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    Prestashop Wepay Payment Gateway

    Prestashop Wepay Payment Gateway Module : With the help of our Prestashop Wepay Payment Gateway Module, admin can provide this payment service to their buyers for standard as well as subscription based products.. Not only can admin manage Full/Partial Refund but it can also make several subscription plans to assign it with the products


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    Prestashop Wepay Payment Gateway - Wepay is a very popular payment service provider in the United States.

    With the help of our prestashop wepay payment gateway module, admin can provide this awesome payment service to their buyers for standard as well as subscription-based products. Not only can admin manage Full/Partial Refund but it can also make several subscription plans to assign it with the products

    Note:- Wepay supports only US dollar. Any transaction through Wepay payment method can be done in USD only.

    Prestashop Wepay Payment Gateway Features -

    • New payment method is added for buyers.
    • Wepay payment method is available in United States only.
    • Admin can use this module for both test as well as live mode, according to requirement.
    • Admin can choose whether payer or payee will pay the Wepay transaction fees.
    • Admin can refund either full or partial amount to buyer.
    • Admin can specify any amount within the total amount paid by buyer for partial refund.
    • Admin can create various Wepay subscription plans.
    • Admin need to specify the amount & the duration of the subscription plan.
    • Admin can also edit/delete the subscription plan.
    • Admin can assign Wepay subscription plans to single/multiple products from "Assign Subscription page"
    • With a new tab On the add/update product page also admin can assign any plan to the product.
    • Admin can update/delete the assigned plan from the product.
    • Admin can view the list of subscribed customers.
    • Admin can also cancel the subscription of any customer.
    • Buyer can view the subscription details on product page.
    • NOTE - Subscription is only possible through Wepay payment gateway.
    • Buyers can see the details of subscription payment made on Order Confirmation Page.
    • Buyers will see a list of Subscription products purchased under 'My account"
    • Buyers can Cancel subscriptions when needed.

    Module Configuration -

    After successful installation of module admin will have to fill the below details-

    • Client Id
    • Client Secret
    • Access Token
    • Account ID

    Admin will have the option to choose the payment mode of the module that is "Test" Or "Live".

    Option to choose, who will pay the transaction fee either the payer(who is paying) or the payee (who is receiving).


    Customer End Flow-

    Once the module is configured properly, buyers can view the Wepay payment gateway to make the payment for their orders.

    The buyer will be redirected to the wepay page has to fill the card detail to make the payment via Wepay Payment Gateway.

    Once the cardholder is authenticated and a request is submitted the order will be processed and customers would be redirected back to the order confirmation page on the store.


    Offer Recurring Payment for Subscription-based products -

    We have given the option to create the subscription plans from the back-office. Need below details in order to create a new plan-

    • Plan Name
    • Plan Description
    • Amount
    • Time period (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc)

    After creating the plans admin will have to assign it to the products.

    Once the admin has added the subscription plan to a product, then that product will be considered as a subscription-based product if the payment is made through Wepay payment gateway.

    On the Product Page, the Buyer can have full information about the subscription product.


    Wepay Transaction and Refund Option -

    After installing the module a new tab will be added in the back office that is "Wepay Transactions" from which admin can see the complete list of transactions that will be done by wepay.

    Admin will also have the option to refund the orders of which transaction has been done by Wepay payment gateway.

    Admin will have the option to either partial refund or full refund of any particular transaction.


    Prestashop Wepay Payment Gateway Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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