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    Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator

    Akeneo OpenAI Translator enhances translating product text and text area content between languages. It makes the process effortless.

    • Makes translating content more efficient.

    • Translate attributes from one locale to many locales.

    • Change the translations of product content using text and text area attributes.

    • Automatically translate data to mapped locales upon product save.

    • Data gets auto-translated to mapped locales after bulk attribute editing.

    • Auto translate data to mapped locales enables auto-translation mapping

    Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator
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    Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator helps translate specific attributes from one language. It translates them into many other languages using OpenAI. Admin can use the Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator.

    They use it to map text and textarea attributes. They can select channels and locales. They can also do bulk actions to translate product content fast. Also, the admin can choose the locale and scope for the translations. They can choose from the selected languages.

    If you want to use the AI Image Generator with your Akeneo PIM, take a look at our Akeneo AI Image Generator module.

    Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator

    Highlighted Features

     Multi-lingual content

    Admin can translate content into many languages, including English, German, Spanish, etc.

     Map Attributes for translation

    The admin can choose text and textarea attributes. They translate values from one locale to many others.

     Action to Translate

    To perform a bulk action, the admin can choose several products and then choose what action to apply.

     Auto Content Translation

    All locale data that is mapped will be translated automatically. This happens when you create or update product attribute values.

     OpenAI Used

    This module provides multi-language translation for your content using the OpenAI API.

     Execution Details

    You can track the translation process and errors on the screen while it's running.

    Why do we need an Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator?

    It is crucial for businesses. It accurately translates product information into several languages. It is used to speed up localization and enhance customer experience. This tool saves time and resources.

    It automates translations, allowing businesses to expand globally with confidence and efficiency. Admins can easily translate product attribute content across different languages. They do this by selecting products and performing bulk translations.

    Creating content with ChatGPT for PIM products is made easier with the help of the Akeneo ChatGPT AI Connector.

    Add More Than One Credential

    This module lets the admin add many credentials to Akeneo PIM. This will help in better managing the product information.

    • Admin can add multiple credentials.
    • Admin can enable one credential at a time.
    • In the create a credential section, the admin needs to enter the name and API Key.
    Add More Than One Credential

    Auto Translation Mapping

    This module helps you translate your product content fast and at a low cost. To use the automatic translation, you need to provide the following information:

    • Enable auto-translation.
    • You need to map the source channel.
    • Target Channel Select source locale.
    • Select attributes used to make the translation.
    Auto Translation Mapping

    Attribute Mapping

    Using the Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator you can map the attribute you want to use for translation.

    • The admin enables access to detailed information on all localizable attributes within Akeneo.
    • From there, we can map these attributes to Akeneo attributes.
    • This ensures accurate information sync.
    • Two types of attributes can be mapped by the admin: text attributes and text area attributes.
    Attribute Mapping

    Bulk Action

    The admin can perform bulk translations of product attribute content. With this feature, the admin can translate many products at once. To do a bulk translation, follow these steps:

    • Select Action: Choose the action for the bulk translation.
    • Change Translation: Specify the locale and channel for translating the current attribute content.
    • Confirm: Verify and confirm the selected locale and channel for the translation process.
    Bulk Action

    Multi-Language Content

    Akeneo OpenAI Content Translator allows you to create content in multiple language like English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

    • Akeneo enables efficient management of product content across many languages.
    • With the module, the admin can seamlessly update product data in many languages.
    • This feature enables the translation of specific attributes across multiple languages.
    • It supports various languages, including the translation of product descriptions.
    Multi-Language Content


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 months ago
    CategoryAkeneoAkeneo Add-Ons
    Last UpdatedJuly 9, 2024 (3 days ago)
    Supported VersionsAkeneo  7.x.x  Chat-GPT  3.5  4.0  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is Akeneo Content OpenAI Translator?
    This module automatically translates text and text area content. It translates from one language to another.
     Which Akeneo attribute types does the module currently support?
    Currently, the module supports the text and text area types of Akeneo attribute types.
     Can we translate many product content at a time?
    Yes, with bulk action you can select many products at a time. You can translate content into several languages.
      Is this module compatible with product and product models?
    Yes, it supports both product and product models.
     Can we choose the locale and sales channel in module?
    The admin can select the locale and sales channels. They do this when translating attribute values in bulk actions.
     What is required to use this module?
    You need an account on OpenAI's platform and an API key to access the tool.
     What languages are supported by the module?
    The translator supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more. The language options can vary. They depend on the abilities of the underlying OpenAI models.

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    • + Features
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    Version 1.0.0
    • + Auto translation feature or on click transltion is present in product page.
    • + Product and Product Model attribute data translation from one locale to another using Open AI Translator using Bulk Action.
    • + Support Text and Text area field for translation.
    • + Composer Installation
    • + Support Akeneo Version 7.x