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Shopping Cart Price Rule (Price list) Plugin for WooCommerce


Shopping Cart Price Rule (Price list) Plugin for WooCommerce: WooCommerce Pricelist allows the admin to create custom price rules according to the price rule entities like – product, category, and customer. The admin can make use of the various entities and can alter their sequence according to which the price rules will apply.

Highlighted Features

 Advanced Plan for Pricing

Give your customers attractive prices.

 Flexible Rules on Prices

Easily build different Custom Price Rules.

 Application Custom Price Rule

Develop price rules based on the product, category, quantity & price.

 Several Price Lists

For the customers, create several price lists.

 Individualized pricing

For every customer, rates can be individualized.

 Easy Management

Without hassle, manage the pricing rules and price lists.

Add Price List

The admin can add different pricelists after the successful installation of the WooCommerce Pricelist.

  • As per the requirement, the admin may include the name of the price list and the status.
  • The price list version can be added by the admin.
  • The name of the version and the parent price list can be provided by the admin.
  • The admin also determines the start and end date for the version.

Pricelist Rules

The price list helps sellers and admins to create attractive prices for customers flexibly. Category, Product, Minimum Quantity, Minimum Amount, and Allowed Customer can be added to the price rule. By simply adding the created price rules as per the choice, the price list can be created.

  • Rule Name - This is where the admin will give the new rule a name.
  • Parent - Select a version of the parent price list from the versions available.
  • Sequence - Enter the price rule sequence and, according to this sequence, the price rule will be applied.
  • Product - If Rule On is selected as a product, the admin must choose the object to which the price rule should apply.
  • Category - The admin may also select a specific category, and the price rule applies to the category overall.

Price Computation

  • Price Calculation Type - The admin may choose to raise or decrease the price of this price rule here.
  • Price Type - Depending on the business requirement, select the procedure for the price rule as Percentage or Fixed.
  • Amount - Enter the number you want for the price rule to be used.

Buyers Pricelist

With efficient pricing schemes, store owners and sellers may target multiple customers. This can also be good for customers and add value to the product's sales.

  • Encourages buyers to buy more from the marketplace.
  • Cost-effective purchases.
  • Attractive service price.

Features -

  • The admin can add/edit the price lists and price list rules.
  • Set the price rule entities sequence according to which the price rules will apply.
  • The admin can add new price rule list with the rule priority.
  • Set the price calculation rule to add or decrease the set percentage or fixed price.
  • Easily assign the created price rule list to the price list.
  • Set the date range in which the price list will be active.


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