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Mobile apps play a significant role in e-commerce. Nowadays, every e-commerce website has a mobile app. Shopify mobile app makes it easy/convenient for customers to place orders and increase the reach of the online store.

Using Shopify Mobile App builder you can develop a mobile app for your Shopify-based online store. The app can be easily customized from the code end and configured from Shopify Backend to allow personalization of the app.

Highlighted Features for Shopify Mobile App Builder

 Interactive Theme

This app has an interactive theme that allows more user engagement and ultimately helps in increasing conversion rates.

 Easy Order Management

Customers can easily manage orders for Shopify online stores using the Shopify mobile app.

 Support For Tablets And Mobile

This app is responsive in nature, which means it adjusts the view as per the device (tab and mobile).

 One-Step Checkout

One-step checkout functionality is available to increase sales as it rescues additional steps involve in order placing and ultimately saves time for customers.

 Multivendor Connector (Paid)

You can connect the Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify to the Shopify Mobile app (additional charge). Customers can easily filter products by vendors and shop from them.

 Booking App Connector

It helps establish a sync between business operations like order placement, obtaining customer information, managing products, and updating inventory.

What is the need for the Shopify Mobile App Builder?

As we know everyone is using mobile nowadays. Hence make any business popular or to increase its reach one should use an application that is easy to download and use. Keeping the same in mind we have developed a solution which is Shopify Mobile App Builder. It will help you to launch your Shopify online store business on mobile.

It allows real-time synchronization of data related to orders, customers, products, and more between mobile apps and websites. Shopify Mobile App creator is a flutter-based application that is easy to customize and has Special features like notifications, easy checkout, and many others

Real-Time Synchronization

The entire data of the mobile app is synchronized in real-time with the website. It means that all the data that is related to products, customers, orders, and more will be the same on both the mobile app and website.

  • The customer can place an order from the website and get a delayed update about delivery from the mobile device.
  • No conflict between the data on the website and the mobile app.
  • Customers can enter the same login credentials on the website as well as the mobile app.

Flutter-Based Shopify Mobile App Creator

Shopify Mobile App creator will provide the best integration with device-based features. It allows users to use customer-centric functionalities where they can view admin products, place an order, and many more.

  • Shopify Mobile App offers a better user experience for customers.
  • The app makes it easier to use the device's unique features.
  • Support for more graphics.
  • Due to its quick development and cross-platform functionality in the app, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has increased.

Push Notification

Shopify Mobile App also provides extended functionality for sharing information related to the store with app users in form of push notifications. This information will vary from new offers, exchange offers, and many others.

  • Engage the customers even when they are not using the app.
  • Create custom notifications that can be pushed to various customers.
  • The admin can manage the message of the notification from the admin panel.

Social Login (Paid)

We can also integrate a very special feature into your Shopify mobile app builder which is social login (paid service). With the help of this functionality, the app user will be able to login into the app by using social accounts like FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

  • A much faster and simpler way to log in to the app.
  • Do not need credentials to log in.
  • Save time and increase sales.

More Features List

  • Easy management of the orders with the help of the app.
  • Quick and Effective Tax implementation in the app.
  • Well configured with the backend.
  • It is a lightweight app based on Flutter, which is having a single code for both devices (Android and iOS).
  • The app can work on both tablets and smartphones.
  • Informative and interactive shopping app with a fast and intuitive response.
  • 24x7 support on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Mail.
  • An open-source app that can be customized(paid service) as per business requirements.
  • A responsive app that works easily on mobile and tablet.
  • To improvise the app performance and save system resources we have support for lazy loading in the app.
  • A search suggestion is implemented to allow customers to get the required product more easily.
  • Home Page configurator to modulate the homepage outlook.
  • Mobikul Multivendor Connector lets you amalgamate the Shopify Marketplace App with Mobikul Mobile App.
  • Easy Social sharing for more marketing of the products.
  • Unlimited Push Notifications for the store owner to easily share updates on the store.
  • The store owner can enable multiple currencies in the app to attract customers all across the Globe.
  • Real-time synchronization between the app and the website.
  • Interactive UI/UX with Modern Material Design standards.
  • One Step Checkout for more conversions on the store with customer-saved data.
  • Flexible payment plans to suit your economic requirements.

