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Shopify Salesforce Connector : Shopify and Salesforce Integration is taking e-Commerce & CRM platform to new heights. Now dealing with e-Commerce unlimited data is much easier than never before. Shopify Salesforce Connector is acting as a bridge between Shopify and Salesforce. It is enhancing features of e-commerce and CRM platform with the concept of service first approach. With the help of this application, admin can easily synchronize Customers, Collections, Products and orders to Salesforce CRM which will help them to track sales and growth trends.

Note: Application required to install in Salesforce Org from appexchnage : eShopSync For Shopify

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Shopify Salesforce Connector Features:

  • Provides unified Salesforce platform to manage both e-Commerce and CRM data.
  • Multi-store oriented integration to enhance management of e-Commerce data more efficiently.
  • Effective utilization of multiple Shopify stores in single Salesforce CRM.
  • Synchronize e-Commerce data at Salesforce end to avail CRM benefits.
  • Salesforce Centric configuration concept to avail hassle free environment.
  • Synchronization of Collections from Shopify to Salesforce end.
  • Orders and Products synchronization to manage Inventory effectively.
  • Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end.
  • Interactive design with user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization.

Salesforce Supported Editions -

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Force.com
  • Developer

Shopify Salesforce Connector Video Tutorial:

For detailed video tutorial please click here https://youtu.be/sn7sJELsTWE

 Shopify Salesforce Connector Support-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/

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based on 148 reviews
Thaddeus Ward
Posted On - May 15, 2024
Excellent Work
The app provides all the necessary mapping and tracking for Shopify integration with Salesforce. This can be a complex process. This is far better than building our own connector.
The team has been very helpful. In particular Neha and Rahul were very helpful and responsive to our requests.
Adrian Garcia
Posted On - March 27, 2024
Excellent Support
Great help with customizing our Shopify SF sync. Rahul was very helpful and fast on providing support.
Chris Manners
Posted On - September 7, 2023
Excellent service
Webkul was very helpful with the Salesforce integration of eShopSync. Highly recommend
Harrison Gammaro
Posted On - September 7, 2023
Excellent Support and service
Dheeraj Gurbani was super helpful, fast response time.
Natalia Sosa
Posted On - July 28, 2023
Good Product and service
Thanks to webkul, eshopsync is a great product to sync with Salesforce
Khalil Radi
Posted On - July 14, 2023
Good module with proper support
Great support from Dheeraj Gurbani for synching Shopify to SalesForce. #salesforce #webkul #eshopsync
Florent Müller
Posted On - July 12, 2023
Excellent Support
Dheeraj from Webkul was very helpfull to fix our Salesforce eShopSync for Shopify
Julio Linares
Posted On - May 15, 2023
Good service with proper assistance
Using eShop Sync for SalesForce for several years now and we also considered using some of Webkul's apps for WordPress. Dheeraj is very helpful and is able to meet during US business hours in case we need to share our screen. The team built a SalesForce customization that unlocked our bi-directional sync with Shopify.
Roger Jepsen
lauriebelles.com/ (US)
Posted On - July 29, 2022
Easy Setup
Super professional and easy setup. Trusted partner for sure @Sumit Kumar
John Crusan
www.wonolo.com/ (US)
Posted On - July 29, 2022
Great Setup!
Abhishek Shukla was great helping me set this up and it works great
Sai Kalyan Reddy Devireddy
www.statefarm.com/ (US)
Posted On - July 21, 2022
Excellent Support from Sumit
Great work from Sumit as part of Webkul Salesforce. Helped in installing the shopify in salesforce.
avinash ginjupalli
www.appshark.com/ (IN)
Posted On - July 19, 2022
Sumit-Senior salesforce consultant Support
It's a great work from Sumit as part of Webkul Salesforce. We like the response and the way of explanation regarding Eshopify sync.
Thank you for your patience and clear explanation.
Ranjit Singh
Posted On - July 18, 2022
Great app support and extensive list of features..
Would recommend this paid version over free one, just because of 5-star rated support.
Lizzie Stallone
eatmush.com/ (US)
Posted On - July 15, 2022
Abhishek Shukla is a gem!
Abhishek is so helpful and talked us through an issue we have been dealing with for months with orders not syncing as far back as a year ago. He was very patient and explained everything very thoroughly. Thank you again
Mark Lewin
www.spectrumplastics.com/ (US)
Posted On - July 13, 2022
supported application
Abhishek helped me perfectly. His knowledge of the product was excellent. solved my issues.

Lating Impact Group (PH)
Posted On - July 13, 2022
rate experiece, C/O Abhishek from Webkul.
The support guy "Abhishek" gave a WoW experience.
He stayed more hours after his shift just to make the sync working with our org.
Alperen Guman
www.petersen.org/ (US)
Posted On - July 11, 2022
Great/Fast/Comprehensive Customer Service
Abhishek was extremely helpful! He provided valuable insight and instruction, helped us on a call with a technical difficulty we were experiencing promptly and went above and beyond what we asked from him to do. Great customer service
Michel Arteta
apps.shopify.com/partners/arteta-studios-llc (US)
Posted On - July 7, 2022
Excellent Customer Support
Abhishek was very helpful on solving my problem. Thank you again guys!
Kicksaw Consulting
www.kicksaw.com/ (US)
Posted On - June 22, 2022
Great Product & Great Service
Product works as advertised, Sumit was a great help
Brent Harvey
www.imagineusa.com/s/ (US)
Posted On - June 22, 2022
Great Support
Abhishek was extremely helpful in explaining the syncing process to make me feel confident that it the data exchange will be seamless
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