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    QloApps News Tickers

    QloApps News Tickers: QloApps news tickers is an add-on which is seen moving across your website. It is horizontal, custom text-based and is displayed either on the homepage or on all pages of the website in the form of a scroller. You can use it to attract users' attention. Sharing new and important pieces of information is made easy and you can also redirect users to another website by adding URL in the ticker message. The ticker block is displayed either at top, bottom or on both to showcase major happenings.


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    QloApps News Tickers - QloApps news tickr block is a module that allows the admin to show information in a page/pages of the website in the top or bottom of the website. The majority of tickers are shown as text that runs through the screen. It will boost your guest engagement, update guests about latest notifications, discounts, vouchers, notice or any other important information. These are very effective and can easily be noticed because they stand out from other information in the website and grab guests attention. Further, they appear in a manner that does not disturb the guests and convey information without the need to stop their booking process.

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    QloApps News Tickers Features -

    • Add the News Ticker on the homepage or on all pages of the website.
    • You can place the ticker at the top or bottom of the website page/ pages.
    • Easily set the font size of the text display on the news ticker.
    • Set the movement of the ticker from right to left or left to right.
    • Set the movement speed of the text inside the ticker.
    • Customize the font and background color of the ticker.
    • Add a link on the ticker and direct the customer to new pages.
    • Enable or disable to stop the ticker message on mouse hover.

    When to use it?

    • You can use the news ticker block to share a variety of information. A few of them include.
    • Links to blog posts, latest news, website updates.
    • Display Last minute notice.
    • Reminders about upcoming offers, features, etc.
    • Share information about room types available with special discounts and offers.
    • Information about other specifications.
    • Any government regulations implemented that affect your website in a way or another.

    Admin configuration

    • Select the page/pages in which you want to show ticker. For instance, landing page, room type page and more.
    • Show ticker either in top, bottom or on both.
    • Admin can set the font size of text displaying.
    • Set the speed of the movement of the ticker.
    • Set background color of ticker.
    • Select the direction in which you want to move ticker, i.e., right to left or left to right.
    • When the mouse pointer is over the ticket block, you can choose whether or not to stop the ticker message.

    How to add ticker text?

    Customizing a Ticket text is very easy. Just a few details are needed.

    • The text you want to show on the screen. The link of the website(URL) on which you want to redirect users.
    • Font size and color of text.
    • ou can also add an image before ticker text.
    • This text can be enabled or disabled.

    QloApps News Tickers Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedAugust 14, 2023 (8 months ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.5.x  1.6.x  
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