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Opencart Canada Post Shipping: This Opencart extension allows the customers to select Canada Post shipping method for their product delivery. The Opencart Canada Post Shipping extension calculates the shipping rates using the API. It displays the estimated delivery time & shipping cost of each Canada Post shipping service.

Configure tax class, geo zones, delivery time offset, applicable countries, and select shipping services. The admin can set the minimum order amount for availing the free shipping.


  • The estimated delivery time only shows for Canada and US addresses.
  • The shipping rates are based according to the delivery details and product weight.
  • If the weight of the product is zero, this shipping method will not work.
  • An active Business Purpose Canada Post account is required for getting the API credentials.

 Opencart Canada Post Shipping Features -

  • Enable/Disable Canada Post Test Mode for debugging.
  • Include Tax Class with Canada Post shipping.
  • Select Geo Zones for Canada Post shipping.
  • The admin can select the Canada Post shipping services.
  • Select the Applicable Countries for Canada Post shipping.
  • Show/Hide Estimated Delivery Time to customers.
  • Show/Hide Canada Post shipping error message to customers.
  • The admin can add Estimated Delivery Time Offset.
  • Choose Free Shipping Method for Canada, USA, other International countries.
  • Configure Handling Fee – Fixed or Percent based.
  • Set Minimum Order Amount to avail Free Shipping.
  • Support multiple languages translations
  • Source code is open for customization

 General Configuration:

After installation, the admin can do the module configuration for Canada Post Shipping. First, the admin needs to get the required credentials from Canada Post. In the general configuration, it will enter the API Key, Password, Customer Number. The following options are available:

  • The admin can provide Contract Id (If any).
  • Use Test Mode for testing any errors.
  • Select Geo Zones for the shipping method.
  • Select the Allowed Canada Post Shipping Services.
  • Set the Canada Post Shipping Status.
  • Set the Sorting Order for the checkout process.

 Advanced Configuration:

In the advanced configuration, the admin can further customize the module. The following options are available for Canada Post Shipping:

  • Select the Applicable Countries for Canada Post Shipping.
  • Show/ Hide Estimated Delivery Date.
  • Show/ Hide Shipping Method Not Available Error Message.
  • Add Delivery Time Offset.
  • Select Free Shipping Methods for Canada, USA, other International Countries.
  • Set Handling Fees Status - Enabled/ Disabled.
  • Calculate Handling Fee Amount - Percent/ Fixed.
  • Set Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount.

 User Front-End View:

The customers can view estimated time & cost for Canada Post shipping method at the cart page. During the checkout process, the customers can select any of the available Canada Post shipping services. The customers can do the following:

  • View Estimated Delivery Date.
  • View Shipping Cost of each shipping service.
  • Select any of the available Canada Post shipping methods.
  • Error Message is visible when Canada Post shipping not available.
  • View Shipping Method details in Order Information.

 Admin Back-End View:

The admin can view the order details in the Opencart back-end. The order will mention the Canada Post Shipping Method name. It will also see the estimated delivery date and the shipping cost charged. The following options are available to the admin:

  • View details about the order, customer, payment.
  • View payment address, shipping address, product details.
  • View the Selected Canada Post Shipping method in Order Details.
  • Print Invoice mentioning invoice#, details about the order, payment, shipping, product, and store.
  • Print Shipping List mentioning product weight, quantity, shipping details, store details, contact information.

 Dispatch Note:

The admin can print the shipping dispatch note for the order. The dispatch note will have the following information:

  • Dispatch Note number.
  • Store address with contact details -phone, website, email.
  • Shipping addresses.
  • Order ID, Date Added.
  • Shipping Method name with Estimated Delivery Date.
  • Customer contact details -phone, email.
  • Product name, weight, quantity, model.

 Opencart Canada Post Shipping Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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