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    QloApps Entry/Exit Popup

    Qloapps Entry/Exit Popup: QloApps Entry/Exit Popup is an add-on that benefits your website by showcasing relevant information. It is easy to customize its text, display, visibility, and the mail you want to send registered customers. You can choose whether to show it at the entry or exit of the guest. Moreover, you can also set the time and date range when the popup should appear on your website. The best part about popups is that it has decent click-through rates, i.e., almost 2 percent higher than other advertisements.

    QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup QloApps Entry/Exit Popup
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    Qloapps Entry/Exit Popup - QloApps Entry/Exit Popup is an add-on that promotes purchases by displaying relevant deals or information about your brand. Customizing the image and content of the popup is quite simple. Hence, you can make it look more pleasant to the eyes.

    You can display the offers or deals on the popup like discount vouchers, daily deals, live sales, limited-time offers, and more. By showcasing an appealing discount voucher or sales popup, you can convert visitors into buyers whenever they visit your store. Moreover, it reduces cart abandonment by catching consumers' attention just after they visit your website.

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    Highlighted Features

     Display popup

    Admin can select to whom and where you want to display the popup. He can select for which customer group, countries, and on which store pages popup will be shown.

     Set the time

    Admin can set the time after page reload the pop up will be displayed to guests.

     Test email

    Before sending emails to guests, the admin can send test emails to verify that there are no issues.

     Types of popup

    With an entry and exit popup, the admin can display a popup to guests at the time of visiting or leaving the website.

    Qloapps Entry/Exit Popup Features -

    • The admin can create multiple templates for creating the popup.
    • The admin can set the duration of the popup by selecting its start and end date.
    • Select the pages on which the popup should display.
    • Admin can display a popup at the time of entry and exit.
    • He can send emails to customers. You can also send a test email before actually sending it to customers.
    • Customize the text, design, and visibility of the popup.
    • Select the group (Visitor, Customer, Guest) who can see the popup.
    • Set the timer after which a popup appears on the website.
    • View the list of users registered.

    Why should you use Entry/Exit Popup?

    The popups eliminate distractions. Thus, you use them cleverly, then popups can turn out to be the most effective tool to acquire guests. Entry popups appear just after visitors land on the website page. Hence, you have the USP to engage them with valuable information and offers. Exit Popups display immediately when your website visitor is ready to leave. Use it for a spot on conversion. Show visitors an offer they might miss or other information that increases the chances of conversions.

    Custom Text

    Customize the title and description of the popup that will appeal to your audience. If you want to give some information to the visitors, you have the option to do so. Associate a discount voucher with a popup and set the period for which it will display. Choose the popup to appear on the website at the time of entry or exit.

    Template Design

    There are numerous designs that the admin can choose from to create the look of the popup. Hence, he can play and mix-match them according to the offers they are displaying. Moreover, one can create a custom template by setting background images as per their requirements.

    Visibility Settings of the Popup

    Select the countries and the groups you want to display popup. In QloApps, by default, we have three groups, visitors, guests, and customers. You can create more as per your choice. Apart from this, you can set the pages where you want to show the popup. And the time after which the popup will display on the screen.

    Qloapps Entry/Exit Popup Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 5, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.5.x  
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