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      PrestaShop, 1.6.x.x​, 1.7.x.x​

      Prestashop Virtual Try-On

      Prestashop Virtual Try-On: The module allows merchants to provide facility of virtual trial for the products to their customers. Virtual trial of the products provide an easy alternative to the customers to try the product in a virtual environment. It also helps merchants to reduce the returns as the virtual trial of the product provides pretty good idea about the looks of the product to the customers.

      Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On Prestashop Virtual Try-On
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      Prestashop Virtual Try-On - Allow your customers to try the products in a virtual environment. The functionality will help the customers to view the looks of various eyewear on them. It help customers to visualise their looks along with the chosen product in a virtual environment. The module also provides the functionality to adjust the product on the uploaded picture so produce the best possible image alongwith the product.

      Prestashop Virtual Try-On Features -

      • Provide virtual try-on of products to your customers.
      • Enable or disable the virtual try-on feature for the product according to your suitability.
      • Allow your customers to try the product & their looks on them before buying the product.
      • Upload a default image to show on the virtual try-on page.
      • Allow your customers to upload face image or also allow them to capture it via camera of the device.
      • Adjust the position of the spectacle if it’s not positioned appropriately.
      • Allow them to download or save the virtual try-on image for further use.

      Provide virtual trial of products

      The module provides the functionality to enable or disable the virtual trial of products. This can be helpful in case if you want to offer trial only on certain products.

      • Activate or deactivate the feature of virtual trial for products
      • Upload a default image to show for virtual try-on feature on every product
      • Helps customers to visualise themselves alogwith the product in a virtual environment.

      Virtual try-on functionality

      The customer needs to follow the process mentioned below fro the virtual try-on.

      • Either upload an image or click one via camera of the device.
      • After that crop the uploaded image to fit the face in the available area
      • Then, an automatic detection of pupil takes place to put the frames on it.
      • Drag the applied frame to put it on the appropriate place on the face.
      • Now, click on 'Done' to save the virtual try-on image.
      • The customers can also download the image for further use.

      Prestashop Virtual Try-On Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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        Frequently Asked Questions

       How does Virtual Try-on functionality work?
      Our Virtual Try-on is very easy to use. First, choose your favourite frames. Then, click on the “Try me” button. Lastly, upload a picture of yourself and see how those frames look on you.
       How can I upload my photo? Do I even need to upload a photo?
      To upload the picture, simply click on the
      Image button available on the left and select the photo you would like to use. While choosing a picture, make sure that your pupils are visible, and your face is straight and looking forward. Alternatively, you can also click the picture of yourself from the camera of the device you are using.
       How can I click the photo from the camera or what kind of photo do I need to upload?

      While uploading a picture to use the feature of virtual try-on, make sure to follow these tips to ensure that your glasses fit perfectly!

      • Make sure your pupils are visible in the photo.
      • Ensure your eyes are open.
      • Make sure you are facing forward and your head is straight.
      • Ensure that the room has enough lighting.
      • Smile big! :)
       I'm facing difficulty while using the live camera.
      It might be possible that the device or the browser you are using does not support the functionality due to certain software restrictions. You can confirm it by checking the browser or the device features.

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