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      Prestashop Watermark Images

      Prestashop Watermark Images: Do you want to establish authority of your brand over the images that you use on the store? So that, no unauthorized entity can use it to for their own purpose. If the answer to above question is yes, the this is the module you were searching all along. The Prestashop Watermark Images module will help you to choose an image of your choice & apply it as a watermark on multiple kinds of images available on the store.

      Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images Prestashop Watermark Images
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      Prestashop Watermark Images - Ecommerce is continuously evolving & taking on all new developments that it can. I think it’s safe to say that it generated a whole new employment sector & business avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs. Sometimes with a motive to earn extra profit, many budding eCommerce merchants adopt shady strategies. However, the shady tactics don’t help businesses to thrive for a much longer period. Even though, many businesses adopt such strategies just to be in the race. We are concerned about one such strategy here, i.e., use of the product & other images of an eCommerce store by an unauthorized person/business. Hence, to prevent such unauthorized use, we bring you Prestashop Watermark Images module.

      Highlighted Features

       Apply Watermark Images

      Show watermark on the product, category, brand etc. images of your store.

       Customize Watermark Image

      Use various options like offset, opacity & rotation tool to adjust the position & adjust the look.

       Show at Multiple Positions

      Set the position of the watermark at various places on various images of the store.

       Generate Watermark

      Generate a watermark image for each image type after configuring the settings.

      Prestashop Watermark Images Features -

      • Apply watermark on various types of images of your store.
      • Upload any image of your choice to use it as a watermark.
      • Enter the rotation value to rotate the watermark by a certain angle.
      • Set the horizontal offset value in positive or negative to move the watermark sidewards.
      • Set the vertical offset value in positive or negative to move the watermark upward & downward respectively.
      • Enter the opacity value to set the transparency level of the watermark.
      • Choose to show the watermark at multiple positions on the image.
      • Select all types of images on which you want to show the watermark.
      • Either show or hide the watermark from the images to your logged-in customers.

      Why should you use a watermark on your images?

      In the earlier section, I gave a quick overview of the general benefits that you can enjoy from using the watermark module. However, there is much to the story here. Try to understand it with the below-listed points.

      • Generally, a full-fledged eCommerce website uses thousands of images for various purposes.
      • These images can be related to products, banners, offer segment etc.
      • Even with a large team responsible to manage their own assigned area, it’d be quite difficult to track the use of all these images by any unauthorized person/website.
      • Furthermore, if the use of any image is started by any person. Then, it will keep on distributing & any attempt to stop the use would be futile.
      • Even with some legal measures, it is quite impossible to track each person/business using your images & sue them for copyright infringement.
      • Hence, keeping in mind the above points, using a watermark seems a more suitable option to establish the authority of your brand on the images you use.

      Customize the view of the watermark

      With the module, we are also offering you to personalize the look of the watermark at your own convenience. The customization tool with this module becomes important as applying a watermark at a predefined position/look can not work at all times.

      On an eCommerce website, there are various kinds of products. The images of those products are of various sizes/dimensions. Using a predefined setting to place a watermark would sometime lead to cover the original image. And, if it happens, your customer would face issues while having a look at it. Hence, to simplify the process of applying the image & apply it correctly we provided the following options.

      • Keep the position of the watermark as per your own choice.
      • To set the position, options like horizontal offset, vertical offset, position etc are available in the configuration settings.
      • You can also rotate the watermark by a certain angle.
      • Opacity value allows you to set the transparency of the watermark.

      Establishes Brand authority & protect against identity theft

      • Many brands use their own name/logo as a watermark on their images.
      • Using the brand name/logo as a watermark in itself signifies the brand authority over the image.
      • Watermarked images are less likely to be used by any other person/business in comparison to the image with no watermark.
      • Images with watermark help to identify the person/brand with which it is associated.
      • Watermark helps to add some extra information about the product/brand on the image.

      Prestashop Watermark Images Support -

      For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here:

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        Frequently Asked Questions

       Can I use any image to apply it as a watermark on other images of my store?
      Yes, you can choose any image of your choice to apply it as a watermark. However, make sure that it doesn’t cover the original image.
       Would I be able to customize the look of a watermark?
      The answer is an absolute yes. You can choose to keep it at the position you want & also choose its transparency level.
       How can I apply a watermark on various kinds of images of the store?
      Select all types of images on which you want to apply watermark & click on the ‘generate watermark’ button.

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