Lake Local - New Zealand's Online Grocery Store

Lake Local is Next day delivery mobile app having fresh produce meat, dairy, grocery and, liquor for households and businesses. We Service the Taupo, New Zealand area and emphasize a local community by sourcing products and producing as much as possible from within the town.

The main purpose of lake local is to aggregate customers' daily needs and move as a group to various households and businesses to leverage prices and quality. Lake Local is using Webkul's Mobile App for Shopify which enables shoppers to have a complete online shopping experience from their smartphone and tablet devices.

Sarafa Bazar India | Online B2B Jewellery App

Sarafa Bazar is an online marketplace that connects jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, and retailers. It is a B2B platform for gems and jewellery businesses to do online marketing and use it as a networking portal.

With Sarafa Bazar B2B Mobile App, will help retailers and distributors connect on the move with India's leading jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and dealers directly.

You can get live price updates on gold, silver, and USD-INR. Future Live bullion rates & prices are also available in the Sarafa Bazar India mobile app.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket at http://webkul.uvdesk.com/You may also check our other top-quality Shopify Apps.

based on 48 reviews
Kenneth Ken Tan
Posted On - April 3, 2024
Excellent Product
This is a decent app for Shopify that will extend it for Multi merchant support
Posted On - January 3, 2024
Excellent product and Support
I purchased the Multivendor app for Shopify and couldn't be happier. The product itself is very good but it is the customer service and support that is truly amazing. The team at Webkul are exceptional.
Saintville Shop
Posted On - November 22, 2023
Good support and service
Customer support is very helpful. Just had an extensive call with Vashu who took the time to explain to me different features of the app. Thanks again!
Dhammika Bandara
Posted On - September 26, 2023
Good support and plugin
Fast on responding to tickets. Overall they are good and very fast at replying to people's queries. They have good customer service too. That's my honest review.
Near Future
www.nearfuture.sale/ (SA)
Posted On - September 7, 2023
We received exceptional service...
We received exceptional service that was both user-friendly and projected a highly professional appearance.
Nude Print
Posted On - May 26, 2023
Excellent support and service
This apps has everything to build a successful marketplace. i need help with configuration my shipping, I received excellent customer service from Vashu Bhatt thank you so much for your amazing help!
Posted On - February 3, 2023
Excellent Services & App
La aplicación es bastante fácil de usar, además es fácil para el usuario el acceder, me gusta mucho como lo manejan, además el soporte técnico es de lo mejor, están siempre atentos a todas las preguntas y dudas que se lleguen a tener, es una aplicación muy recomendable, por parte de multicompras.mx estamos muy contento.


