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CS-Cart Product Badges: This allows you to choose from a large library of pre-made badges or design endless unique badges using a strong builder. You may set up automated badge display rules for your shop or customize badges for certain products or campaigns. Badges are an effective marketing technique that may be used to direct customers to specific purchases.

Highlighted Features

 Draw User’s Attention

Create dynamic badges that automatically show the product discount percentage and with “advanced badges”

 Highlight New Arrivals

Another badge that easily draws the customer’s attention is the one that highlights “new arrivals”, that is the new products added to your catalog.

 Promote Discounts and Themed Offers

Create a graphical badge and customize its style and color so that it will display this promotion in the best possible way.

 Enhance Products of Specific Brands

If you sell products by popular brands or are highly acknowledged (and appreciated) by your customers, you can create badges that will make them stand out in your e-commerce store.

Why need CS-Cart Product Badges?

Using product badges properly on your e-commerce site in general and in your store, in particular, can help you increase conversions and sales while also strengthening and establishing your brand. It is, however, critical to providing appropriate badges that accurately represent the information for certain products on your website.

Let’s take an example, generally, there are a huge number of products available on any eCommerce store. In such a scenario, if any customers land up on your website by keeping in mind that they are only going to purchase the discounted items.

Then, in that case, the purchasing process becomes lengthy for them. So, here available badges on the product solve their problem.

Introduce Product Badges into Store

Product badges always provide a website an extra edge in terms of attracting client attention.

As a result, the Marketplace Product Badges module makes it simple for store owners to product badges into their marketplace. 

This module is useful for both shop admin and marketplace vendors.

  • When the seller creates or edits their product badges, the shop admin can decide whether or not approval is required.
  • If the admin has granted marketplace sellers permission to control their badges, the seller can choose the size of their badges. Otherwise, the size must be determined by the admin.

Easy Creation of Badges

This module makes it simple for both the admin and the seller to create badges for the product. These badges can also be customized to meet specific corporate needs.

The admin and the seller can customize the badge titles and add them as needed.

  • Top-Right, Top-Left, Bottom-Right, and Bottom-Left are the four locations.
  • Both the admin and the seller can choose the width and height of the badges on the product and category pages.
  • Both the admin and the seller can upload a badge image that will be shown on the product page.

Badges Assignment Made Easy

Following the development of badges, the assignment of badges is a crucial step. This method is also quite convenient for both the vendor and the admin. 

If the admin or seller does not want to add any badges to their product, they can simply leave the Product badges Image area blank.

  • The admin and the seller can assign the created badges to the product while creating or changing it.
  • All badges made will appear on the product creation or edit page.
  • According to their business needs, the seller or admin can add badges to their product.
  • At any time, they can quickly delete or replace the badges with a new one.
  • Only one badge can be assigned to a single product at a time.

Front View of Product Badges

Once the Badges have been assigned from the admin or seller's end, the customer will be able to see them on the front-end shortly.

It aids customers in recognizing and categorizing merchandise.

  • On both the product and category pages, the customer may see the product badges.
  • The size and location of the badges on the goods are shown according to the settings made by the admin or the seller.
  • Any form of the badge can be used. It helps the customer in determining the state of the merchandise.
  • This tool assists the user in locating information on a specific product that is related to a specific offer or expertise.
  • It assists in attracting clients' attention to a specific product.

CS-Cart Product Badges Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 4 reviews
Craig Tarling
Posted On - March 1, 2019
Great App
This is a great app and really adds value to the store. Support stepped in immediately and helped with some quick code mods needed for my custom store. Well done
www.ministerija.lt (LT)
Posted On - March 17, 2017
Great addon, superb support
This is a great addon, and superb support. Guys fixed some issues with addon on our website very fast. Works perfect and looks good now. There could be a filter for product badges, as default.
www.takestock.ie (IE)
Posted On - March 14, 2017
excellent, fast and efficient service
I purchased this add-on for a new project I am working on, There were a few issue with it working with my VivaShop templete. The team at Webkul ironed out the issue extremely efficiently. Great add-on with an exceptional team behind it.
Tran Duc Hieu
iboxvietnam.vn/ (VN)
Posted On - January 20, 2017
Great addon and excellent support!!!
I have tried a lot of addons like this Product Badge of Webkul, I would recommend that Webkul has excellent support team and address all issues in minutes. Other as Product Badge addon of Webkul has all best features which I am looking for. Thanks
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