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Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals - Today, about 60 percent of online shoppers look for coupons and discounts like free shipping, percentage or specific discounts, etc. before making a purchase. This module bestows you to provide these discounts by making offers such as festive sale, buy one get one, etc to improve your sales on Marketplace.

 Prerequisites For Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals Module

Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals works in conjunction with the following modules:

You would need to install both of these modules for Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals to work properly.

Why Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals?

  • You can craft inexpensive offers to drive customer’s attention
  • Can provide discounts on any special occasion
  • Sellers can easily present their products in discounts to the customers
  • It also let you clear out slow moving products in the name of clearance sale
  • The offer related products are displayed on the Marketplace in a separate menu ‘Deals and Offers’
  • Customers can directly look up to the menu and purchase them
  • The new users can also look up for the discounts and offers separately in the menu

Benefits of Daily Deals

  • The main aim of the module is to encourage customer repetition
  • Offers and discounts retains old customers and attracts new users towards the Marketplace
  • Crafting targeted inexpensive offers increases customer’s traffic that generates high revenues
  • You can clear out slow moving products and make profits from them
  • Providing offers and discounts compels customers to go for instant purchase to avail benefits
  • A separate menu focuses on offered products that let you clear out sale products fastly
  • You can customize your deals and offers as per your wish from the backend

 Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals Features

Allows to create deals and offers on the Marketplace

  • The Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals Module enables your sellers to create their own deal on the marketplace.
  • The sellers can design offers/deals for their own products only.

 Set price list for the discounts and offers from the backend

  • A price list can be set by the sellers when creating a new daily deal/ offer.
  • The sellers can also customize the website view as per their needs.

Allows you to manage message and notification settings

  • The module allows you as well as the seller to manage messages and notification settings.
  • You can create a deal of any of the seller’s products related to the marketplace.

 Separate menu is available for the discounted products

  • This module lures you with a separate menu for creating only deals and offers.
  • These offers are displayed on the website in a separate menu ‘Deals and Offers‘.
  • Once a deal is validated it is displayed on the website.

Set the date of the deals availability on the Marketplace

  • All the deals created on the Marketplace will have a start date and expiry date.

Configure daily deal settings from the backend

  • You can choose what you want to display on the website’s frontend.
  • You can even set the message to be shown before the deal expires.
  • Set a price list you wish to choose for your daily deals and offers.

 Customize the deals for the sellers accordingly

  • You can set different configuration of deals for different sellers from the backend.
  • You can either blur or delete the deals and offers once they expire.
  • It even allows to customize messages for the deals from the backend.

Display deals on the Marketplace’s frontend

  • The deals will be displayed on the Odoo Marketplace’s frontend.
  • You can create different deals like festive sale, christmas sale, clearance sale, etc.

Odoo Marketplace Daily Deals Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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