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      ODOO 13 Compatible
      Odoo, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x, Shopify

      Shopify Odoo Connector

      Shopify Odoo Connector: Shopify Odoo Connector App integrates your Shopify Store with Odoo and seamlessly mingles the functionality of both to provide you with the perfect resource management system. Combine Shopify’s effective and flexibility of Odoo to maximize the utilization of your store. Import Products, customers and orders from the Shopify Store to Odoo. Moreover, synchronize collection from the Shopify Store to Odoo to manage them effectively in Odoo. You can also Map Shopify’s taxes, payment methods and currency to Odoo.

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      Shopify Odoo ConnectorHighly effective resources management system becomes imperative to run a business. Mismanagement hinders the growth of your business with unnecessary delays and tends to create a bottleneck to the free flow of your store’s operations. Shopify Odoo Connector App comes to the rescue by integrating Odoo ERP with Shopify.

      Import and manage Shopify Products in the Odoo. Create collections in Shopify, import them to Odoo and manage them with the individual products. Bring in the orders placed in the Shopify Store to Odoo and process them in Odoo to view and fulfill delivery and payment. Moreover, use Odoo’s App to manage other aspects like accounting, inventory management, orders

      Please Note: Shopify Odoo connector is a monthly subscription-based App with the renewal amount of $35.


      Shopify Odoo Connector

      Shopify Odoo Connector Features

      • The module allows you to integrate Shopify store with Odoo.
      • The module is a subscription-based product with monthly renewal period.
      • You can also try the app for 7 days before purchasing it.
      • Synchronize Shopify store Customers to Odoo.
      • Import and update products from Shopify store to Odoo in real time.
      • Moreover, the Shopify store products can also be mapped to Odoo products with a CSV file.
      • Import Shopify collections to Odoo with a click.
      • The Order placed on the Shopify Store can also be imported to Odoo.
      • Map the Shopify shipping methods with Odoo shipping methods.
      • The Taxes present in the Shopify store can be easily mapped to Odoo Taxes.
      • Map the Shopify payment methods and currencies with Odoo payment methods for hassle-free management of the orders.
      • The app is cross-platform compatible.

      Why Think about Shopify Or Odoo when It can be Shopify+Odoo

      • Pay For What You Use

      Shopify Odoo Connector App is a subscription Based module. For the monthly recursive amount of $35, you can the reap the best out of both Shopify and Odoo to build and expand your store.

      The subscription makes it easier for the user to pay for only what you use and nothing more.


      • Easy Effective Product Management In Odoo

      Managing multitudes of your Shopify Products was never easier before. Keep track of the products on your Shopify Store with Odoo.

      The products in the Shopify store can be set to get imported to Odoo in real time.

      The changes in the stock on the Shopify store are updated in the Odoo Database as soon as the order is confirmed in Odoo so you can monitor the stock for the products can call for a procurement appropriate time preventing understocking or overstocking.

      The Changes made to the stock in the Odoo are reflected in the Shopify store whenever the scheduler runs in the Odoo. The scheduler runs after every 8 hours to update the changes made to the stock in the Odoo to Shopify.


      • Bring Shopify Orders To Odoo

      Just import the order placed on Shopify to Odoo to handle the entire fulfillment process from the same screen.

      Confirm the Shopify order delivery in the Odoo backend and monitor order fulfillment to avoid delays and hassles.


      • Maintain An Extensive Customer Database In Odoo

      Carry customers records from Shopify to Odoo and maintain an extensive customer record in Odoo.

      The data can be used for various email marketing and products promotions and sending out customized discounts.


      • Manage Purchase And Procurement Orders In Odoo

      Odoo not only allows you to manage sales orders but also procurement/purchase operations with easy.

      Manage and Track the stock for your Shopify products in Odoo.

      Run Simple and Advanced Inventory operations with Odoo.


      • Work Your Accounting As Well For The Orders In Odoo

      Supervise accounting and invoicing for your Shopify orders and manage the data at one place.

      Generate invoices and sign off credit notes for the Shopify sales orders using Odoo.

      You can also create and analyze the Shopify store reports such as orders report, sales reports, etc. in the Odoo.

      Dedicated Support For Shopify Odoo Connector Module

      Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Shopify Odoo Connector Module.

      For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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      based on 1 reviews

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      Excellent app, even better service

      Posted On - March 19, 2019

      The app successfully syncs shopify orders and product data to odoo as expected. Support staff are responsive and thorough.

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