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    QloApps Myallocator Connector

    QloApps Myallocator Connector: We bring to you the QloApps Myallocator Connector which seamlessly connects QloApps with Myallocator channel manager. Now Hoteliers can easily synchronize room inventory and rates of room types for various hotel properties.

    Note - This module is deprecated now and we have built our own QloApps Channel Manager that you can review for further use and purchase. We are providing 7 days of FREE trial period with free online consultation during the setup process, so do sign up now to explore it's interface here


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    QloApps MyAllocator Connector- Channel managers can simplify the process of managing inventories of your hotel. It updates your room type inventory and rates on all the platforms you have listed your property on to manage bookings in synchronization. You can easily manage all your connected booking channels at a time from a single location. Thus, helping you avoid overbooking and underbooking. That’s why we are here with MyAllocator channel manager which seamlessly connects with QloApps and provides you with all the benefits of a channel manager.

    If you want to learn how to launch your free hotel website with the help of QloApps then Click Here

    Highlighted Features

     Import properties while setup

    When setting up the module if there is no property in QloApps then you can import all the properties of your myallocator channel manager to your QloApps. And if you do not have a single property in MyAllocator and at least one property in Qlopps, then you can export properties of QloApps to MyAllocator.

     Property and Room type Mapping

    Map QloApps properties with MyAllocator properties so that both QloApps and MyAllocator know which hotel of QloApps has to be synced with which hotel of MyAllocator. Likewise, select room types of QloApps with room types of MyAllocator to map with each other.

     Easy accessibility of bookings made

    All bookings made via the Myallocator channel manager are shown on the Booking Manager tab. Myallocator Booking Id, Order Number, Currency, Order Source, and Order Date can all be accessed by the admin.

     Price and Availability Manager

    The system presents a tabular form of room type prices and inventories on different dates. If you make any change in the inventory and rates in QloApps then it will reflect in the table. Then with the click of a single button the date will be synced to Myallcator.

     Quantity Notification Settings

    Admin can set quantity in the inventory notification limit to receive notification when inventory reaches the limit. Admin have the option to decide the minimum limit per room type on which he wants to receive a low inventory notification in the feeds and the dashboard.

     Inventory and Rates Syncing Feeds

    Admin can view the list of inventory and rates sync feeds, booking feeds and quantity notification feeds. The records of rates and inventory sync will be listed so that you can check when you did the synchronization. Then you will have feeds of bookings made on Myallocator through various OTAs. At the end you will have low inventory notifications.

    QloApps MyAllocator Connector Features -

    • Admin can sync hotel properties
    • Admin can sync room types
    • Admin can sync Availability / Inventory of different Room Types for Hotel properties
    • Admin can sync Prices / Rates of different Room Types for Hotel properties
    • Admin can map Hotel Properties
    • Admin can map Room Types
    • Admin can view bookings made through Myallocator channel manager at every specified interval through Cron
    • Admin can import data from Myallocator at every specified interval through Cron
    • Get alerts on the dashboard if the number of rooms if lower than the specified limit
    • A pie chart that displays booking made from different online channels on the dashboard
    • Admin can view feeds for inventory syncing
    • Admin can view feeds for multi-channel bookings that will be fetched from Myallocator at every specified interval
    • Admin can view feeds for room quantity notifications
    • Now admin can bring the properties created on Myallocator to QloApps
    • Now admin has the option to create QloApps properties on myallocator
    • Booking creation and edit in QLoApps improved from myallocator booking callback fetched from Myallocator at every specified interval through Cron
    • The module need only file update, it can be updated only by UPLOADING new version on the module

    Connect with MyAllocator

    The user will have to create an account on MyAllocator Channel Manager then with those credentials he can login into the addon and then QloApps and MyAllocator inventories and rates will get synchronized from QloApps to MyAllocator. On while setting up the module and entering the credentials he can also import properties and rooms from MyAllocator to QloApps or from QloApps to MyAllocator, but one of the platforms has to have zero property.

    Cron Job Settings

    To automate the synchronization of bookings from Myallocator the admin can set up the cron job on the server. The cron job will run and synchronize the bookings between the two platforms automatically. The cron job will run after every number of minutes you set.

    Map property and room types between Qlopps and MyAllocator

    This is done so that both the platforms know which hotel is corresponding to which hotel in the corresponding platform. When you map the hotel and the room type then both platforms know to which property they have to synchronize the booking, rates and availability. For instance, to match hotel A of QloApps with hotel B of MyAllocator it is done.

    Interactive interface to change rates and availability

    We have given an interactive interface in the form of table where the admin can see the rates and availability of his room types on particular dates directly from the table and when he save the changes all the changes are send to MyAllocator and then to all the connected OTA platforms of channel manager.

    Notifications to make informed decisions

    This is important to control the current status of availability of room type. Admin will get notifications about the room inventory on the dashboard whenever there are fewer numbers of rooms than the specified limit. The information helps to avoid overbooking and underbooking of room, know which room is available so that they can make informed decisions.

    QloApps MyAllocator Connector Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.2.3
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.5.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Best Work By Team Webkul

    Posted On - June 7, 2022

    Never seen a software company working this structured. They programmed my module within time frame and budget. Support is fast. If something is not clear they ask.. Will work with them again for sure!

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