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    Prestashop Sample Product

    Prestashop Sample Product Enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales by offering product samples in your Prestashop store. Add samples for your store products and give your customers a chance to try the product and experience it before making the purchase.

    • Allows customers to order samples in free or lower price.

    • Different criteria to set the price of the sample product.

    • Restrict the maximum quantity of sample products per order.

    • Restrict samples to specific products.

    • Offer samples for virtual products too.

    • Allow customers to purchase a sample of any product combination.

    • Build customer loyalty.

    • MultiShop compatible.

    Note: Prestashop Sample Product module is compatible with PrestaShop framework version 8.x.x.

    Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product Prestashop Sample Product
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    Prestashop Sample Product - This module allows you to associate samples with your standard and virtual products. A sample button is embedded in the product pages using which the customers can order the product samples for free or at a lower price.

    For creating a sample product, you just need to go to the edit product page in the Prestashop back office. Enable sample option, select its price type, and set the maximum quantity that a customer can add for sample product in the cart.

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    Why should you consider using this module?

    Due to stiff competition in the eCommerce industry, it can be difficult for online retailers to attract potential customers to their site. While shopping online, customers don't get the opportunity to try or examine the product before purchase. And when customers do not know about the quality of the product, they hesitate to purchase it.

    Offering product samples is one of the most effective ways to grab customers' attention towards your store products. With Prestashop Sample Product extension, you can allow the customers to order product samples from your store. When customers try the product prior to the purchase, they get to know about the quality of the product which makes them feel more confident about the product.

    Set prices for Sample Product

    It's up to you whether you want to charge for product samples or offer them for free. This extension allows you to set the prices for sample products. Following are the ways in which you can configure the price for a sample product.

    • Product Standard Price - Select this option to charge the product's actual price for the sample. It means the customer has to pay the product price to buy a sample.
    • Deduct Fix Amount from Product Price - This option lets you set custom amount to be deducted from the product's actual price. The sample price of the product will be product price minus custom amount.
    • A percentage of product price -This option enables you to set a fixed percentage of the product price that you would like to charge for the product sample.
    • Custom Price - Set the custom price that a customer needs to pay for buying the sample product.

    Global Sample

    The admin can configure the global settings if he wants to offer a sample product on all the available product. Set the maximum quantity that a customer can buy in a single cart. Also, the admin can restrict the carriers for the sample products.

    Note: By assigning the global sample settings, the same settings will be applied on all the sample products.

    Assign Sample to products in bulk

    Assigning sample to individual products one by one manually can be time-consuming and tiresome. The admin has to navigate through each product page, click on the configure button and then enable sample for the product. With this extension, the admin can save hours of his work by assigning sample to multiple products at a time. Filter the products based on categories, brands, suppliers, and associate sample with them.

    Assign Sample to particular product

    The admin can associate sample to the individual and select whether he want to assign global or particular settings to that product. If selected global settings, then global sample settings configured by admin will apply on the product. The admin can select price type, available carriers, and set weight for a product by selecting particular settings.

    Prestashop Sample Product Features -

    • Provide a sample of your existing products to customers.
    • Customers can try a product before purchasing it.
    • Admin can allow/restrict the guest users to buy sample products.
    • Either define a price for your sample products or offer free samples.
    • Limit the number of samples a customer can purchase.
    • Choose to show or hide the quantity selector for the sample product.
    • Assign weight and carriers to the sample products.
    • Assign sample products in bulk.
    • Admin can choose to follow the particular settings or global settings while enabling the offering sample for a particular product.
    • Customize the text and the background color of the ‘buy sample’ button.
    • Now, customers can order samples of any combination of the product.
    • Configure global settings to offer a sample of all the products in the catalog.
    • Enable/disable tax on the purchase of a sample product.
    • Offer samples for virtual products too.
    • Upload another file for a sample virtual product for preview.
    • The main product can not be added while its sample is already in the cart.
    • A new label to notify sample products will show in the cart.
    • Buyers can even choose the quantity of sample products.
    • The module is multi-shop compatible.

    Prestashop Sample Product Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version5.3.2
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 6, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 3 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Nice plugin

    Posted On - March 15, 2024

    Nice and fast customer care.

    le support est réactif

    Posted On - March 11, 2021

    Ce module permet de commander un echantillon, le support est réactif


    Posted On - April 27, 2020


      Frequently Asked Questions

     Is it multi shop compatible?
    Yes, the module supports the multi shop feature of PrestaShop.
     Samples are chargeable or one can offer for free?
    It totally depends on how admin wants it. The admin can charge for product samples or he can also offer them for free.
     Can we apply sample functionality to all the products of catalog in one go?
    Yes, you can do the same with the help of this module.
     Is it possible to offer samples for virtual products?
    Yes, you can offer a sample functionality for your virtual products too.
     How the customer would know if the product is available for the sample?
    On the product page, the customer will see a button to buy sample of that product.
     Can guest users also buy sample product?
    The admin can allow/restrict the guest users to buy sample product.
     Is a sample of any particular combination of a product can be purchased?
    The customers can order sample of any combination of the product.
     How can we distinguish sample product from other products in the cart?
    A new label to notify sample product will show in cart.

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