The application is quite easy to use, it is also easy for the user to access, I really like how they handle it, also the technical support is the best, they are always attentive to all the questions and doubts that may be had, it is a highly recommended application, by multicompras.mx we are very happy.
Posted On - August 7, 2022
Excellent Work by Team Mobikul
Mobikul's App is easy to use, it's a quick and easy way to get your business on the go. It's a very user-friendly interface and allows your customer to make purchases on the go. You can easily manipulate the app to fit your business needs and making changes was a breeze. Mobikul's App is an awesome tool to have if you have a Shopify store. I highly recommend their App and their service.
Crafty Fisherman
Posted On - August 7, 2022
Best Mobile App Developers
This app has been a game changer for us. The mobikul staff has been phenomenal, they are so quick to help with any question and help me fix issues when I have hit roadblocks. It truly feels like they are part of the team. We would never have been able to get a Google and iOS app produced and published ourselves, yet we did it! Thank you Mobikul team!
Posted On - June 28, 2022
Highly Recommend Webkul Services
We are happy to select Mobikul Shopify Mobile Apps (Andriod and iOS) for our store. Firstly, the Support team is responsive and helpful. They provided support and guidance to set up the store on mobile apps and we are able to go live quite quickly....
FROME | Small Businesses Switzerland
Posted On - June 28, 2022
Excellent Experience
What I appreciate the most is collaborating with the Webkul. The difference in local time does not affect the quality of the exchanges we had all my questions and problems were solved the same day or the next day I found them very efficient. I do not know anything about coding. They made the application creation so fast and extremely simple. They take care of uploading the app to the App Store and Google Play and they are by your side to support you in case of problems or questions. The features you find are intuitive and easy to use. Every day I learn about new features or new ways to use my app. I'm so proud of what I achieved thanks to them! I thoroughly recommend Mobile App Builder - Mobikul and the 5 stars are deserved.
Posted On - May 12, 2022
Excellent Work by Webkul Team
We've been building our app for the past 7 months, and the team has been really great, patient, and very supportive. We are almost at launch and super excited. Thank you for your hard work and for being so attentive to our needs. I would suggest anyone who is planning to launch their mobile app, to use our wireframes and UX as it's working perfectly now.
Posted On - May 12, 2022
Quick Responsive Team
A very quick response that I can only support.
The staff are always online and respond positively to our questions, many needs are being developed and we can look forward to a more perfect app, hope the developers keep it up! Please choose.
يايا مول
Posted On - April 26, 2022
Excellent Support Services
I have been using this app for a while, it's not perfect but the team is willing to get it as close as possible to perfection! 5 stars for the support.
City Connect Online
Posted On - April 26, 2022
Best Services & Products
what I like most about this app builder is its customer service. they are just one WhatsApp message away for support you. I Like the app buildup and rearranging the products any time by yourself. The customer service team is the key to their success. They build and uploaded the app on behalf of me in the play store. highly recommended Mobikul builder for making your Shopify store mobile app at a low price and with the best customer service team.
Posted On - April 5, 2022
Excellent Customer Services and Mobile App
I tried many App builders and I must say that Mobile App Builder by Mobikul is one of the greatest and smoothest builders that I tried. I decided to create my App with Mobikul, the customer service is exceptional they are always online and ready to help.
The-Dryair GB
Posted On - April 5, 2022
Best App (Saves Time)
This app saves us time for processing the dropshipping business. Thank you, Mobikul. Also, I would use your other connectors and services as well.
Online & Beyond
Posted On - December 21, 2021
Affordable App with best Support Ever
The app is affordable, easy to manage, and has a nice user front. I still didn't launch my mobile app, but I can say that there's a good deal of progress - most importantly is that the team listens and acts on recommendations/improvements. I've had a list of changes and recommendations that the team carefully listened to and acted upon - for me, that means trust and scalability.
Posted On - December 21, 2021
Best App With Best Customer Support Services
Mobikul App Maker is an amazing mobile app builder with rich design and functionality features that you will hardly find elsewhere. Additionally, Mobilkul offers exceptional customer support. Unlike other mobile builders, the app is rich in functionality, supports multi-currency, multi-lingual and the team is always open to new ideas to improve the user experience of this wonderful app. Simple pricing packages reflect a great understanding of the user and market needs and once you have additional requirements, you need not worry, they got you covered. I always had great support from the team, I talk to them directly and they never disappointed me. They customized according to how I want my mobile app to look like while I am still in a Trial Period knowing I can uninstall anytime and leave their efforts to waste. Who would do that for you? I believe a good business comes with the best customer service. I recommend using Mobikul Mobile App builder for their website and wish their team the best of success for the great job they are doing.
Maria-Luisa Ramos-Lizana
Posted On - December 21, 2021
Outstanding Shopify APPs
Outstanding Shopify APPs, and outstanding tech support service who were extremely fast in helping out with integration. And no matter how many times I keep bothering them, they are always willing to help.
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