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    WooCommerce POS Customer Screen

    It allows the admin to integrate the customer screen with WooCommerce POS to ensure an error-free checkout from the POS system.

    • Adds secondary customer-Facing Screen to WooCommerce POS.

    • Show WooCommerce POS Cart on a secondary WooCommerce POS Customer.

    • It shows order details to the customer.

    • No physical connection or POSBox is required to launch the secondary screen.

    • A separate POS Customer screen can be launched for each POS Outlet

    • Each POS Outlet can have different configurations for its secondary screen.

    Additional Info

    This module is now compatible with WooCommerce’s new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature.

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    WooCommerce POS Customer Screen: The WooCommerce POS Customer Screen is a one-stop solution for a physical store. The solution works in synchronization with the WooCommerce POS to give the customer a satisfactory checkout. However, the POS system can have these functionalities without the involvement of any input or output device.

    Thus, this solution will help orders to be free from any omissions and errors. That maintains the quality of the physical store and maintain customer loyalty with standardized checkout management.

    Note - WooCommerce POS Customer Cart Screen is an add-on to WooCommerce POS. Therefore, you must have installed the WooCommerce POS Plugin in the first place. The installed WooCommerce POS version must be 3.5* and above.

    WooCommerce POS Customer Screen

    Highlighted Features

     Enhanced Customer Experience

    This integration can build trust by ensuring accuracy and reducing incorrect purchases.

     Configurable Customer Display

    The POS owner can add details like heading, and images related to business and store.

     Order Review Before Checkout

    The customer can validate the complete checkout process from the screen visible to them.

     Separate Screen Configuration For Each Outlet

    Each outlet can have different data displayed as per the setting done in the backend. Thus, giving a personalized look to the POS customer screen.

    Why use WooCommerce POS Customer Screen on a Physical Store?

    The customer of any physical store is always curious to view the final checkout to validate the process. This extension gives an edge to the physical store owner by creating loyalty among customers with the best service at the point of sale.

    Using this extension POS-agents can display the products, order total, discount, and other cart information to the customer. All the details displayed can be validated by the customer before the final checkout. Thus, removing the chances of any sort of error in the process.

    Synchronized Screens

    The POS Screen and the customer screen are synchronized to reflect the changes done on both the side equally. That is if there is any change in the Woocomerce POS cart it is visible on the cart on the customer screen.

    • Customers need not peep in the POS agents screen.
    • Changes are reflected in real-time.
    • No external device interface is required.
    Synchronized Screens

    Easy Customer Review

    The customer can verify the cart before checkout and cross-check the products added, order total, and discount added. The customer will remain assured of the process of checkout with a transparent structure.

    • Verify the cart before checkout.
    • Customer Can add quick recommendations before checkout.
    • Fewer chances of errors.
    Easy Customer Review

    Customer Display Screen Manager

    The e-Commerce store owner can connect in a better way with the customer by adding personalized data to the customer screen. The screen can contain a collection of data likewise Heading, and images.

    The feature helps the customer to know the store in a better way and keep them engaged.

    • Different display screen content; for different outlets; can be added easily.
    • Personalization of data to make store familiar.
    • Quick customer screen data management by store owner from POS backend.
    Customer Display Screen Manager


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version2.2.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024 (3 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  4.x.x  5.x.x  6.x.x  WooCommerce  4.x.x  5.x.x  6.x.x  7.x.x  8.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does the Physical Store Owner require any special device like POS Box to make the integration possible?
    No, the plugin doesn't require any sort of special device like POSBox to make the integration possible. The sales agent can enable the customer view from the Woocommerce POS itself.
     Can the customer see the complete cart on the customer screen?
    The customer can view the complete cart with the checkout products along with its price, the order total, and discount or coupon if applicable.
     Can the content on the customer screen change as per Outlet?
    Yes, the contents are attached to each outlet which can be customized easily.
     How does it increase customer loyalty?
    This transparent system wherein the customer can see the complete cart before checkout. Thus, helping to increase customer trust. Additionally, they can suggest modification before checkout minimizes the complication and chances of error making it a perfect solution.
     What details can be added by the store owner on the customer screen?
    The store owner can add details like heading, sub-heading, description, and images. All the data displayed here brief about the store and its business.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 2.2.0
    • Added: Theme color compatibility with pos.
    • Added: HPOS compatibility with the latest WC.
    • Fixed: Resolved minor issues regarding addtocart.
    Version 2.1.0
    • Added: Multiple browser/system support feature.
    • Added: Firbase configuration settings.
    • Enhancement: Improved settings code.
    Version 2.0.0
    • 1. Added video option for customer cart screen
    • 2. Added cart visible status for client from admin & POS manager
    • 3. Added order complete screen with default text and custom image
    • 4. Added multiple slider feature with custom controls
    • 5. Added sliders and video configuration at admin end
    • 6. Added cart screen switch feature while add to cart item
    • 7. Compatible the code according to POS 4.1.0
    • 8. Modified customer cart screen UI

    Version 1.0.1

    • 1. Compatible the code according to POS version-3.6.3
    Version 1.0.0
    • 1. Initial release