to set minimum order value for a customer to get the reward points.
     Is it possible for the admin to give reward to the customers on their birthday?
    Yes, the Birthday Reward feature is given in the module.
     Can admin manually assign reward points to the customers?
    In the back office, a separate interface is given to the admin for assigning the reward points to the customers.
     Can the validity of the reward points be set in the module?
    Yes, the admin can set the same in the module configuration.
     How can the customers redeem their reward points?
    In the frontend, the customers will see a section where they will have to enter the reward points they need to redeem.

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