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    Product Auction for Shopify

    Product Auction for Shopify : Product Auction App for Shopify enables the bidding feature or auction on products of your eCommerce website.

    With this app, the admin can enable the bidding feature on products he want to go for auction, and can monitor all the bids happening on the store from the app itself and much more. So, don't wait, install the app & start bidding.

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    Shopify Product Auction App: 

    This Shopify Auction App enables the feature of a bid or auction on your e-commerce website. Moreover, the admin can enable the bidding feature on products he wants to go for auction and can monitor all the bids happening on the store from the app itself and much more. 

    Product Auction for Shopify will enable the feature of bidding and auction of products on your e-commerce website. 

    Features of the Shopify Auction App:

    • Admin can create and manage auctions for any product.
    • Make the auction process legitimate on your store by enabling the Join Fee feature.
    • Enable the proxy-bidding feature within the app to have a less time-consuming bidding process in the app.
    • Also, allow customers to place a normal & proxy bid with a single button. Explore!
    • This app also includes the feature of popcorn bidding.
    • Real-time bid update:- Once a bidder places a bid for a product, the bids will get updated on the auction window page for all the other bidders who are live on auction.
    • Admin can create multiple auctions at a time just by uploading them via CSV.
    • You can configure your own SMTP to send emails to the customers from your own mail engine.
    • Automatic emails sent to the winner & loser of the bid.
    • Bid On Multiple Units feature, where admin can enable it for the bidder to bid for a number of units of product.
    • This app also includes Multiple Winner & Braintree Autopay features.
    • Option to manually end the bid, also, to start auction automatically.
    • Admin can even restart the unsuccessful auctions. 
    • Set increment rules and the increment gaps while creating Auctions.
    • Set reserve price – The minimum price which must be reached, to have the winner.
    • Enable the option to stop Auction if the product gets out of stock.
    • Enable the option to edit the customer’s bid.
    •  You can enable the option to disable the Add to cart once the bid amount exceeds the actual price of the product.
    • Admin can also view all the bids and happenings in the notification section.
    • Admin can also edit the labels for the front end.
    • The customer can view the bidding history.
    • Admin can also enable/disable the ‘Add To Cart’ button if the bid amount exceeds the actual price.
    • Admin can choose to display the following information on the storefront: bid count, current bid (product and collection page), Sort Running Auctions on the basis of Recently Added, No. of Bids, or About to End. 
    • Top of all, this Product Auction app for Shopify also integrates with the Multi-Vendor Marketplace app for Shopify!
    • Get the option to authenticate your 3D Secure customer’s card details in the case of AutoPay.
    • You can now show the start date on the product page for the upcoming auctions.

    Benefits of Online Auctions:

    • When it comes to ‘live auction’ the major drawback is location constraint. Holding a live auction will only let you reach a specific audience whereas, an online auction can cover a large audience globally.
    • Nobody actually has the time to attend an auction physically. Chances are you would be stuck in traffic & the item goes out.
    • Moreover, if you won an auction online, you don’t need to take care of the delivery of the item yourself. It will get delivered to you well-packed on your doorstep.
    • On an online auction, you’ll get a number of choices to bid for with a huge margin.
    • Nowadays, you can display anything & everything on an online auction from your old sofa to a wall painting.

    Display Upcoming Auctions in Advance

    Add upcoming auctions to your Shopify store and let the buyers make up their minds to bid on the items. You can configure the visibility of upcoming auctions on your Shopify store. You have the option to enter the number of days prior to which the customers can view the upcoming auctions. 

    Restart Ended Auctions

    The Product Auction app for Shopify is now come up with the option to restart unsuccessful auctions. Here, unsuccessful auctions refer to the finished/ended auctions for which either no bidding is placed or no winner is declared.

    Thus, you can set the configuration to restart the auction if the auction is ended on the products with no-bid placed or no winner declared.

    Proxy Bidding Feature

    Proxy Bidding is a concept in which the system automatically bids on your behalf up to the maximum bid amount that you have chosen. This is simple to make the online auction process much easier and less time-consuming. Using the app, you can now allow customers to place a normal and a proxy bid using a single button for an auction product.

    Bid on Multiple Units

    Using the app, the customers can have an option to enter the bid amount per unit and then enter the number of units he wants to purchase of that particular auctioned product.

    SMTP Configuration

    Under SMTP configuration, you can configure your own SMTP details to send emails to the customers from your own mail engine.

    Multiple Winners

    The store owner can enable this feature to declare more than one winner for the auctioned product.

    Braintree Gateway for Autopay Feature

    If this feature is enabled then on the frontend the bidder (logged in) will view the pop up after making the first bid to enter the payment detail. So that once this bidder will be the winner then the amount for that price will get automatically debited from the card details entered by the bidder.

    Auction Joining Fee

    By enabling this feature whenever a bidder wants to bid on the auction product, he/she first needs to pay the auction joining fee set by the Seller. So, only legitimate and interested bidders will bid after paying.

    Popcorn bidding

    Popcorn Bidding, also known as Dynamic Bidding, is a way of giving the bidders who were outbid an opportunity to rebid. 

    If a bid is made during the last set minutes (say 5 minutes) of scheduled auction closing time, the popcorn bidding comes into play!

    The popcorn bidding automatically extends the scheduled closing time (say extends by 5 more minutes just after the last bid made). Basically, every bid made in the last minutes resets the clock to let more bidders bid for another set period of time.

    When there are no new bids in those last extended minutes, the auction is closed & no further bidding activity can be conducted anymore. As usual, the bidder with the highest bidding wins the auction.

    Real-time Bid Update

    The product auction app is now upgraded with the feature of real-time bid update. So, from now onwards, once a bidder places a bid for a product, the bids will get updated on the auction window page for all the other bidders who are live on auction.

    No need to refresh the page again & again to update the last bid placed for any item.

    The app includes various exciting features. Check out the blog here:


    Use this link to check the demo of this app:

    For backend access, kindly send us your request at [email protected]


    If you need any kind of support/consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]

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    Product Version
    Released8 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2022 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsShopify  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 11 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    5 stars for Vashu Bhatt

    Posted On - December 9, 2022

    Vashu Bhatt at Webkul has been absolutely amazing and helpful and getting us ready for our auction. It is easy and simple to use and the support is always 100%. Would definitely recommend this team and app to help with all auction needs.

    Amazing customer support

    Posted On - December 7, 2022

    Amazing customer support and innovative apps :)

    Great Product & Great

    Posted On - January 13, 2021

    The product and the team that supports the product are both fantastic. Very happy with my experience and would highly recommend to anyone else looking for a shopify/auction based solution.

    I couldn't recommend this app more.

    Posted On - July 14, 2017

    We were running an online auction and our other software wasn't working. So I searched the Shopify Appstore, added this app. I then discovered that my theme code needed to be updated...
    I reached out to the developers, I let them know that I needed help urgently. They wrote back to me within an hour and had it all fixed within the hour after that.
    I couldn't recommend this app more. My customers that participated in the auction were so impressed with the professionality of it in our store!

    This product works really well for me.

    Posted On - December 28, 2016

    This product works really well for me.
    I required a simple way to auction one off items that I did not intend offering as "normal stock items" and in that regard it is perfect.

    One of the other things I wanted was to keep the auction on my site as opposed to linking with another 3rd party (perfect).

    The team at Webkul have been excellent to deal with and have assisted me to setup something that really works..a number of changes made without issue so obviously I'm very happy. Thank you to the whole team...great job.

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