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    UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System

    UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System : WordPress Helpdesk Free Ticket System integrates the UVdesk system to your WordPress site. This plugin allows registered customers to Create Tickets regarding their queries from WordPress website front. Merchant or Assigned Agents can manage all the Tickets either from WordPress backend or from UVdesk Dashboard.

    UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System
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    UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System: WordPress Helpdesk Free Ticket System integrates the UVdesk system to your WordPress site. This plugin makes use of the UVdesk API to deliver the content using which you can streamline support requests and better serve your customers.

    Helpdesk builds on the definition to serve the customers by creating a powerful ticket management platform that allows you to centralize all tickets with ticket status, priority, types and much more. This add-on makes use of the UVdesk API to deliver the content.

    Using this add-on the admin can manage all their tickets from WordPress store admin panel. Customers can also respond to tickets from the front-end of WordPress store. The updates/replies on the tickets will be instantly updated on both the platforms. That is if admin responds to a ticket using the WordPress Store then the reply made will also be updated on the UVdesk. All the changes are made in real-time on both the platforms.

    Every ticket has a unique ticket number assigned to it which helps in Managing them. Information such as Ticket Status, Ticket Priority, Ticket Labels, the number of replies etc can also visible by the Admin and Agents. Having a helpdesk ticket system for any kind of business small or big is very much necessary for providing customer service and support.

    Please Note – To use this extension, you must have UVdesk account. You can create a free UVdesk account here.

     UVdesk - Wordpress Helpdesk Free Ticket System

      Features of Wordpress Advanced Ticket System -

    • This module integrates UVdesk Helpdesk System with the WordPress site.
    • Only registered users are allowed to create a ticket from the WordPress website front.
    • Ticket reply to the customer can be sent either from WordPress back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.
    • Admin can Assign Ticket to GroupTeam, and Agent for delivering prompt customer support.
    • Admin can create Workflow to automate the repetitive task.
    • The Filter option can be used to search any specific ticket using various properties.
    • A detailed information about the ticket is displayed using different labels and statuses.
    • The admin and its assigned agents have an option to attach any supported file in its reply message.
    • All the tickets can be managed either from WordPress back-end or UVdesk Dashboard.
    • A customer can add collaborators in a ticket thread by entering their email addresses. 
    • Real-time synchronization between UVdesk Helpdesk System and WordPress site tickets.

     WordPress Customer Help Desk Admin Management

    Merchant or Admin will be having a complete Ticketing System to manage all their customers inquires by providing instant response to Service Tickets from WordPress Back-end. Merchant or admin can view all the tickets and can reply back to the tickets accordingly using different labels and statuses. Merchant can send multiple attachments for providing better and clear solutions to customers query.

    • Merchant can filter the tickets on the basis of status, priority and agent name.
    • Merchant can assign an agent to a ticket accordingly.
    • The Merchant or owner can also take action on the tickets in bulk.
    • Merchant can add multiple attachments to the Ticket.
    • Now merchant can do the customer follow up on the right time.
    • This extension ensures that merchant will never miss out any lead.
     UVdesk - Admin Management

     WordPress Help Desk Ticket Management

    Merchant or it's assigned agent can change the status of the ticket while replying to the customers to -

    • Open
    • Pending
    • Answered
    • Resolved
    • Closed
    • Spam

    Merchant will be having the option to Delete any ticket. Based on Ticket Status Merchant or Assigned Agent can follow the Ticket accordingly to close the lead in positive way by providing right customer support.

     Ticket Management

     Free WordPress Support Plugin - Agent Management

    Merchant can assign a ticket to any of his agents on the basis of the ticket requirements so that the concerned agent will get the tickets of his concerned department or expertise.

    • Assign concerned ticket to the concerned agent
    • Better ticket and agent management
    • Merchant can filter the tickets by the agent to check the agent's tickets
    • Merchant can assign ticket to any group, team or agent based on the requirement
    • Distribution and assignment of ticket will save the time of Merchant.
    • Ticket Assignment will help the merchant to close more and more business leads.
    • Ticket management from the right support agent will increase customer satisfaction.
     Agent Management

     Customer Help Desk Ticket Management

    The customer can create a new ticket and can see all the tickets created by him in his panel.

    • Customers will be having their own ticket panel.
    • After login customer will be able to create and manage all their ticket inquiry.
    • The customer can see all the replies of the agents on his tickets.
    • The customer can reply back to the agents on the tickets accordingly.
    • The customer can also sort the tickets on the basis of Ticket Id and Agent Name.
    • Customers can also add attachments to their Ticket query.
    • All the conversation done between customer and support staff will be recorded.
     UVdesk - Customer Ticket Management

     UVdesk Synchronization

    All the updates and replies made on the tickets from the WordPress admin panel will be synchronized in the UVdesk account. The Admin can login to his UVdesk account and can check all the customer tickets and can also reply to a customer from there.

    • Real-time tickets synchronization
    • Merchant can also manage the tickets from UVdesk dashboard
    • Merchant can add the Ticket Type from UVdesk Panel.
    • Merchant can add GroupTeam, and Agent.
    • Merchant can use UVdesk Utility Apps.
    • To automate the opertaions merchant can set Workflow.
    • Merchant can use other UVdesk Features to manage tickets.
     UVdesk Synchronization


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality UVdesk Apps and WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version2.1.0
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 17, 2024 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.3.x  
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    How To Fetch WooCommerce Order Details On Ticket?

    UVdesk provides WooCommerce Order Fetch App using which Merchant can fetch all the order related details on the ticket to escape from fake queries. This integration will save the time of your support staff for the deserving customer.


    How to Enable customer login through WordPress Single Sign-On App?

    With WordPress Single Sign On App your customers won't have to deal with the overhead of going through the entire registration process and can simply log in to your support portal through their existing account on your Online Store.


    How Can I Put Help Desk Form In WordPress Website?

    Create the From using UVdesk Form Builder App and then paste the Form’s embed code into your website’s HTML. Coming all the queries or inquiries with that Form will be converted into the UVdesk Ticket which will be visible on WordPress Ticket Dashboard and in UVdesk Ticket View also.


    How To Create Ticket Type For WordPress Help Desk?

    Merchant needs to Add/Create Ticket Type Ticket Type in UVdesk backend and it will reflect on WordPress Help Desk when customer will Create Ticket. This will help Merchant in automating the Actions using Workflow.

    How To Create Group, Team, Agent And Their Privileges For WordPress Help Desk?

    For the better Ticket Management Merchant needs to manage User Section to create Group, Team, Agents and set their Privileges based on their requirement to provide fast Customer Support.

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