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    Akeneo Icecat App

    Akeneo Icecat App makes it easy for you to enhance your Akeneo PIM product data. By easily integrating it with the open Icecat free catalog.

    • Plan-wise limit on the product enrichment or import.

    • Icecat attribute type mapping allows changing the attribute type during import.

    • For product enrichment, map Icecat common features to Akeneo attributes.

    • Map Icecat and Akeneo locales to enrich product data in different languages.

    • Enrich product content through the Enrich Product Job.

    Note:  This App is compatible with the Akeneo Versions-  Community, Enterprise (PaaS, SaaS), and Growth Editions.

     Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App  Akeneo Icecat App
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    Akeneo Icecat App helps enrich Akeneo PIM product data with the rich Icecat catalog. This app allows you to easily import product data from Icecat to Akeneo. Including images, descriptions, prices, and more.

    Product data may be effectively managed within your business with the help of the Icecat Akeneo app. It offers a scalable and flexible way of maintaining catalog descriptions. By using the benefits of open-source platforms.

     Akeneo Icecat App

    Highlighted Features of the Akeneo Icecat App

     Enhance Product

    You can import product data from Icecat to Akeneo using this app.

     Locale Mapping

    In this app, you can also map the Icecat locale to the Akeneo locale

     Feature Mapping

    With the Akeneo Icecat App, you can do Akeneo attribute mapping with the Icecat attribute

     Import Attribute

    The product attribute can be imported using the Akeneo Icecat App. You can import attributes like EAN, description, short description, and images.

    Why use the Akeneo Icecat App?

    The Akeneo Icecat app is a tool that connects and imports product data from Icecat to Akeneo. Akeneo Icecat App allows you to transfer and update product data from the rich Icecat catalog, ensuring that the details are constant and accurate.

    This app is built to manage open-source catalogs for products and can scale up as your business grows. Akeneo Icecat App allows you to easily manage product data and improve the customer experience.

    This app helps in the process of importing product details, saving you time and effort. For reaching a broader audience for your Akeneo PIM, you can check out the Akeneo Mobile App

    Select App-Based Plans

    After login to the Akeneo backend, the admin will open the connected app and go to the plans section to buy a plan.

    • Trial - 1 User, 100 Product SKUs
    • Basic - 1 User, 10000 Product SKUs
    • Standard - 5 Users, 50000 Product SKUs
    • Advanced - 15 users, 100000 Product SKUs
    Select App-Based Plans

    Add Icecat Details

    After buying an app plan or while using the trial plan. The Akeneo admin can set up the Icecat details credential within the Akeneo Icecat App. You can quickly connect your Icecat to Akeneo with this app and import enriched product data from Icecat to Akeneo.

    • Create Icecat credentials or add accounts as per the subscribed plan.
    • Enter the username.
    • Enter the password.
    Add Icecat Details

    Attribute Mapping

    The icecat attribute can be used in Akeneo to map the product attribute. All of the mapped data will appear in the mapped Akeneo attributes when you import the product.

    • It is used for accurate product sync.
    • Sync attributes from Icecat to Akeneo.
    • Map relevant product data.
    • Product attributes supported by Akeneo, like EAN, Description, Short description, etc.
    Attribute Mapping

    Import Attributes from Icecat to Akeneo

    You can also import the attribute using the Akeneo Icecat App. Icecat product attributes can be imported into Akeneo.

    The value of the attribute syncs product data with Akeneo when you import it from Icecat.

    • Akeneo attributes like text, text area, price, and other non-select types will turn into product features in Akeneo.
    • Import attribute data
    • Separate import jobs for attributes.
    • Error-free product import
    Import Attributes from Icecate to Akeneo

    Locale Mapping

    Multiple locale mapping is supported by the Icecat Akeneo App.

    You can map each Icecat locale to an Akeneo locale, and an Akeneo locale to an Icecat locale.

    • You can use this app to map your different locals, such as German, French, and Spanish, in the Icecat local with Akeneo.
    • This allows you to import enhanced product data from Icecat to Akeneo in a different locale.
    • Add/remove locale mapping
    • Add any number of locales
    • Map Akeneo locale with Icecat locale
    Locale Mapping


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here You may also check our top-quality Akeneo Extensions.


    Product Version1.0.2
    Released3 months ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 20, 2024 (27 days ago)
    Supported VersionsAkeneo  6.x.x  7.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is there a trial version of the app available to verify its features?
    Yes, you can make use of the trial plan, where you get options like - 1 user, 7 days, and 100 product SKUs.
     How do I install the App in the Akeneo PIM backend?
    Log in to Akeneo PIM, then visit the "App Store," select the desired app, and follow the installation instructions.
      What is the Akeneo Icecat App?
    This app allows you to easily sync the catalog data from Icecat to Akeneo PIM. To enrich the product data at the Akeneo end.
     Will this App work with different locales (English, German, Spanish)?
    This App will work with multiple locales. In the App, you can do the mapping of each Icecat locale with the Akeneo locale
      Can we import attributes and do feature mapping in Akeneo?
    Other attributes can be imported, and you can use other Icecat feature mapping to map other feature attributes to the Akeneo attribute.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 1.0.2
    • Fixed multi-local product value boolean and number type
    • Product reader issue if the first product skipped then all products skipped
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed icecat attribute code showing instead of a label.
    • Fixed image import issue into new database when only a single attribute is mapped with images.
    • Fixed product not importing on running job first time without identifier filter.
    • Fixed to map identifier attribute issue.
    • Fixed undefined attribute showing in attribute mapping
    Version 1.0.0
    • Icecat attribute type mapping is provided to change the attribute type during import.
    • Map Icecat Common Features to Akeneo attributes for product enrichment
    • Map Icecat and Akeneo locales for enriching product content in different languages
    • Enrich Product content through the Enrich Product Job
    • Plan-wise limit on the Product Enrichment/Import