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Shopify Help Desk App - UVdesk

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Shopify UVdesk : Now you can integrate the UVdesk with which you can let your buyers visiting your eCommerce store raise a ticket for their concern like a help desk system, and you can send them replies for the same and much more.

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Shopify UVdesk - Now you can integrate the UVdesk ticket system with your online store. With UVdesk integration you can let your buyers raise a ticket for their concerns, queries, doubts, feedbacks like a help desk system. UVdesk allows you to manage queries and send replies to customers.

Shopify UVdesk

Shopify UVdesk Features -

  • Admin can get connected to the buyers' query directly.
  • A very well managed and categorized helpdesk system for both Admin and enquirer.
  • An embed widget will get displayed on the eCommerce store.
  • Buyers can raise ticket related to any concern and admin can reply to those tickets.
  • Both admin and buyer can view history of tickets.
  • Admin will have to sign up to UVdesk if he/she does not have an existing account.
  • This app is free of cost.
  • Both admin and customer get notified on the new query and new reply respectively.

Shopify UVdesk Demo Credentials-

Backend :

  • Username :
  • Password : demowebkul

Frontend :

  • Username :
  • Password : webkul12#

UVdesk :

  • Username :
  • Password : webkul12#

 UVdesk Configuration

After installing the UVdesk app, the admin needs to login into the UVdesk account or create a new account. After that the admin needs to provide the following information:

  • Enter email address
  • Sub-domain
  • Language
  • Theme color
  • Help button position

Go To UVdesk - After successfully setting up the configuration, the Go To UVdesk button will be visible. When the admin clicks this button, it will be redirected to the UVdesk Dashboard automatically. From there, the admin can view and manage all the customer queries. 

 UVdesk Configuration

 Customer Front-End View

After configuring the UVdesk app, the customers will find the 'Help' button on the storefront. When a customer clicks the 'Help' button, the form will appear asking for the following information. After clicking the 'Send' button, the ticket query will be submitted.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Message
 Customer Front-End View

 Customer Tickets View

The customer can go to ‘My account>View Tickets' to view the history of all the queries asked. There the customer finds list of all the ticket showing following information:

  • Ticket number
  • Email
  • Title
  • Description
 Customer Tickets View

 UVdesk View

The admin or the agents can log into UVdesk panel and manage the customer tickets. All the tickets will be sorted and organized according to various statuses.

  • Tickets are arranged automatically
  • Search a ticket using filters

UVdesk View

 UVdesk Ticket View

After opening any of the tickets, the admin or the agent can reply to that ticket using the UVdesk panel. The ticket can be assigned to the agent, team, or group. You can also send an attachment with the ticket reply to the customer.

  • Change ticket status
  • Attach image, URL, file with reply
  • Assign ticket to different agent
  • View all the customer's tickets
  • View complete ticket information.
 UVdesk Ticket View

Shopify UVdesk Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Posted On - September 18, 2017 (Nigeria)
superb customer support app
UVdesk has been very instrumental and helpful in taking care of the customer relationship aspect of our business. We have been able to setup a fully professional customer helpdesk system with the help of UVdesk and that aspect of the business is fully taken care of for us to focus more on expansion




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