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    Restaurant Table Management for Shopify

    Shopify Restaurant Table Management : Shopify Restaurant Table Management App will help manage the occupancy of tables, orders, assigning of the tables in a much sorted way in coordination with POS.

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    Restaurant Table Management for Shopify: Restaurant Table Management App helps the store owner to manage the occupancy of tables, orders, assigning of the tables in a much sorted way in coordination with POS.

    The app is beneficial for the store owners who are running their hotels and manage the same with Shopify POS.

    Manage real-time availability of table booking using Restaurant Table Management App!

    App Benefits for the Restaurant Owner

    Installing the app provides tons of benefits to the merchants who are managing their restaurant table orders via the all-new Shopify POS Pro.

    • Perfect for Hotel businesses using POS System.
    • Real-Time Availability of Table Bookings and their Positions.
    • Organized workflow and visible availability of tables.
    • Manage pending carts and unassigned tables with ease.
    • Add tables, manage the number of tables, the capacity of guests, and maintaining their status.
    • Table Management.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Reassigning of tables.
    • Compatible with all new Shopify POS Pro.

    Why Should I Use The App?

    If you are a restaurant owner and manage table booking via Shopify POS then, the Restaurant Table Management App is all set to make your job done with ease. Managing a restaurant requires a robust yet simplified approach to maintain the occupancy of tables, orders, assigning, un-assigning, reassigning the tables. The app offers exactly what a restaurant owner requires. Manage real-time availability of table bookings and uplift sales performance.


    Merchant can get the customer order management app installed in few clicks.

    Go to the Shopify App store>>Search for the Customer Order Management App>>Click Add app button>>Enter your Shopify store URL and hit the Log in button.

    Get redirected to the Shopify store and manage the app configuration.

    App Highlights

    • Interactive Home Page to display the statistics related to the restaurant, its total orders, recent orders, and much more.
    • Order Section to show all the order-related details including order ID, order status, total amount, and assigned tables.
    • Pending Cart Section to displays the list of pending carts and get to know the details of the pending cart like cart token, date, and details of tables assigned.
    • From the table management section, manage tables at your restaurant. Right from adding floors to adding the number of tables, manage the capacity of guests, and maintain their status. The floors created can also be removed and activated.

    How does It work on POS End?

    As soon as a customer reaches a restaurant, the restaurant owner will assign a table from the POS interface. This will get updated in the "Pending Cart" section of the app. Now, once the items are ordered by the customers, the merchant will add the items to the cart from POS. When the meal is done, the customer proceeds to pay for it. Then, the merchant will place an order on behalf of the customer from the POS. After that, the pending cart detail will be transferred into the "Order" section of the app and is reflected as "Finished Order" in the app.


    If you need access from the backend (admin panel), please drop a request at [email protected]


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2022 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsShopify  
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