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    QloApps Mobile Login

    QloApps Mobile login: The admin can allow customers to register and log into the website using their mobile number with the help of QloApps Mobile login. By this module customers can easily reset their password by requesting an OTP on their mobile number, If their password is lost. And also email can be set as an optional field on the registration page so that customers can register without . By default QloApps mobile login supports three SMS gateway providers - Twilio, SendinBlue, and onehop (SMS-Magic).

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    QloApps Mobile Login - QloApps mobile login enables the admin to give seamless signup and login functionality to his customers. Every person has several social media accounts and registers on different websites, it is hard to keep remembering lots of passwords. By this module, you give them the facility to login by OTP then no need to remember the password. In addition, as the mobile number is validated by using SMS OTP so there are no chances of fake users and booking at your hotel website.

    On the website, the admin may make the email ID an optional registration area so, in this way, registration becomes very easy. This module also enhances the security of your website by adding a mobile number for the login option. Giving the option of mobile login also makes your website user friendly. Module Gives your customers a better option to signup and login without remembering the password by OTP login.

    If you want to learn how to launch your free hotel website with the help of QloApps then Click Here

    Highlighted Features

     Login by mobile number

    Easily login by using a mobile number on your website.

     Reset password

    The customer can reset his password by requesting an OTP

     The authenticity of the website

    Mobile numbers make your website more authentic for customers.

     No fake registration and bookings

    Mobile login saves your website from fake users and fake bookings of rooms in your hotel

     OTP Login

    No need to remember passwords for costumes, request OTP, and login into your website.

    QloApps Mobile Login Features 

    • The module enables customers to verify their account by entering OTP.
    • Customers can register on the website with a mobile number.
    • Customers can log in to your website using the mobile number.
    • Login to the website by OTP and start booking easily.
    • In case of forgetting their passwords, customers can reset them by OTP.
    • Improves the security of your website.
    • Admin can set the maximum and minimum length of mobile numbers.
    • SMS notification to the customers when the order status changes.
    • A strong customer authentication process helps in minimizing fake registrations and bookings on the website.
    • Admin can make the email an optional field.
    • Admin can decide what message to be sent with OTP.
    • Admin can set the length of OTP.
    • Admin can define how many times a customer can request for OTP.
    • Set the OTP expiration time.
    • The module supports three SMS gateway providers viz Twilio, SendinBlue, and onehop (SMS-Magic).
    • Gives you the option to send a message when the customer registers on your website successfully.
    • It allows the admin to add an additional login option as mobile login.
    • Admin can send a welcome SMS to the customers when they successfully register on the website.

    Uses of OTP

    OTP is considered the most reliable authentication process so it enhances the security of your website

    OTP can be used for -

    • When a new user registers on the website
    • When a customer forgets his password
    • Verified or unverified users can also login to your website
    • For mobile number registration and mobile number verification

    Login and Register by Mobile Number

    Currently, people mostly visit websites on their mobile phones, so by using this module customers can register by using a mobile number on your website. In this way, login and registration become very fast.

    Although It adds an additional option to register as well as log in. Email fields can be made an optional field or hide from the registration page.


    Retrieve Forgotten Password

    Users can easily create accounts on your website using their mobile numbers and promptly start booking rooms in your hotel. Also by OTP login, no need to be worried if the password is not remembered. Easily request OTP on mobile number and login. This will ease your customer on your website and save time in booking our website.


    Available SMS Gateways

    Admin can use that SMS gateway that suits his location best from the available SMS gateway providers.

    In QloApps mobile login addon admin will get three SMS gateways by default

    • Twilio
    • SendinBlue
    • Onehop (SMS-Magic)

    QloApps Mobile Login Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.1
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.6.x  
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