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    WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management

    It enables the admin to create rules based on which customers will get loyalty points that can further be used as money during placing orders.

    • The admin can perform manual transactions for the loyalty points.

    • Filter option is available for transactions as per transaction type, date, and customer.

    • Rules can be created based on the cart total, or product categories.

    • The admin can create multiple redemption rules for reward points.

    • Customers will be awarded loyalty points on their purchases.

    WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management
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    WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management: With the help of this plugin, the store owner to provide the loyalty or reward points to their customers. The customer gets the loyalty points when they shop from the WooCommerce website as well as the POS store. The customers will be able to see their loyalty points in their account. The POS agent can also check the customer's available loyalty points.

    The admin can set up rules based on product categories and the cart total for earning the loyalty points in the WooCommerce store or POS. The admin can perform manual transactions for the loyalty points for the customers.

    Note – To use this module for the WooCommerce POS, you must have installed the WooCommerce POS System plugin.

    WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management

    Highlighted Features

     Reward Points

    The customers will get rewarded by the loyalty points, which they can use on their next purchase.

     Multiple loyalty Rules

    The admin can create multiple rules for the loyalty program for the customers.

     Redemption Rule

    The admin can create multiple redemption rules for loyalty points.

     Redemption Types

    The admin can decide full or partial redemption type any particular loyalty point rule.

     Transaction List

    The loyalty transaction list is maintained at both the admin and the customer end.

     Manual Transaction

    The admin can credit manual loyalty transactions for the customers.

    Why use of WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management?

    The customer loyalty program integration will deliver the outcomes in diversity, yet after some time, they will all positively affect growth. The customer who had earned loyalty points on their purchase will prefer to make more purchases on the site to use the loyalty points.

    It will help to engage the customer towards the store and hence increase customer retention. The chances are the customer who has used the loyalty points will bring new customers to the site through referrals. It helps to increase the conversion as it easily brings new business to existing customers. With a loyalty point program, customers will continue to make purchases from the store for a long time.

    WooCommerce POS Loyalty Management

    Retail loyalty programs are essential for customers who make frequent purchases. So the integration of the loyalty program is much important for an eCommerce business. Customer loyalty pays off in the long run.

    • The WooCommerce and POS loyalty Management Module can be used for both the POS store and the WooCommerce store.
    • The customer is no longer bonded to purchase the products from the website only to get the loyalty points.
    • The POS agent can check the loyalty points of every registered customer.
    • The customer can avail or gain the loyalty points on the POS store as well.
    WooCommerce POS Loyalty Management

    Loyalty Transaction Record

    If the business owners have a habit of recording their loyalty transaction record, then it is very beneficial for their business. It helps to track the behavior of the customer on the website. So that the admin can take the action accordingly.

    • The admin will get to know how often the same customer makes the purchase on the store and how they are taking advantage of the loyalty points.
    • In the transaction record, the admin can check every customer's current loyalty points in their account.
    • The admin can also perform the manual transaction (credit/debit) for the loyalty points for the customers.
    Loyalty Transaction Record

    Numerous Loyalty Rules

    The admin has the advantage to add multiple loyalty rules for their customers. The loyal points are applicable for both the WooCommerce website customers as well as the POS store customers.

    • The admin can leverage the customers to either redeem the full loyalty points or to redeem partial loyalty points on the purchase.
    • The rules can be created by the admin for valid dates as well.
    • The admin can decide whether to create the rule based on the cart total or the product categories.
    • The admin has the leverage to decide how much points they want to give to their customers on what amount of purchase.
    Numerous Loyalty Rules

    Full Customer Insight

    Even though generating new sales will always be part of the business, but at the same time, it’s equally important to pay attention to the existing customers. And the customer loyalty points will help to do the same. It’s also known as a tool for marketing efforts with additional customer insight, which increases relevance.

    • The loyalty programs are designed to keep customers coming back or prevent them from leaving.
    • The record of the loyalty points is maintained under every customer's account.
    • The loyalty points encourage the customers to more often repeat purchases and track customer spending habits.
    Full Customer Insight

    POS Loyalty Program

    Loyalty Program integration with the POS system allows the store owner to evaluate the effectiveness of the loyalty program itself. The store owner will get to know the customer's participation in the loyalty points offers.

    • It helps to track the behavior of the customer on the POS as they are responding positively to the loyalty program or not.
    • The POS agent can go through the customer's loyalty points data from the POS system.
    • The POS agent can apply the loyalty points of the customer on their purchase.
    POS Loyalty Program


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version2.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 5, 2022 (9 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.x.x  6.x.x  WooCommerce  4.x.x  5.x.x  6.x.x  7.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the admin create the manual loyalty points transaction for the customers from their end?
    Yes, the admin can debit or credit the loyalty points from the existing customer's account.
     Does the Customer Loyalty Program Management Extension allow a different loyalty point for different categories of products?
    Yes, with the help of this module, the admin can set the different rules based on the product categories.
     Does the WooCommerce POS Loyalty Program System allow the customers to gain the loyalty points for a purchase if they are using existing loyalty points on that purchase?
    Yes, the customer can redeem the existing loyalty points and also gain new loyalty points on the same purchase.
     Is it possible for both the website and POS to offer the same Loyalty Program?
    Yes, with the help of the WooCommerce and POS loyalty Management System module, the admin can use the same loyalty program for both the POS as well as the Website store.
     Can the admin check the list of the customers who are having the loyalty points in their account?
    Yes, the admin can check the list of all the customers who are having loyalty points.
     How the POS loyalty program will help the store owner?
    The WoCommerce WooCommerce POS Loyalty Management helps the store owner to gain customer retention and hence helps to increase the store sale.
     What will happen if the customer will return the order on which they have gained the loyalty points earlier?
    After returning the order or even item of the order, the loyalty points get revoked automatically.
     When the loyalty points get reflected in the customer's account after the purchase?
    For the online purchase, the customer will get the loyalty points when the order status is complete. And in the case of the POS Store, the customer will be rewarded at the same time when the order is placed.

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    Version 2.0.0
    • 1. Updated customer points ui at pos panel.
    • 2. Updated loyalty points redeem form ui at pos panel.
    • 3. Updated customer purchase loyalty points display message ui.
    • 4. Added compaitibility with POS 4.1.0.
    Version 1.0.2
    • * Change Admin input box layout.
    • * Compatible Plugin as per POS-3.6.3
    • * Change admin UI as per POS-3.6.3
    Version 1.0.1
    • * Added My Account Page Dynamic Endpoint.
    • * Fixed Security issues.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release